The FulCon Foundation

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The FulCon Foundation
Logo zps9bb357ac.png
General Information
Leader Fulco D`Este
Owner Fulco D`Este
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 89
Political Information
Affiliation Phoenix Foundation, The Phoenix Foundation, Aliit Gav, Revere Courier Services
Industry Mining Company

The FulCon Foundation is a company owned and managed by the House of Este. The company is dedicated to planetary development and real estate trading. The origins of the company go back to Mexxion, Falleen. Here, Ercole D`Este founded the Bank D`Este which quickly became the most prominent bank in the city and the planet. With the Bank growing rapidly in both wealth and influence, Ercole thought it was appropriate to settle a family. He married Brassia Maculata, a Falleen noblewoman. They had twins, Isabella and Dylan, who became heirs to their father's company and nobility. The twins used the wealth of the bank to develop various building projects throughout the galaxy, including Kooriva and Aldarhunien. The fame of the quality of the facilities spread quickly, and soon enough Isabella and Dylan restructured the bank and turned it into a real estate company. After the retirement of Isabella and the sudden disappearence of Dylan, the company and heiritage were used by the new manager to create a sectorial government. With the appearance of a new heir of the D`Este fortune, the family will return to it's old business as an independent planetery developer. We will turn every planet into beautiful and profitable places to govern.


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