The Empire of the Hand(Year 13)

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The Empire of the Hand
Political information
Type of government Liberal Semi-Polyarchy
Head of State Lord Flar Gar
Commander-in-Chief Inronkini Wànnéng Alani (Grand Admiral)
Executive branch The Directorate

Lord Simon Eusnomis

Grand Admiral Inronkini Wànnéng Alani

Lord Praetor Merblan Occus

Lord Flar Gar

Legislative branch The Directorate

Lord Simon Eusnomis

Grand Admiral Inronkini Wànnéng Alani

Lord Praetor. Merblan Occus

Lord Flar Gar

Affiliation Rift Alliance
Societal information
Capital Berrol`s Donn
Territory Outer Rim Territories
  • Kriz - Sector
  • Berrol`s Donn - Berrol`s Donn system
  • Berrol`s Donn II - Berrol`s Donn system
  • Gunthar - Gunthar system
  • Taul - Gunthar system
  • Taul Companion - Gunthar system
  • The Banvhar Asteroid Belt - Banvhar system
  • Varada - Sector
  • Bestal - Bestal system
  • Bestal Three - Bestal system
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Chiss Material Extractions/The Chiss Ascendancy
Date of establishment Year 13 Day 156
Date of dissolution Year 17 Day 340
Status Dissolved
Holosite Empire of the Hand Holosite


The Empire of the hand holds strong to being a liberal society in which all races, most creeds and most spiritual paths are welcome and are equal. Members are encouraged to engage in private enterprise, and by principle reach the higher classes of society.

The modern era of the Empire of the hand can trace its origins back to the mystical gas giant of Dayral in which important discoveries was being made in regards to Chiss history, large exodus from the Chiss homeworld occurred, like today forcing social and economic change on those communities.

The Hand had a strong sense of neutrality in most galactic affairs, however a strong sense of liberalism; over the individual and across communities, become one of the deciding factors that lend the Empire of the hand to request entry into the Galactic Alliance, which was finally accepted.

But aftertime The empire of the hand withdrawal its membership due to various disagreements owing in part to the nature of liberalism. It however strongly shares in the views of a committed and peaceful relation between its former co-members.


The Empire of the hand is a modern and successful incarnation of Chiss Progressivism;

Chiss Progressivism is the view that Chiss communities not only live side by side with non-Chiss communities’ but are equal. Unity is often encouraged. For the following reason some people refuse to label the empire of the hand as a product of chiss progressivism, while the genesis of Empire of the hand might have it’s foundation on Chiss Progressivism the hand as developed and still is developing into something different in its own right.

At any rate at some point the colonists mostly chiss, decided to leave Dayral in search for something better. In time the first ships arrived to the Kriz sector landing first on the planet of Berrols Don, later to become the official capital of the Empire of the hand. Over time, several migrations took place and the existing populations of Chiss and non Chiss cultures become increasingly complex and accepting and appreciative of each other.

Governing Structure

The Empire of the hand is governed by the directorate or high council. Legislative and Executive in nature. Sworn to the oath, permitting peoples of the empire, of sound mind, to engage in free and private enterprise providing no intention to cause harm. Originally founded by four, and informally sometimes still called the council of four. While the empire sometimes refers to its head of state as emperor, the emperor does not rule and is it not considered to be on a throne. Rather the Emperor is considered to be a member of the council who rule equally.

One of the cardinal laws of the empire of the hand is that the Head of state therefore can not also be the head of its armed and its special forces.

In more recent times the civilization expanded its borders to now govern two sectors, and a number of planets.

Year 15 Day 9: The Empire of the hand withdraws from the Galactic Alliance.