The Canaries

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The Canaries
General Information
Motto Early Warning System
Headquarters Cado Angelus
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 349
Political Information
Affiliation Caduceus Province
Type NFG


Located in the city of Cado Angelus, the headquarters for The Canaries is a bastion against the cold and toxic atmosphere of the planet Ghothia III . Currently located in an Avance Office Building the Canaries are the first line of defense, or rather security for JMC/Jospro Management Company. In Year 9 JMC had only recently begun governing the Stensen System on behalf of Caduceus Province. Leaders of JMC thought it would be prudent to employ a private group of security individuals to aid in keeping the peace, and protecting JMC assets. It was decided that Jaydon TaVolarian should head up this new group.

Mission Statement: Our mission, collectively as a department and as individual officers, is to provide an exemplary level of service and protection to the residents and businesses of the stensen System. We will ensure the peace and quiet of the public and of private individuals, purging the System of what may cause disturbances, and having each and everyone live according to their station and their duties. We enforce the laws and regulations established by Avance.

The typical duties, roles and responsibilities of the Security Division are:

  • Arrest Warrants
  • Execution Warrants
  • Search and Seizure
  • Rescue Missions
  • Protective Duty
  • Prisoner Escort
  • Surveillance
  • Additional duties as assigned by JMC/HA/Avance


  • Strengthen Allied Roles.
  • Flexibility to Contend with Uncertainty
  • Develop Rapidly Deployable Capabilities
  • Focus on Capabilities, Not Numbers
  • Recruiting for division

3 Foundational Pillars:

Honor: The obligation to oneself, primarily one's own reputation, and secondarily one's own safety. This Pillar advocated honesty, truthfulness, fearlessness, restraint, and unconditional love.

Duty: Represented the obligation to others beyond the self. This Pillar advocated diligence in work and loyalty

Training: Through training we maintain preparedness levels and are ready for anything that might occur

Notes: [1]For more information on the inspiration for the names of The canaries and JMC please see [| Red Dwarf]

[2] To contact us please see [| JMC Public Embassy]