The Agency

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The Agency
Front line.jpg
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Jace Kavdar
2IC Skye Kavdar
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 76
Dissolved Year 16 Day 176(became Rebel Alliance)
Political Information
Industry Mercenary

The Mindabaal League Charter was ratified in the early days of Year 12, uniting the people of Bamula with a common government. This confederacy consisted of several interstellar coroporations from that sector as well as smaller interests. These groups had manpower, strong leadership, and a common cause, but they lacked one thing: Protection.

It has gone by several names in the past, but most refer to it simply as "The Agency". Founded by Jace Kavdar, a patriot member of the Mindabaal League and former executive chairman of Drax Industries, The Agency was organized to protect the people of Mindabaal through counterintelligence, military strength, and the education and arming of its most formidable warriors. Their operations are a mix of overt and covert, their only qualifications for missions being that they concern the safety of the League and its people.

The Agency hires almost entirely internally, mentoring the best and brightest of Mindabaal and bringing them into the fold. As an agent, one is expected to hold The Agency's priorities: First the people, then the companies, then one's own life.