Time's up, shift change!

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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 255 of Year 11.

The following message has been relayed through the communication channels of Fuzz Inc. via the realm of the Binaros Smuggling Alliance...


Worried citizens flocked to the streets of Falleen today with the sudden ascension of Rick Farlander, former Prime Minister of the Falleen Federation, to the throne of the largest galactic government, the Falleen Federation. Many throughout the galaxy remain puzzled by the rather sudden move, and questions have immediately been raised regarding the health and well being of former King Bisz Aldaris. Doc Jessa here reporting again for Fuzz Inc. about a shift change for one of the oldest governments that galaxy has seen. Since King Aldaris' ascension after the Beta Campaign and the death of former King Eldrik Kuraine, Bisz Aldaris has continued the solid growth of the government, formulating unprecedented population growth, and brought the Falleen Federation to its peak. His ascension however was marred with controversy, causing many loyal followers of the former King Eldrik Kuraine to seek another walk of life. Such a change resulted in Asarya'katr turning to the Dark Side, and Warlord Squall Chitose entering the realm of piracy and I think we all know how that's going for him.

The question still remains however, what's happened to Bisz? With the latest press release from the Falleen Federation coming midway through Year Ten of galactic time, people aren't holding their breathe for an immediate response as Rick Farlander cautiously avoids all communication attempts. However, as thoughts of King Bisz Aldaris flood conversations throughout known space, many begin to remember his rise to power. With the Battle of Beta being fought between the Galactic Empire during the reign of Emperor Uebles and forces within the Falleen Federation, after a number of small incursions inevitably resulted in the commandeering of the Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone by Falleen Federation forces. As this occurred, Imperial forces mobilized in the Beta System, which was first discovered during the search for Gorn Veynom. As battle ensued, forces from the Galactic Empire and the Falleen Federation engaged along with members of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate under Dark Prince Plojo Rosom and Malebranche forces under Keir Santage. During the battle, the late Sith Lord Thraken Solo killed King Eldrik Kuraine along with his consort, while the larger battle also saw infamous pirate Keir Santage killed by Plojo Rosom, while many Falleen Federation troops sought refuge after the battle was lost, including Warlord Squall Chitose who even after a number of Imperial engagements could not halt their advance, and former Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris.


Whether the change of leadership actually occurs inside Falleen space or its a political stunt to raise the hopes of the Federation's enemies, the leadership qualities of Rick Farlander get placed under increased scrutiny. The Falleen Federation under the leadership of Bisz Aldaris managed to become the highest citizenry-grossing government in the galaxy while remaining out of the limelight for sometime, thanks to a great foundation by the late Eldrik Kuraine, but could Rick Farlander continue the legacy? An anonymous source highly placed inside the Federation was quoted, saying that King Aldaris had "gone off with Falleen Monks in the mountains of Falleen Prime to rediscover himself." Whether the people of Falleen or indeed those of the galaxy believe that is another matter. Fuzz Inc. was able to catch up with our loveable friend Warlord Squall Chitose for his views on the golden days under King Kuraine, the Beta Campaign and his views on the possibility of Bisz Aldaris without a crown. "Eidola would like to challenge Farlander to continue the Falleen's struggle against the Empire and her allies. During the days of Kuraine, we were an upstart, backwater government. Through military foresight, prior preparation, and flawless execution, a few of us were able to bring the Empire to its knees. They only stopped us because Bisz didn't carry on the fight. As galactic government, Farlander is in a position to hurt the Empire. He won't though, because he's a 'modern Falleen.' As such, Eidola is offering a free capital ship to anybody who can produce to us Rick Farlander's head. As always, if the other government won't be a force for freedom in the galaxy, Eidola will be." While his views emanate a strong distaste for the new regime, other anonymous sources from the Beta Campaign have been quoted saying "while Kuraine shaped the Federation and treated everyone like family with trust and honour, Bisz came to power and demoted all loyal non-Falleen members. He was a real arrogant man who treated us with such disrespect." Whether the change brings a new perspective to galactic dominance or it's just a temporary public relations stunt, something in the galaxy is going to change forever. Fuzz out.