Tattysail Thyr

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Tattysail Thyr
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Lovala
Born Year -9 Day 100 (32 yrs old)
Quote "It's me, Dr. B!"
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 57kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Fairwind Exotics
Title Dr. Bitchcraft
Prior Affiliation Corellian Transport Services


Early Life

Tattysail Thyr a.k.a. Dr. Bitchcraft was born and raised within the Hapes Cluster. She lived with her parents in the Rifle Worlds at a colony on Lovala. The colony was home to manufacturing plants that produced parts for heavy weapons and employed many of the Hapan living there, including Tattysail and her family. As a hobby, her mother brewed beer and passed on her skills to her daughter. Tattysail excelled at piloting and got a job making deliveries between planets in the Rifle Worlds. In year 17, her mother had an accident at the factory and died from her injuries. Her father died due to complications from alcoholism a year later. After their deaths, she sold their house and belongings and used those funds to leave Lovala.


After leaving the Hapes Cluster, she journeyed to Rodia, hoping to join the New Republic. Her experience as a pilot lead her to Corellian Transport Services, where she served in the vessel department.

When she heard about an opportunity with the rapidly expanding Fairwind Exotics, Tattysail left CTS to work as a pilot under Avelyn ca Vella. Shortly after she was promoted to Assistant Director of the company, then to President of Cantrell Institute. When the Institute folded, Thyr took over Fairwind Exotics after earning her doctorate.

Tattysail's Ales

Tattysail's Ales is craft brewery owned and operated by Tattysail. It was first opened in Year 19 on Day 186 and is the maker of a variety of craft beers. The Tattysail's Ales Spacelance Diner was opened in Year 20 and debuted at the Seventh Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet.

The Whale Tail Pale Ale is the company's flagship beer and its recipe was inspired by the ocean's on Rodia. Tattysail brews many different styles of beers using a variety of hops and ingredients. The brewery has eight beers and one whiskey offered year round. All beers are available on draft, by the bottle, or by the keg. The brewery's logo and label designs are created by Mishka Sorokin.