Tamerin Foundation

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Tamerin Foundation
Tamerin Foundation Emblem Year 8.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Auron Tamerin
2IC Borrodin Tsaplev
Owner Auron Tamerin
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 352
Dissolved Circa Year 9
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth
Industry Security provider
Holosite Tamerin Foundation

The Tamerin Foundation was a security company created in Year 8 by Auron Tamerin when he moved his companies out of the Kathol Republic and Kathol Sector and set up operations in the nearby Churba Sector. It was dissolved in Year 9 shortly after his death by Wilhelm von Ismay after he left his companies to the Anzatan Commonwealth. It was instrumental in the founding of the Anzatan economy in the Bortele Cluster, the founding of the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Industrial development of the Ingo System.


As Year 7 drew to a close, President Auron Tamerin grew weary of running the Kathol Republic. His tenure had seen a growth in the Kathol Republic's economy and an expansion of affiliate companies, the discovery of the Cathar System and the Cathar race by one of his top officers Fuzzy Tenrub and a recovery from the Kathol Incident between the Republic and the Galactic Empire. The 11 days in which he was missing during that time, reportedly killed by the Empire left him with a gap in how he felt about running the Kathol Republic. He announced elections to replace him as President and the two candidates that came out on top were Malakai Brooks and Han Hunter. However due to the nature of the Republic many within it became fractured over the result and in the end the elections were called off by Auron in favor of appointing his replacement.

At the beginning of Year 8, Auron appointed Han Hunter as President of Kathol which Han accepted. Auron then took a seat on the Kathol Senate due to his ownership of nearly a third of all the affiliates of the Republic and set his sights on building what he envisioned as being a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of impoverished worlds within the Kathol Sector. As the months into Year 8 began to pass by tensions grew between the Senate and Auron over policies that he didn't agree to. Eventually Auron and his Council decided to abstain from all political activity resulting in a harsh backlash from the Senate who saw this as inconceivable.

When the tensions got to a point that Auron wouldn't tolerate he along with his council and his companies decided to break away from the Kathol Republic altogether. Auron put Borrodin in charge of using Kathol Mining Corporation to colonize the last remaining worlds of the Churba Sector before officially announcing his resignation from the Republic. When the announcement was made Auron saw Han Hunter erratically towards the Tamerin Foundation, a term used to describe the companies which would later be founded in its own right to govern them and his territories.

It was during this time that Auron was allegedly accused of theft of Kathol assets, namely the Kathol Mining Corporation. An allegation that Auron refuted due to the nature with which it was given to him and not to the Republic. The culmination of the tension and breakaway eventually led to what the Tamerin Foundation considered a civil war enacted by Han against them. During this time Wilhelm von Ismay approached Auron with an offer of sanctuary within the New Anzat Order. The agreement required that the Tamerin Foundation hand over planetary control of their worlds to Anzat in order to prevent Kathol from having the authority to arrest on the worlds. In exchange the Foundation would receive complete governing authority over all of Anzat's holdings in Churba which at the time was the Ingo system as well as access to the technologies of Anzat. The creation of this regional government was accepted which is believed to have infuriated the Kathol Republic even more who saw this as an act of war on the part of Anzat.

Eventually during Year 8 after the initial conflict died down Auron developed his new holdings in the Churba Sector and created the Tamerin Foundation as a security company and the governing authority of all of his companies and Anzatan territories within Churba. Again after some setbacks financially due to the move into Churba the Foundation began to develop Ingo into an industrial center. It is believed that with this new found wealth the Foundation paid for a private estate to be built for Auron's wife, Eliana Tamerin.

As Year 8 came to a close the Tamerin Foundation was seen as the major political power of Anzat, whilst Auron was the only member of the Privy Council to represent the Foundations interests Auron was regarded as the leader-in-absence when Wilhelm von Ismay took ill for a period of 3–4 months during which time Aurons limited authority saw him fight a war against Mandalore which resulted in unsuccessful resistance to their incursions on Anzatan sovereignty as well as Tion's threat to Anzat in Maldrood. Auron did however outbuild Tion several times in Anzats secured planets to retain control of the Sector to enable them to retain their government authority. Auron also institued several economic policies in the sale of Anzatan technology to other groups as a means of diplomatic appeasement to what many considered as damage done by Wilhelm von Ismay.

It was during this time that the Tamerin Foundation began to draw up plans for a redevelopment of the Anzatan government from an autocratic Order into a more democratic Commonwealth. Auron gained approval of this idea and discussions were held between the Tamerin Foundation and Wilhelm over how this project would take place. Many of the proposals were accepted and whilst Wilhelm would never officially consider Auron as his second-in-command many considered the achievements of Anzat, including its survival and economic growth impossible had Auron not been given almost unlimited reign of Anzat. Auron was appointed as Prime Minister of Anzat, Exarch of Churba, Minister of Interior & Treasury as well as Duke of Ingo. He was also unofficially given authority to act as de facto Minister of Exterior and enacted new laws and legislation over the defunct Ministry of Justice.

Eventually the consequence of Auron's actions caught up to him as several of his command left to pursue other ventures citing their contempt for Wilhelm von Ismay and his leadership whilst others remain but became reclusive and less prominent to their role within the Foundation. Auron brought in his Junior Partners to take up the running of the Foundation, many of them pro-Anzat which strengthened his determination to continue to build Anzat.

During the second quarter of Year 9 he was approached by Wilhelm to handle the development of a second government through the Tamerin Foundation, the Bounty Hunters Guild which was at the time under the authority of Falnor Urthadar. Falnor was reportedly struggling with the government and its development after Jesfa Ackmin left leaving them with large debts to repay to the Falleen Federation. Falnor was one of Auron's lieutenants back in the Kathol Republic ad had tried to fashion it after the Republic. However after the success of the Commonwealth Auron suggested that Falnor adopt the Commonwealth's approach. It is believed that Falnor agreed to this but wanted to change the name of the government. It is rumored that Auron suggested the name Tresario Star Kingdom due to Falnor's leadership of House Tresario in the Bounty Hunters Guild.

Auron was given approval to move to Falnors government and act as Falnors second-in-command to assess the government and rebuild it. However his duties in Anzat weren't taken away and so Auron found himself rebuilding two governments. This created huge stress on Auron and the Tamerin Foundation and as Year 9 came was coming to an end, Auron felt he was dying. The Tamerin Foundation and all of his companies was left to the Anzatan Commonwealth shortly before Auron's death.

Shortly thereafter Wilhelm allegedly ordered that the Tamerin Foundation be dissolved and its assets transferred into Anzat. Mush to the dismay of many of its members, many of them leaving Anzat and spreading out to build new projects and new companies from money left to them through the Tamerin Foundation. Kalev Biological Engineering, the new Galactic Services Corporation as well as other individual projects have allegedly been the result of secret projects from the Tamerin Foundation leading to a far reaching legacy that is rumored to continue to date.


The Tamerin Foundation was briefly reborn as a shipwright, under the leadership of Jerrik Tamerin and Geoff Jackson. The two business partners were close friends and expanded the foundation to include CorEx, a profitable albeit short-lived financial institution. CorEx was merged into the Tamerin Foundation (faction), which was renamed to CorEx, following the buyout of the factions by Geoff Jackson. After the buyout, Geoff continued operations with Jerrik as his Executive Partner and worked under the banners of "Tamson and Associates" and "The Tamson Group". As of Year 16 Day 30, Geoff still operates a small homebased corporation named Jackson StarShips, which is a Tamson Company.