Tholme Terik

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Tholme Terik III
Biographical Information
Race Chagrian, Formerly Hapan & Mirialan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother An`ya Khel Terik [76,{Deceased}]
Father Tholme Terik II [77,{Deceased}]
Born Year -30 Day 241
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98m [6'6"]
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation None
"“Nobody is worth stressing over. People come and go. Move on and go find yourself, the world is yours. Life goes on, blah, blah, blah, the usual."
— Tholme Terik to his protégé, Larsk Yoliba

Tholme Terik III is a Chagrian male (formerly Hapan & Mirialan) that hails from Haporium, Hapes, Hapes Cluster. Now a freelance big game hunter, he was the leader of The Preserver Triumvirate and The Mercenary Guild. He is the child of two Hapan diplomats and grew up traversing the galaxy. Tholme is apart of the large Terik family. While being a known prominent businessman, writer, and artist, Tholme doesn't consider himself one of the galaxies biggest names. A true real estate man, he owns property on some of the largest metropolitans of the Core, and on some of the most backwater worlds of the Outer Rim and Wild Space. However, he has chosen Cato Neimodia as his permanent residence.


Tholme was born in the city of Haporium on Hapes to the couple An`ya Khel and Tholme Terik II. His parents lived as two Hapan diplomats that spent much of their careers traveling and opening relations with other planets. Since his parents chose to not leave him home with a nanny droid, Tholme was lucky enough to travel the stars with his family (later having three more sisters and two more brothers). When he was a single year old, his little sister, Sera was born. The two were very close as children, more often than not excluding the third Terik child, Thannor, from all the fun. When Tholme was four, Sera was three, and Thannor was one, the fourth child Kairia was born. By this time in his life Tholme had visited far more planets than he could count, and had a great aptitude to one day become a diplomat like his parents. While two more siblings came, and the adolescent years hit, Tholme began to connect to his brother, Thannor, more than when they were kids. While at the age of ten, Sera was brutally assassinated by an unknown rival Hapan house as part of a plot to seize political power from House Terik and cripple the representative family into submission.

It was at the age of thirteen that the family visited the planet of Duros where negotiations were to take place regarding a new alternative galactic government. While the council was in session, the kids were allowed to roam the capital city under watch of a Hapan house guard. Tholme and Thannor quickly lost their Hapan tail in search of an “adventure”. And adventure they found. They found themselves in blocked off sewer canals after trying to catch a Akk dog puppy that had wandered it’s way down. In the murky waters Tholme found a drenched robe that was wrapped around a small blue cylinder with pointed ends. The older brother quickly took the two possessions and (with the help of a friendly Duros taxi driver) found their parents and Royal Guard once again. While in hyperspace back to Hapes, the thirteen year old Thannor showed his parents what they had found. Immediately, Tholme II knew what they had found. His father had been a Jedi Master that served as Watchman over the Hapes sector until the day he died, and he knew the current Watchman quite well.

Once returning home to Hapes the father took his oldest son and met with Krastar Plempt, an old Hapan Jedi Master that lived in solitude in a Hapan mountain range. Soon after meeting the young boy, Master Plempt pulled Tholme II aside to deliver him the best and worst news of his life. Tholme III had a strong connection to the Force, and the boy needed to have his midi-chlorians counted. His family knew this would mean that Tholme had to be deported immediately to Courscant to further his training. The results came back positive, and with the consent of the Jedi Council, Master Plempt was given his new apprentice of Tholme Terik III. He was to be trained on Hapes to stay close to his family, but also to be trained to be the new Watchman of Hapan space.


"Someday, somebody will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you."
— Tholme to Granic Kron, leader of the Hutt Space Marauders

Tholme Terik III trained with Master Plemt on Hapes for two years before his first assignment came up for the young man. A boy no longer, he was eager to accept his first serious task alongside his master. There was much tension in the Hapes Cluster after a band of rogue pirates kidnapped an emissary from a Hapan Purse World. With Hapes joining the Imperial Union, and their reluctance to get involved, Tholme and Master Plempt were forced to seek help outside of the law. Hiring a Falleen and a Herglic to act as their front-men, the two Force-users infiltrated the ship he was being help in. Without losing the Falleen or Herglic mercenary, they were able to rescue the emissary, earning the gratitude of the emissary and the respect of their newfound colleagues. After countless missions of more-or-less the same scenario and as the years went by, Tholme grew tired of the stint.

Looking for a dramatic change in scenery, he sought out the Imperial recruiter on Hapes where he received troubling news. He was now too old to enlist in the academy, but he was still able to apply for the many organizations that the Empire had to offer. He was denied as an aide for the Imperial Ministry of Culture, as well as the Propaganda Dissemination Section. Eventually, he found a home in the Imperial Bureau of Stellar Charts and Surveys. Upon first glance, the bureau seemed ordinary and lifeless. But after training and a few weeks of dull mission, he grew to love the job. The IBSCS was one of the few branches that allowed non-Humans to join, and there he met his future partner. A Siniteen by the name of Yen Halcyon. The two were assigned a Gamma Shuttle and a single set of Spacetrooper armour for scouting. After, they were tasked with a section of space known as Wild Space, where not much had been previously scouted. No planets were discovered, but they did find and publish many new suns and systems with asteroids and comets.

Yen Halcyon.

When Tholme was summoned back at Corsucant for the annual physical for all Imperial employees, it was discovered that he was beginning to develop an intense form of cancer in the muscles of his legs. Eventually he was honorably discharged while he underwent multiple surgeries at the University of Courscant in an attempt to recover his legs. However, the surgeries proved futile and he was forced to amputate. Very soon after he was fitted with a pair of top of the line cybernetic legs. At this point in time he returned to Hapes and found many small jobs and was able to catch up with the remaining family he had on planet. While residing in the Hapes Cluster, he found it harder to deal with your average everyday citizen because of his new disability. However, he did get drug into the shadier side of business, and made many enemies in the process.

Leaving the Hapes Cluster, he sought refuge in Hutt Space. After meeting back up with the duo from his first mission, Tholme quickly became a proficient mercenary and traveled the galaxy on missions. At first he was, to be frank, terrible. But after a much needed regiment of training he became a proficient fighter. He kept what was left of his broken lightsaber as both a token and a tool. He noticed a pattern with his new profession. Tholme had no patience for repetition, and quickly bored of the new fast life. The Herglic and Falleen understood, and held no hard feelings towards the Hapan. He kept their number, just in case, and returned to Hutt Space. On Nar Shadda, a run in with local law enforcment left Tholme shipless and creditless, with only his gear to his name. Now he was just a Hapan, still fairly young and with plenty of enemies. It was a gadgetry for him to hit such a low point, owing the Hutts more money than he'd ever admit. From this, he was able to gather a team and assassinate a local Black Sun Vigo that he owed. After that incident, he layed low in the Outer Rim and Wild Space taking odd jobs. His favourite of which being a big game hunter in small desert outpost that had a Krayt problem.

Soon after he returned to the land of the HoloNet and was out looking for a more permanent job. He joined up with Corporate Sector Authority but quickly left after reconnecting with his nephew Keth Terik, who recently opened a CSA subsidiary of his own. Him and Yen were both hired on as pilots, Tholme also serving as an architect. In a years time he was the Regional Director and had half a dozen ships to his name. After the year though, he left, unfit for further work under his nephew, also leaving Yen behind. He returned to Nar Shadda and began to drink his feelings away. While stumbling home he ran into old associates that he owed a great deal of credits. Having spent them all at the bar, he had nothing to give but a permanent payment. With a flick of one of the thugs' vibroblade, Tholme's eyes were damaged beyond repair and his eyesight was taken from him. The broken Chagrian stumbled the streets for two full days, barely able to perceive shapes with his weak link to the Force. It was after those two days that the first sentient had the decency to offer assistance. The young human named Larsk Yoliba was able to successfully lead Tholme's back to his ship where his two droids awaited him. After much persuasion from Tholme, and begging from the droids, Tholme hired Larsk as his aide and pilot until he could be returned to his former state. Larsk, a craftsman with electronics, was able to rig a contraption together with the help of a doctor named Junias Thremfs (a friend who owed Tholme a favour) that allows Tholme to see through the eyes of either his two droids, being able to switch between them with a new gauntlet fashioned just for him. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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