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The Pentastar Alignment
Foreign Relations
Subsidiaries Galentro Heavy Works
Rift Alliance DISSOLVED(see Rim Commonality)
Other Allies Werda Holdings
Organization and Structure
High Councils Moff Council · Council of Order · Enforcement Council
Politorate Infrastructure PowerOn Conglomeration
Manufacturing Galentro Heavy Works
Excavations Galentro Metallurgy
Medicine Dynamic Automata
Judgement Inquisitorius
Enforcement Army, Navy, Academy
Insurrection Classified
Protectorate Internal Affairs External Affairs · Instruction · Culture · Pentastar Trust and Safety Assurance Bank (PTSAB)
Provincial Government Aris · Brot Doskad · Hermi · Zuld · Turhaya · Govoldeim · Kalki · Grah-Zeymahzin · Sogaal
Coalitions Trellik Hive · House Scitrok