The Maw

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The Maw
General information
Sector Kessel
Galactic Coordinates (395, 71)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 20
Suns 0
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By None
Astrographic Entry The Maw
"I don't expect we shall return. In fact, we mean not to."
Teniel Djo[1]

The Maw is a collection of black holes in one system. It is perhaps one of the most dangerous systems to navigate in the galaxy. Note that, while the statistic to the right says planets exist, each of those are in actuality black holes. Many of the black holes have been documented, but the exact quantity and position of each one remains unknown up till today, as the overlapping gravity wells of the holes cause indeterminable shifts in their positions. It is said one could only navigate the Maw with the help of The Force, but some pirates and smugglers have been known to map the whole system in order to travel safely in the Kessel sector.

Its proximity to the Kessa system makes the Maw a preferred choice of spice smugglers that want to stay undetected in their travels. It also is a favorite racing spot for crazed pilots with deadly consequences of error. The sheer amount of black holes in the Maw have made it a mystery to many scientists all over the galaxy. One theory puts the existence of the Maw in perspective with the vast amount of space. According to the Galactic Republic scientists proposing this, while the possibility of the Maw evolving naturally is low, it becomes feasible if you take into account the vast amounts of matter and space that are known to exist today.

Some of the more superstitious smugglers transiting through the Maw frequently, have proposed that the Maw might have been created by an Ancient Race with advanced technology. Today its origin and evolvement is still largely unexplored making it one of the most fascinating Systems.

Galactic Wonder

An Abandoned Research Installation is located at position 11,6 within the systems. It is rumored that it once belonged to the Emperor Hiram Drayson.

Death of Teniel Djo

Teniel Djo attached this image to her last transmission[1]

Perhaps the most memorable event in the Maw to date is the suicidal death of Teniel Djo and many of her lieutenants. On or about Year 12 Day 207 she and a number of other pirates, allegedly including Eli Greenberg, Baron Lodger Hawk, Joe Monso, Soge Kihei, Twenty Vigar, and Xedillian Vordesh, plunged into the Maw's black holes to never be seen again.[1] Combined they were worth more than 17 billion credits at the time of their passing. It culminated a decade of piracy and warfare. To them, their deaths were not an act of despair but the final victory over the forces fighting to destroy them and Eidola.[1]