Sykazza Zekk

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Sykazza Zekk
Sykazza Zekk.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born A Long Time Ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.2 meters
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Positions Original Cerberus Corporation Founder/Leader
Prior Affiliation Cerberus Corporation

Confederate Remnant



Early Years

Born on Kashyyyk with the name Thorr, nephew of the Kyst Tribe Chieftain, Thorr was raised in traditional Wookiee culture. He knew very little of what the rest of the galaxy was like. Thorr was trained as a warrior during his years on Kashyyyk, with very little knowledge and influence from technology. Thorr became a legendary warrior within his tribe, known for carrying around a very deadly hammer. As he grew older he became fascinated with the technology of neighbouring tribes. The technology made work easier, they had ships and vehicles which allowed them to travel faster and further than Thorr had ever thought was possible.

Thorr began spending time with neighbouring clans who had the fascinating technology. He began carrying modern weapons, wearing armour, and working towards gathering enough credits for a ship. The Kyst Tribe Chieftain became very irritated with the strong influences Thorr was sharing with his fellow Wookiees. There was much talk from the tribe about how the chieftain was holding the tribe back, being irresponsible, and letting the Kyst Tribe remain defenceless to this modern technology. After multiple conversations with Thorr, and multiple attempts to convince him to stop pushing his ideas onto other Wookiees, the Chieftain banished Thorr.

Thorr left Kashyyyk a short time later and never looked back.

Growing Pains

Years seemed to fly by, all Thorr was worried about was working towards gathering more credits. Thorr befriended a a small time group of thieves and pirates. He became the honest trader, and conducted the honest deals and business for their small group. They worked together to gain more credits, Thorr was a honest trader, making 100% profit on most items, meanwhile his thieving friends stole from innocent, trusting beings around the galaxy.

The Founding of Cerberus Corporation

Cerberus Corporation was founded by Thorr on Year 6 Day 67 with a large amount dirty credits. Thanks to the questionable dealings, betrayals, and killings conducted by some of his friends he had more than enough to start a droid manufacturing company. After a short period of time Thorr became sick of dealing with his group of friends, and tired of the constant need to watch his back. Thorr sold Cerberus Corporation, most of his assets, and went into hiding.

A New Beginning

The Wookiee formerly known as Thorr emerged from deep space with the name of Sykazza Zekk. It was time for a new beginning, most of his old friends were dead, time for him to become the trustworthy, honest trader he had wanted to be. Sykazza attempted to find the remnants of his tribe on Kashyyyk, but he found they had been slaughtered shortly after he left.

Wandering Years

Sykazza Zekk continues to wander the galaxy doing odd jobs, and looking for his place in the galaxy. It is said that he is always interested in new technology, always wants the newest ships, items, and weapons.