Thrane Blis

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Thrane Blis
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Maires
Mother Deanna Blis
Father Everick Blis
Marital Status Single/Separated
Children Mara Blis
Born 42
Languages Hapan, Basic
Religion Mieva Para
Quote "I am a simple bridge builder in the matrix of humanity."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 188cm
Weight 91kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Loronar Corporation
Positions CEO
Prior Affiliation Hapes Consortium, Czerka Corporation, Avance Coalition, New Anzat Order, Anzatan Commonwealth

Thrane Blis was born on Maires. After an unhappy childhood, he escaped to the stars. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Loronar Corporation.

Childhood and Adolescence

Thrane was born in the Hapes Cluster, on the ocean-world of Maires. His mother, Deanna, was a trader and merchant, and had established a floating outpost on the water-planet that dealt a brisk trade with the native Mairans. As a consequence of growing up among the aquatic Mairans, Thrane learned to understand the musical language which the Mairans used to communicate using their shell flutes as he helped with the family business from a young age. He was thus fluent in Mairan, Hapan, and Galactic Basic by the time he reached adulthood.

Thrane's earliest memories of his parents were not happy ones. His father and mother often quarreled, sometimes violently. One morning, after such a night of fighting, Thrane woke up to find his father and mother gone. His mother returned later that day, eyes red-rimmed. Thrane never saw his father again. He was approximately ten years old when this occurred and the memory of it would trouble him for some time.

Despite his parents and his father's absence, Thrane's childhood wasn't all bad. Although forced by his mother to work long hours helping with the mercantile, Thrane was left largely to his own devices in his free time. He took up "sailing," building a hodge-podge vessel based on salvaged parts and instructions he found on the holonet. The oceans of Maires were an enormous playground. He befriended several young Mairans during this time, although they looked with amusement on his desire to travel on the surface of the water as opposed to beneath its waves. As a young man, he even worked briefly as a ranger on Maires, putting his nautical skills to good use as he helped Mairans and other non-native Hapans alike.

As Thrane grew into a teenager he began to understand, as all teenagers do, more about the world about himself. What he began to see disheartened him. He, like most Hapan men, was looked down upon almost as a slave. He could not speak during important meetings; he could not vote; he could not do many things without the permission of his mother, simply because he was a young man -- had he been a woman, he would have already been charting his own course.

He had lived an insulated life, never venturing off of Maires. His ramshackle sailboat had conquered the waves of the ocean-world but as he grew into adulthood he longed for more; he wanted to sail among the stars. Some decisions are not made in an instant. Some decisions are forged over time, a gradual resolution that comes as no real surprise. Such was Thrane's decision at the age of seventeen standard years to leave his home. Despite his struggles it was not an easy decision. He would write often to his mother over the next year. His letters were never returned. This would cause him much mental anguish in later years.

Early Career

Thrane's first stop was at a recruitment station for the Royal Hapan Support Corps. A lost young man away from home for the first time, he didn't have a solid plan for his future, he only knew that he had to leave Maires. He was fortunate that he would find a friend that day: Dortan Amethius, the future Chief Marshal of the RHSC. Dortan, for whatever reason (he was known to be a little eccentric) took the young recruit under his wing. Under Amethius' tutelage, Thrane would learn the basics of piloting ships and transporting freight. For the first time, Thrane was on his own and plying his way among the stars of the Cluster, working to build up Hapan industry.

This only served him for a time, however, and despite receiving some promotions and increases in responsibility, Thrane decided to leave the Cluster and expand his horizons to the larger galaxy. He went freelance for a time, hopping from planet to planet just to see what he could see. He visited Coruscant and Corellia; he flew from one end of the Outer Rim to the other. It was on one of these excursions to the Outer Rim that he fell in with Eric Jackson and Kyle Rainer, then of Czerka Corporation and later the Avance Coalition.

Thrane worked for Czerka and Avance for some time, utilizing the skills he had learned in the RHSC. He was made an honorary member of House Rainer, and gifted by the House's patriarch with two ships. It was also during this time that Thrane started to amass wealth for himself. He had previously been fairly penniless, making just enough credits to cover the expenses of his ship. Now, however, he found that he didn't know what to spend his credits on -- so he saved them.

After a time, Thrane's restlessness once again kicked in. He left Czerka/Avance on good terms, and again went solo. He visited Dac and Kuat; he flew around the perimeter of the galaxy twice. Once again during his journeys he was given an offer of employment, this time with the New Anzat Order. He worked for a time for the NAO, lending his expertise in progressively more responsible roles. It was during this time that he was involved in a serious romantic relationship and had a daughter, named Mara. Thrane left NAO service for a time, living off of his personal wealth and focusing on his family.

Such a life was not for him, however, and the romantic relationship ended badly. Some men, like Thrane, are too restless to settle down any one place for too long. Thrane returned to Anzatan service, this time under the new banner of the Anzatan Commonwealth. His heart broken, he went through the motions for several months before realizing that he was no longer happy serving the AC. He left, again to sail his ship in the sea of stars.

His boat landed a few years later in the Corporate Sector, where he briefly took up employment again. He focused on personal growth and gaining the allies and favor that would allow him to take his next step.

Loronar Corporation

Loronar Corporation emerged from dissolution and bankruptcy proceedings early in Year 18, having restructured under a new Corporate Board and having sold the majority of its assets to repay its debts. Thrane, now ready to continue his professional career, exploited several connections to obtain an appointment as the new President of the (once again) fledgling Corporation. One of his first acts was to relocate the firm's headquarters to a state of the art campus located on Mondress, in Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) territory. He further established good relations with the CIS and leaned heavily on their support as he led the company to record growth; what started as a small shipwright is now a multi-billion credit organization.

Thrane also worked on strengthening the perception of the company as steadfastly neutral in the Galactic Civil War. Loronar was admitted to the neutral Interstellar League and Thrane was made a Senator, representing the thousands of Loronar employees spread across the galaxy. When the League was sabotaged mere months after its inception, Thrane withdrew the Corporation from the League, disillusioned with galactic politics. However, he maintained close ties with several League associates, including Siejo Kutol of the CIS.

The Force

Shortly after Thrane was appointed as President by the Corporate Board of Loronar Corporation, he was visited by a mysterious alien who informed the Hapan that he was Force-sensitive. Thrane trained with the man, a Jedi Knight, learning Force techniques as well as the Jedi way. However, his Master fell to the Dark Side, leaving Thrane in mental anguish. He forsook the Jedi path, choosing instead to follow what he calls the Mieva Para (the "middle way" or "balanced path"), a path neither fully light nor fully dark.

In Year 19, after an arduous quest to obtain the materials and rare kyber crystals needed to build a lightsaber, Thrane crafted a saber of his own. The blackened songsteel hilt complements the silver blade. He named the blade Mångata, which roughly translates from an ancient Mairan to the idea of a moon shining on the calm seas, making a silvery highway stretching to the horizon.

Metamorphosis Plague

In Year 19, Thrane took a short sabbatical from his duties at Loronar Headquarters to the planet Vortex, where he and a group of hired sharpshooters engaged in a big game hunting expedition. The hunting was successful, with the group bagging several trophies. However, during one engagement with a fearsome Draigon, Thrane was wounded and sought shelter from the creature's deadly attacks in a cave. Although his memory of the event is hazy at best Thrane has stated privately that he felt through the Force a malevolent energy in the cave, but no living entity. The energy drew him deeper into the cave, where he found a wooden altar upon which sat a golden goblet. Thrane felt compelled to reach for the cup, but as soon as his fingers touched it, his vision went black and he remembers nothing from that moment until several days later.

When Thrane awoke in his private residence on Mondress approximately a week later, he was informed by his doctor that he was in the advanced stage of the Metamorphosis Plague. To his initial horror, two new arms had almost finished growing from his torso. His skin, which the doctors informed him was thickening, felt as if it was on fire. His hearing, which was growing more and more sensitive each day, caused him agonizing headaches. Yet after approximately three weeks, the negative side effects had all but subsided. His doctor informed him that DNA testing indicated that the effects of the Metamorphosis Plague had changed him almost completely into a Codru-Ji.

Thrane has decided to keep his transformation largely out of the public sphere, commissioning a new wardrobe uniquely designed to hide his extra arms. The Loronar Corporate Board, having of course been kept appraised of Thrane's medical condition, pledged the President their continued support, and Thrane returned to his full responsibilities a short time thereafter. He still considers and styles himself a Hapan, as that was his birth species.

Personality and Traits

Thrane is an introvert. He listens first, and is generally a man of few words. When he does speak, he tends to speak low and slow, with a thoughtful intensity. However, those that know him well describe a man capable of warmth and congeniality towards those he comes to trust. He does have a ruthless streak, and has been known to harbor grudges for quite some time, even going so far as to set multiple bounties on those that have wronged him, either to extort or eliminate them.

In recent years he has become a powerful master of the Force, using it largely for his own ends. The Force serves him, and not the other way around.

Physically, Thrane is an average humanoid, although some have described his green-eyed gaze as rogueishly handsome. His skin, almost olive from his long years on the Mairan seas, thickened with his metamorphosis into a Codru-Ji, providing him a leather-like layer of protection. Other benefits of the metamorphosis included supersonic hearing, and senses which allows him to scan his surrounding area - this coupled with his mastery of the Force makes him a challenging foe in combat.

Melancholy of Departure

Soon after he was appointed to the leadership of Loronar, Thrane commissioned the construction of a C3 Passenger Liner, which was completed in Year 18. He named it the Melancholy of Departure. With multiple decks that include retail, hotel, restaurant, and leisure spaces, as well as some permanent residences, the liner is a star-sailing city akin to the floating outpost on which he spent his formative years. Thousands of passengers and residents come and go, and although most have a personal connection with Thrane or a professional connection with Loronar, the Melancholy is truly a mobile vacation and leisure hotspot.