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Renegade Inc.- Passing of the torch - posted by Roy Starkiller @ 1:38 PM EST

Emperor McCarthur sits, making his usual weekly propaganda speech to the people of the galaxy. Suddenly, the holonet transmission flickers, fades, and is gone. After a moment, a new person takes the place McCarthur previously had been.

The new person has a bald head, and has a replacement electronic prosthetic left eye. Closer inspection shows that what can be seen of his body is encased in a metallic exoskeleton. He speaks. "Some of you may know me. My name is Roy Starkiller, head of the Starships Division of Renegade Inc. I come to you with an announcement. Renegade Inc.'s leader, The_Merc, after a short period of absence, has decided to hand over the reins of Renegade Inc. to me. Finding time to lead us has become increasingly difficult for him, so he has decided to step back and take a less active role in the group."

"I have much respect for him, and must say that I have some very big shoes to fill." Roy turns to look at someone, obviously off camera. "My time here is over. No need letting the Empire know where we are." Roy nods back to those off screen. Suddenly, sparks fly from your holonet tranceiver, a small puff of smoke follows, and the picture fades out.