The Second Battle of Krmar II

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Second Battle of Krmar II
Date20.70 — Ongoing
LocationKrmar System
Faerytail Family Logo Small.png Faerytail Family
Imperial Logo Small.png Galactic Empire
NewTSKlogo.pngTresario Star Kingdom
DuchySeal.pngArchduchy of Tolonda
NRlogo.png New Republic
Commanders and Leaders
King Simkin Dragoneel
Archduke Uther Von Kaldreon
Duke Corey Vildras
Chief of State Jin Solas
Casualties and Losses
None WhatsoeverDuke Corey Vildras(Captured)
MoD Adin Cole
Vellan Mun-Riliin
Lieutenant Colonel Freddie Hawkmoon
Over 13,442 soldiers/workers

The Second Battle of Krmar II is a major battle in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War, in which the Faerytail Family and Archduchy of Tolonda are battling for control over the contested planet of Krmar II. Since the outbreak of open hostilities sometime before 20.70, significant forces from both the Imperial Union and the New Republic have deployed to the system to support their respective allies in the conflict.

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