The Var Kelen

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The Var Kelen
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Damyo Kruder
2IC Florian Laiden
Owner Damyo Kruder
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 124
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Religion

The Var Kelen Empire, was the name given to it since its formation 30,000 years ago and throughout all of its existence until its recent reformation into the Kelen Syndicate.



The Var Kelen cult was once an Empire long before the existence of the Old Republic. The exact date of creation of the Var Kelen Empire isn’t known as all existing records were lost someway. It is although known that it was formed in ancient times by a group of different tribes who made their way of life by teaching and training extremely powerful warriors in the ways of both Vibro Weapons and also of unarmed martial art styles such as Arak`ur. The Kelians were feared warriors as it was a general belief that their faith was connected to the dark teachings of the force. At this time most were isolated followers of basic forms of the Dark Side but some rare ones were already sharing connections with the Sith Cult who was having its own expansion at this time.

The Old Var Kelen Empire met its own destruction with the event of a Civil War some 30 000 years ago. When a power thirsty tribe tried to assassinate the Uruk`Rah in the throne and as he grew old and ill he totally eradicated the rebellious tribes out of the face of the Galaxy. But it wasn’t enough for him. As his madness grew also his general suspicion upon everyone did and so he started a massive Genocide upon his own supporters killing even his own family members.

Records tell us that in the last day of the Uruk’Rah’s life he was visited by Kelen himself in his dreams and was remembered that he was warned that this would happen one day or another. With the fury of the God upon himself the Uruk`Rah died and with him died his own Empire that was now nothing but ruins and death.

The Empire might have died but the cult did not. Members who fled the Empire in time soon joined with more members who were scattered among the Galaxy and won a new life in the middle of the normal civilization hiding their beliefs and making the Religion be forgotten for thousands of years. At this time the once great Var Kelen Empire was nothing but a tale.

Thousands of years later the Cult would prove not to be dead but just sleeping. A member of the Cult had been studying this one child for years a Duros named Damyo Kruder son of former members of the Cult and decided it was time to reveal this child to the God and hope the God would deem him worth of leading the Cult to power again. With his parents reticent about this and with his force powers showing strength on himself Damyo was kidnapped by a group of Old Kelian followers when he was reaching maturity.

Left alone exiled from civilized world Damyo learn all he had to learn about the Cult of the Kelen God. As he finished his training and learning process he was granted the honour of receiving a visit of Kelen who made him the new Uruk`Rah of the Cult and gave him the responsibility of bringing peace and glory to the Var Kelen Family.

Since that day Uruk`Rah Kruder has been wondering across the Galaxy looking for worshippers who can help him build a new Var Kelen Empire as great and glorious as it once was.

Gungans and Power Don't Match

As you've read in books who relate the Cult's past history as soon as the Old Empire collapsed remaining followers of the Var Kelen Religion went into hiding among various places of the Galaxy holding lifes similar to the ones of any other common sentient being while keeping the flame of the Cult alive inside them.

This remained a sucessfull strategy for decades. Decades where the most powerful members of the Clan would meet ocasionally for strategy planning decades where they would keep eye on interesting beeings of the Clan whose among was the to-be Uruk`Rah Damyo Kruder.

But all of this strategy would be ruined for little by little.

There was this Gungan Yur`K called Nagun Whill who got tired of living in the shadows and wanted all all costs to reveal the clan to the Galaxy. Aware of the risks this would involve the Cult's Master Minds made all to avoid it keeping Nagun arrested for great amounts of time and even trying to accomplish his murder at some occasions. But only Kelen knows how he always escaped proving to be a one of a kind Gungan guy.

For the Cult's remnants failure Nagun got his success and thus revealed the Var Kelen Cult to the whole Galaxy. This sparkled confusion and chaos among the Remnants who were then forced to abduct teenager Damyo Kruder from his life and sent him for isolation training so he could dethrone Nagun Whill (now self-proclaimed leader of the Var Kelen) and drive the Cult back into its old glory.

As Damyo progressed well in his training it would prove not necessary for a duel between the two guys. As Nagun made question of calling too much attention on the Clan he was eventually caught in sight by the Eidolan Pirates who took advantage of his huge ambition to lure him into a trap and kill him. A death is a death but for this everyone in the Cult was happy.

The Ancient remnants of the Cult could have decided to keep on the visibility after this but they did not. They decided to make people believe the Clan had died again so Damyo could end up his training in peace and return to power only when really ready which he eventually did.

The Triumvirate Incident

At this time of the Cult's History it was a time of great prosperity and rise to great positions of power glory and richness. With huge disapproval from the Kelen God (who made sure his disapproval was felt in various moments) several Cult's members (including some Ruling Members) were now embracing the ways of piracy and theft to guarantee a fast grow to the clan. And in fact they did as the Clan was soon possessing great sums of credits along with a reasonable fleet of ships and other mixed assets.

It was believed that even the Uruk`rah himself was involved in such activities but it was never proved and the fact is all who accused him from the inside of the Empire ended up dead a few weeks after speaking.

Other of the prominent members of the Clan at this time was Dexter Holland. A friendly and very helpful member despite always keeping a certain distance from the Clan in order to maintain external connections for future benefit of himself and the Cult as a whole.

Despite pressure of Uruk`Rah Damyo Kruder and Ra`Zit Adam for a more strong presence within the Clan and cut with the outside Holland's connections would prove useful when he was invited to make part of the Rulling Council of a new to be formed Security Faction known as the Triumvirate Security Forces (now Triumvirate Coalition). It was an easy deal or so Dexter tried to make the other Clan's ruler believe: he would be lent the savings of the clan to help funding the creation of the faction and buy his place as Council Member and as soon as he could get in the power seat he would clean the assets of the whole faction for benefit of the Cult.

With constant pressure from Holland the remaining Ruling Members of the Clan made an avaliation of the case and unlike their beliefs at the time made some miscalculations that would prove fatal sometime later. But still they handed at of the Clan's savings to Dexter and even offered some other members to join Dexter at the new faction in order to help him accomplish the plot.

The plot went well for a while but what Dexter and the other Cult Members Ignored was that just like them the other Council Members of TSF also wanted to protect their sides and thus kept all of the faction's assets protected from stealing. Facing this Dexter Holland had to make a decision: go on with the plot that would make little profit to the Cult after all or defend his side on TSF and betray the Cult.

He ended up making a mix of both. He actually stole what he could from the Faction while at the same time forged evidence that the act had actually been made by Uruk`Rah Kruder along with Empire Computer Technicians who had hacked into the personal account of Holland in TSF's computer network.

With this and as he returned the assets into TSF's possession Dexter strengthened his position in the faction and betrayed the Cult being then sent directly into the top spot of the Empire's Infidel's list.

rThe violent diplomatic conflicts that spread in the following times were nasty for both sides. With Holland expelled from the Cult and other members who were in TSF cutting their relations the Cult went again to the shadows to rebuild and eventually strike back on a war that lasts to this day and will last forever according to Uruk`Rah Kruder words.

It is known known that Consul Holland is deceased but that fact ends a war against only an individual but not against an institution of great evil.

Tensions with Mandalore

Having arrived in the center of the Galaxy out of his Home Planet full of rage and hate for the death of his father Adam Nuckie was now making his way in Scitrok Mining Incorporated faction holding the rank of Director of Intelligence. At this time he hoped this rank would grant him time and resources to find his father's killers and avenge his death.

In the meantime he was establishing connections with the Var Kelen Cult that was at this time receiving a range of new members from all the corners of the Galaxy. Mostly were poor people with destroyed lifes that were now looking for a new chance at having power.

With mixed feelings and a great will to gain recognition among the Cult Adam decided to help a new member Nuke Kezman. Nuke was a poor member beeing slaved and tortured at work along with the Mandalore's that didnd't have his own ship to use. His salary was all grabbed by the Mandalore High Ranks who decided he had to pay to use one of their ships as he was scum not deemed to put his feet on one for free.

Revolted with this Adam Nuckie fled from his job for sometime looking for a way to help Kezman. He eventually found a Ship Shop where for his own luck a Mandalorian minion was selling an YT-2000 ship. This was an opportunity to get Nuke a ship but also the hurt the Mandalore's pride.

Giving use to his experience and resources Adam was able to persuade the man and eventually flee with the ship that he quickly tried to take into Nuke's hands.

Still unclear to this point the Mandalore was able to connect Adam with Nuke and suddenly Nuke was rushing to save his life at all costs. He was eventually captured and not even the huge efforts made by the Cult's authority were able to save him.

This fact allied with the fact the Mandalorian tribal costumes didn't allowed Nuke a fair trial created a diplomatic incident that would spawn confusion among the Galaxy sparkling force from one side to the other. With Uruk`Rah Damyo Kruder on command having some issues to handle the whole situation now made Ra`Zit Adam Nuckie decided to clear his mind and become an honest being now focused on helping the Cult on this crusade against the Mandalorian Infidels.

The conflict that spread for the next years with word exchange and some more tense meetings never ended in any combat situations. Although it would reach a tragic point when Jedi Larry Turner (at this time believed to be a Dark Side Acolyte) decided to give use of his good relation with Adam to lure him into a trap. He made Adam believe he was alone in Mandalorian territory needing to be rescued before the Mando's would get him. Full of good will ignoring all warnings and not knowing Turner was actually on the Mandalore's side Adam went to his aid only to get arrested and after executed then again without the right to a trial.

Despite the Cult's Ruler Council efforts to retrieve Adam's corpse this was never accomplished to this day and thus the corpse location is still unknown.

Uruk`rah Damyo Kruder promised to the Kelians the war against the Mandalorian Infidels would never end or be forgotten although he decided at this time the Cult had other priorities in order to grow prosperous and powerful. In one of his speeches he shown he believed Adam would want his revenge to be a sucess and not the death of the Cult and thus it should only be conducted in the right moment.

New Alliances

Last time we spoke of Var Kelen History we left at the time Uruk`Rah Kruder started wondering across the Galaxy, not only to find followers and worshippers for the rebuilt Cult, but also to seek additional leadership able members for an Empire he knew he couldn’t manage alone if it was to be as great as it was thousands of years ago, at its time of glory.

Many years have passed since then, and with that many struggles and adventures for both Damyo and his followers. Many friends came, many friends go (dead or departed). The Cult had its ups and its downs, but that we can and will tell you sometime later. For now let us focus on the present

Uruk`Rah Kruder has built himself his own blood family. He is now married to Kyrie`Rahin Na`aen Kruder, and is thefather of three male, to be heirs of the Throne, Jota`ene, Thyss and Xiri Kruder.

After the valuable losses of both Ra`Zits Pocas and Adam Nuckie, the Uruk`Rah is now loyaly served by the new Ra`Zit Florian Laiden, who has been considered one of the most proeminent key figures for the present expansion of the Cult.

In the lower ranks, the Empire has also acquired good men, like Kenji Ilvec, Vandios Anuak, Rhylis Fellok or Sam Yaddle, while maintaining strong loyal members such as old Drax Stardust.

But this time, we would like to talk of two new friends and appointed honorary members of the Cult, Trace Magus and Sabrina Starshine, known in the imensity of the Galaxy as Lord and Lady Keer.

Our story goes back to sometime ago, in a time where the Cult and its leaders where going the way of exhaustion after the deadly conflicts with Mandalore and the Triumvirate Coalition. They were all of agreement that they needed a place to rest and regain their forces, while also working to gather some more resources for the Empire's rebuilding efforts.

While for most of the members, this was an easy task, it proved itself difficult for Uruk`Rah Kruder, who had to bear not only the bad reputation of being leader of a Galaxy-wide hated Cult, but also fake charges of piracy, theft and other illegal practices. When his hopes were down, and his choices pretty much gone, it was at that time, that Trace Magus invited Damyo to take a big role as a Warlord in the Keer Union. Keer Union was pretty much a religious-type consortium just like the Var Kelen, who was seeking to expand themselves as we were.

Twin factions, twin goals, twin thoughts, yet a single God, it was pretty much a formula of success for both Lord Keer and Uruk`Rah Kruder. Ever since his entrance, Uruk`Rah Kruder left clear he wanted to emancipate himself into being a real leader of its own faction, and not just a servant Warlord, and his hosts never made any obstacles to that, much for the contrary.

The time with Keer has not always been easy. In between tries of undermining Kelen members work by jealous Keer members, and sparkling arguments between leaders of Var Kelen like Ra`Zit Laiden and Lord Keer himself, have put this alliance in danger, to no real end, for the now known good of both parts.

With Uruk`Rah Kruder tired of being a servant, and with Lord Keer understanding that he had to assist Var Kelen’s goals if he was to keep their help and friendship, the second one decided to finally let the Var Kelians have their Consortium, and so he sold them a religion group shell for them to manage and from there eventually rebuild the all mighty Var Kelen Empire, much greater than the old one ever was.

A New Route

Galactic Year 11 has just started and the Galaxy is already on turmoil, has an unidentified source as spread through the major galactic channels of information and comunication that a series of unprecedent events is due to happen in a few months, in what is supposed to lead to a major shift in the government of a large number of planets and star systems.

Like pretty much any other sentient or group in the Galaxy, the Var Kelen Empire did too receive this information, and imediatly called upon it's most proeminent leaders to discuss it. With the needed caution and aprehension that unidentified and very little detailed information like this deserved, it still looked like a big opportunity to claim territorial independence from the Keer allies, something a great portion of the Empire's people had been calling for.

Not wanting to make a false move forward, it was only when a few other galactic organizations were seen making their arrangements accordingly to this news, that the Empire decided to do so and work it's way for a major win in it's history.

With the decisions made and now out of the meeting chambers, Empire's Highest Leaders Damyo Kruder and Florian Laiden took themselves the control of the operations, and quickly assembled not only teams composed of their most loyal mean like Vandios Anuak, Templor Sgriad and the Kruder heirs, but also amazed huge ammounts of cash, materials, and rented ships for this project. Most amazing yet was the work force assembled, that as fair as we know surpassed the six hundred sentients, although some believe it might been quite bigger.

In the meantime, Empire's scout teams ravaged the Galaxy, and soon found a suitable place for this plan, the Tragrud planet. A planet of temperate clima in a relatively unknown system of The Periphery, it still standed close to most of the Empire's territory of influence and operations, and was so deemed perfect for this invasion.

With the stakes has high has the bids, and now with a table to play in, the assembled teams quickly moved in place and there stayed for a few galactic standard weeks waiting for the prophetized events to happen.

Although has fast as the information about the existence of this events spread through the Galaxy, also as fast did the news of it beeing totally fake spread too.

This was an huge blow to the Empire, not only on material terms where it lost a good ammount of cash and was now stuck with unnecessary resources, but also to the moral of it's men.

Considerably hit at heart by this, Uruk`Rah Kruder summoned not only the Empire's leadership, but each and every Kelen Citizen or Worshipper to attend a Conclave at the Empire Trading Station Big Summit Room.

In the Summit, Uruk`Rah Kruder and the whole Kelen Community reflected their exhaustion for fighting to the rising and proeminence of the Empire to no end. Kruder himself strongly shown a strong sense of will not to keep leading the Empire as it stand now, a will shared by the majority of the Empire leader circles.

United for discussions that lasted for days, the Remnants of the Empire quickly divided themselves into different groups – The Var Kelen religion related sentients, like priests and their followers united in a cell willingly to keep the task of spreading the word of Kelen, The Arak`Ur too stayted together willingly to continue to serve as the Army for the Kelians and a third cell called the Neo-Terrorists formed up with the more extremist members of the Empire as it's members. In all their differences and similarities, they and all the non-attached people of the Empire decided to disband the Var Kelen Empire, and transform it into The Kelen Syndicate.

A syndicate with a new vision for the cult and with a new approach of work for a common goal. The Syndicate based on the principle of anarchy, preached that all livings beings must have the right to govern themselves with no superior government or authority invading their individual material or moral space. Now considering themselves as pacifists, the Kelians were keen on stating that they would become dangerous if provoked and to those who either invade their territories or settle near these. These doctrines, for more extremists they were, found many followers around the galaxy in the first living times of the Syndicate.