The Valkyrur

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The Valkyrur
General Information
Status Active
Leader Darin Byrch & Kara DuMonte
Motto "Knowledge cuts deeper than a sword."
Headquarters Pyhäheim
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads
Type Force Sect
Holosite Veilhal

With a purpose written upon the very stars, the Valkyrur of the Veilhal Nomads have come to serve multiple roles within the fleet. Their first role serves as the guardians of the fleet against the mystical forces and threats posed from hostile Force users

Secondly, and arguably more importantly above all other roles, the Valkyrur have set themselves aside from the squabbles and wars of the Forces and Light and Dark in order to serve a more important function - the protection of knowledge above all else. Owed to the Countless years of destruction and decimation of knowledge surrounding the Force, the Valkyrur order dedicated themselves towards the pursuit and recovery of lost lore, information and abilities around the force in order to prevent the cataclysm at the height of the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire from ever happening again.

Pyhäheim serves as both headquarters for the developing order and as the site of their main library, with many decks wholy given over to the storage and recording of knowledge from all walks of life - Knowledge considered to be dangerous, or harmful to others such as indepth knowledge of the Dark Side and it's ways are kept under lock and key within another site known as the vault, which only a few ever have access to.

Officially, the Valkyrur take no sides in the Galactic Conflict and have separated themselves from the destructive conflict between the Sith and the Jedi, entering combat only when it is needed to protect knowledge itself rather than for ancient dogmas