The Gand, Xitwa

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The Gand, Xitwa
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand
Physical Description
Gender male
Political Information
Affiliation The Resistance
Prior Affiliation Holowan Mechanicals, New Republic

General Xitwa, also known as "The Gand", is the the current Commander-in-Chief of The Resistance.

Early Life

Mists rolling in East of Kazrad

The Gand later known as Xitwa was born in Year -12 to clan Kazrad on the planet Gand. He was born both a runt and albino, and so from his very first moments on his life he was related to the lowest rungs of Gand society. These stark differences were causes of derision and superstitious fear by his fellow clan members, and he was ostracized from many aspects of clan life. His family, poor, unremarkable laborers, were unable to lend him their names to alleviate any of the stigma he bore. Though he was determined to prove himself and earn a name, as is Gand custom, he continued to fall short. The final straw came when the young Gand was finally old enough to become a Findsman, and elite, Force-sensitive Gand bounty hunter. Despite his training and best efforts, he failed the test miserably. Unable to live with the shame that had shadowed him for his entire young life, the Gand resolved to move off-world and start over somewhere else. He found work with a construction firm, and after learning the trade he became a licensed contractor, saving very credit he could to fund his eventual new life. Then, finally, the big day came when a company called Holowan Mechanicals arrived on the planet, offering lucrative salaries and accommodations to qualified workers who were willing to leave their home and work for Holowan. The young Gand didn't have to think twice. He eagerly signed the contract and boarded the GR-75 Transport that promised to take him far away from the humiliation he endured each day of his life.

An Awakening

Finally out of the shadow and shame of his upbringing, the Gand felt like he could breathe for the first time. Nearly 1,000 other Gands had signed up with him, but they had been assigned to different cities and planets. While the few gands he did work with knew of him from back home, their stories and insults meant nothing to the workers of other species he worked with. They only judged him by his quality of work, which quickly earned him a positive reputation. His quick and efficient leadership of construction teams got his the attention of Gabriel Kaine, who was one of the owners of Halowan. Kaine and the Gand went from being boss and employee, to mentor and mentee, to eventually becoming close friends. Besides helping the Gand navigate the business and make contacts up and down the company ladder, Kaine also introduced the Gand to the Church of Reansucru, a Force-based religion. The Gand found a home in the faith, and it gave him a sense of belonging, purpose, and balance that he hadn't realized had been missing ever since he failed to become a Findsman. Through the Church and his growing friendship with Kaine, he became acquainted with Halowan's other owner, Crueya Vandron, and the Gand found himself moving into the company's inner circle.

Around the time of Kaine's retirement, the Gand received am attractive offer. Halowan had entered a partnership with the Ferri-Tryonnel Corporation (FTC), and Halowan asked the Gand to work with the FTC and help them transition themselves into a company like Halowan. The work was difficult, but that only made it more rewarding. Eventually, the FTC asked the Gand to join them full time in a senior executive position, and with the blessing of Halowan, he accepted. FTC was a private sector affiliate of the New Republic, and the Gand's new position with them came with an expeditated path to New Republic citizenship. At last, being accepted as a member of something larger than himself only caused the Gand to work harder and devote more of himself to his new government. This loyalty was rewarded when the owner of FTC retired, and transferred the rest of his stock to the Gand- giving him full ownership of the entire corporation.

A Leader is Born