The Grievances of the followers of Mandalore Kai

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This document came about as part of an attempted mediation by the Galactic Empire between Mando'ade and Mandalore. The Galactic Empire was attempting to bring the Black Sun into the Imperial Union, but Mandalore wanted to block their membership because of Tar Alaks' assistance to Mando'ade in initiatng the Battle of Karedda. Executor Seele approached Tyr DeMeer's government and Mando'ade to try to sort out their differences. Mandalore refused to speak and the mediation never took place, but Mando'ade produced the document below which it later released as a public declaration of the reasons for their opposition to DeMeer.

The Grievances of the followers of Mandalore Kai

I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal Tanus Solvana, Saul Ashen, Corvin Zerren, Moctadir ay-Vadem, Nathen Blake, Carud Kyramud, Jargur Movi, Cade Valo, Kyr`galaar Vhett, Jack Whitton, K`ev Cha`bo, Arbellason Saalar, and Aranel Parsimonious. May we remember your actions and honor you with ours. Let us live by your example and bring strength to the Mandalorian people.

I am Anto of the clan Bajur and it is at the request of Mandalore Kai of the clan Oryk that I immortalize these words in electrons. It is my honor to compose this list of our grievances against DeMeer and those who follow him in the spirit of open mindedness and the hope of unity once more between the clans.

1. Mandalorian Language The origin of the Mandalorian language provided on DeMeer’s government’s holosite[1] is unknown. It is certainly not Mando’a, the ancient language of our people. Its presence has merely confused those seeking to embrace the Mandalorian lifestyle and created hurdles to proper communication within the Mandalorian community.

If used as a replacement for Mando’a, this language is an affront to the Six Tenets[2] (see section VIII) which state that all Mandalorians must speak Mando’a.

2. Mandalorian Marriage According to the official government description[3], there is no such custom as marriage. Marriages[4] in fact do form a vital part of Mandalorian society. At its very basis, a marriage is a contract between a couple to rear any children together, one of the central tenets of being a Mandalorian. This is in stark contrast to the custom Mandalore describes where “The child of Mando parents usually spends six months with their mother and six months with their father each year until the child is old enough to live on its own...”4 3. The History of DeMeer's Mandalore The Official History provided by DeMeer’s government[5] is an outright fabrication. There is no corroborating evidence elsewhere to support the tales spouted by this history.

Our history is important to us. Without our history we cannot honor our ancestors. Without our history, we cannot remember our mistakes so that they are not repeated. And false history only serves to control a populace or hide the truth. Both of these are unacceptable.

4. Limit on the number of clans DeMeer’s government has institutionalized the Mandalorian clans, fixing their number at 12. In this, some of these clans have thrived, such as Ar’klim and Dael’mor, while others have floundered. In any event, clans are families and families are fluid. A marriage or adoption may bring two clans together or create an entirely new one in its place. Clans come and go.

DeMeer’s government says that there are only 12 clans and said government maintains a close eye on them. However, there have always been and always should be thousands with no need for oversight or management. This meddling is seen a need to exert more control over the clans in order to cement power.

5. Urban development The government currently seated on Mandalore has a seemingly fanatical desire to “Coruscantize” planets. Some worlds, such as Kalevala[6] and Concord Dawn I[7], would undoubtedly never see much use and offer little to the galaxy. Others, however, such as Mandallia[8] and Onderon[9] were rich worlds inhabited by fierce species worthy of respect. The mighty Mandallian Giants[10] of Mandallia who were spared in the ancient Crusades out of respect for their warrior prowess and offered a place in our campaigns, and the fierce Drexl[11] of Onderon, a beast always respected by the Mandalorians as a species that nearly brought civilization on Onderon to its knees, have both seen their homes destroyed in a way that is sickening. What were once vibrant hunting grounds and worlds of warriors have been reduced to taxed farms and urban slums.

Even the planet Mandalore itself has seen huge areas of its surface transformed into urban sprawls. That planet has always been rural, a place one could escape the bustle of the galaxy and retreat to simpler times and learn what it truly means to be a Mandalorian. The planet is sacred and any proper Mandalorian steward should recognize this.

6. Emphasis on Blood “Both his father and mother had been Mandalores. They had been sent out from their hidden location at the outer rim to scout and gather intelligence and then send it back to the Mandalore Homeworld. This also meant that Tyr, as oldest member of the DeMeer family was in charge of one of the 12 clans at Mandalore, and as such he had the right to challenge the Warrior Eminence for the right to rule Mandalore.”[12]

"Nobody cares who your father was, only the father you'll be."[13] –Ancient Mandalorian saying

The sentiment behind DeMeer’s rise to power is an affront to Mandalorian tradition. Mandalorians have survived so long by being open to outsiders, taking the strengths of their races and imbuing them with the strength of our culture. This emphasis on bloodlines is unprecedented and not at all Mandalorian. How can we follow one whose claim to our most important title is based off of lies? His claims demonstrate profoundly that he does not understand the culture he claims to be champion of.

7. Mercenary Lifestyle If those who prompted this list and the talks that may follow think that they are the first to attempt a unification of the disparate clans, they are sorely mistaken. Before Mandalore Kai claimed his title, many of us in his company struggled with the last of the Six Tenets[14]. Let it be known that the first efforts came from within the clans.

In response to one such effort, DeMeer replied, “In our views you are part of mercenaries who per definition fight for credits rather then for honor, you follow a pirate/criminal not a mandalorian or simply enough we do not consider you as mandalorians at all.”[15]

This statement takes millennia of Mandalorian history and completely ignores it. We live as mercenaries, yes, but if that was good enough for our ancestors then why is it not good enough for DeMeer anymore? There are many jobs a Mandalorian can take. If those who follow DeMeer want to work in a government, that is their prerogative. But if we want to live as our people have always lived, who is he to tell us we can’t when thousands of years of history say we should?

Additionally, in this point DeMeer’s government demonstrates hypocrisy. The only difference between our company fighting for coin, tech or territory and DeMeer’s government’s involvement in the Imperial Union or other military or economic alliances is scale and duration.

8. What makes one a Mandalorian This is all important. The Six Tenets[16] are what makes one a Mandalorian. We live them, we teach them, and we honor them. If one follows these and says that they are a Mandalorian, then they are Mandalorian. It is as simple as that.

There can be no further requirement, such as service to any particular government or company. There is no individual who can veto ones claim to be Mandalorian. We may seem like we isolate ourselves to outsiders, but those who would join us are given every care and opportunity to learn our ways and become a Mandalorian themselves. When they stop living the Six Tenets, this is when they are no longer Mandalorian and not a second before.

It stands mentioning here that DeMeer himself has not demonstrated a grasp on the Six Tenets, and to many he is not even considered a Mandalorian. The examples of this are found in his ignorance of the culture, customs, and traditions expounded on throughout this document.

9. DeMeer's need to control “Control. Not a very Mandalorian concept.” –Rohlan Dyre

"You can't rule Mandalorians. You just make sensible suggestions they want to follow. And since when have Mandalorians needed to be told what makes sense?" – Boba Fett

Though it has been touched on in other points of this list, it is a big enough issue to warrant its own attention. You do not control Mandalorians. If our word is given, you can be sure that we will follow through, but this is of our own choice. We are not automatons and we are not stupid. We are intelligent, thinking beings who will always do what is best for our clans and our people as a whole.

Mandalorians do not work for Mandalore, Mandalore works for Mandalorians. He offers us wisdom, guidance, opportunities, and a unified face, when it is required, but we are not his slaves to live the lives he wants us to. We heed his calls to battle, but more for our own desire for battle and glory than anything else. Mandalore is a man and men must earn the respect they demand. Without this respect, no man, Mandalore included, can hold onto his position.

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