The Derra Tournament

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The Derra Tournament
Derra Trophy.jpg

The Derra Tournament is one of the oldest of the Galactic Games. Though at times overshadowed by raging galactic conflicts, the Derra Tournament has remained one of the more popular galactic attractions.


The Derra Tournament began during one of the rare periods of peace throughout the galaxy. Funded by several galactic governments, it was a way for warriors to prove themselves in a manner which did not require a war. Each year, every government and company would send their finest warrior to Derra to battle for the title "Warrior Chieftain". Mandalorians were the winners of the first dozen tournaments, resulting in the tournament trophy being designed to feature one of them. However, Mandalorians were not guaranteed winners. On several occasions, even in the early years, other races would take home the prize, including one year in which an Assassin droid took home the prize. However, with the advent of the Derra Virus, the tournament began suffering attrition rates thatwere unsustainable. Dozens of warriors died before even competing and eventually the tournament was abandoned as no longer feasible.


With the Derra Virus weakening in strength, the Derra Tournament has been resurrected. Once again the galaxies elite warriors will have the opportunity to fight for the Silver Mando`ade and the title Warrior Chieftain. This revival is the brainchild of a sentients with a lust for combat. His name was Dalovan Lombardo. He had a vision of restoring the once proud tourney. He forged the idea of a great tournament, with both one on one and group matches to determine who in the galaxy had the strength and vision to hoist the Silver Mando`ade.