Tamra V (Planet)

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Tamra V
Hot toxic atmosphere.png
System Tamra
Sector Tolonda
Galactic Coordinates (260, -330)
System Coordinates (9, 16)
Astrographic Entry Tamra V
Type hot/toxic atmosphere
Primary Terrain: Rock, Volcanic, Mountain
Controlled By The Infinite Empire
Governor Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Magistrate Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Population 3,031,278,068 inhabitants

Tamra V is a planet in the Tolonda sector of the Outer Rim, controlled by the Infinite Empire and governed by Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon.


Long ago, Tamra V was ruled by the Rakatan's original version of the Infinite Empire. A rocky and volcanic world with an unbreathable atmosphere, it was once the hub of the galactic slave trade. Tamra V has no indigenous life-forms, the three-billion inhabitants are now made up mostly of mining operations, with buildings made out of the local dark volcanic glass.