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I have a bit of an issue with the info in this one. The JC did not come about the way is characterized. The way the JP was destroyed was based on a leadership failure. The JO is also not in such dire straits as is even being hinted at at the end. This just is too biased. -- Leodous Kyron

It appears that Holocron editor Jorus Sertoin good faith — wrote the information about the Jedi Order. Unfortunately, Serto (with good intentions) drew upon the absolutely terrible and bizarrely inconsistent Timeline page on the SWC website. This latter Timeline page needlessly and drastically retconned the history of many factions, including The Jedi Order, to the point of being unrecognizable. The Timeline page is a problematic retcon that many players dislike, especially in comparison to the far superior History of the Galaxy variant present on the Holocron. Over the years, various players have repeatedly petitioned the SWC administrators to discard the subpar Timeline retcon in favor of the Holocron's less drastic version, but they haven't done so yet. Nevertheless, as you are the current leader of The Jedi Order, it would be quite helpful if you or your faction members rewrote this article to more accurately reflect the Jedi Order's history. I believe most Holocron editors, including Jorus Serto, would welcome your edits. -- Rupert Havok 02:00, 17 September 2013 (GMT)

I and Leodous have discussed the issue and changes have been suggested - I'll try to implement them all. A fix to issues raised here has been applied until then. -- Jorus Serto