Tatris Corporation

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Tatris Corporation
Tatris Corp 300x.png
General Information
Motto "The Way of the Future"
Status Defunct
Leader Ali Xen
Owner Ali Xen
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 120
Dissolved Year 15
Political Information
Affiliation InterGalactic Banking Clan, Damask Holdings
Industry Private Company
Holosite N/A

The Tatris Corporation was a private company owned and operated by Ali Xen.


After the great merger of Damask Holdings and TatrisGroup Investments, Ali Xen decided he wanted a holding company to acquire and hold his investments on a large scale. To do so, Ali founded Tatris Corporation, a company that practiced in Aggressive Company Acquirement Program, (ACAP) a program set, created, and managed by Ali Xen himself. Tatris Corporation itself was a private company; however, it owned shares and was a partner in several other business endeavors and established corporations around the galaxy.

Soon after its foundation, Ali Xen formed the ACAP program which were the starting blocks to his corporation. It was the program guidelines to how the corporation would act and behave in its acquirement of new shares and partnerships.


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