Torak Kruhl

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Torak Kruhl
Torak Portrait1.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Arslan Kruhl
Father Pyrene Kruhl
Born Year-1, Day 255
Languages Basic, Vratix, Ithorese
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'9"
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa, Mecrotica Conglomerate
Positions Magistrate of Hjaff II

Physical Description

Torak is very common in appearance for a Thyferran. He is of an average height 6'9" with a medium to slim build. He has Green eyes, though they are not piercing but rather dulled. Jet Black hair which he wears short in a rather haphazard/messy style though in Thyferran culture it is quite fashionable.

He tends to wear the Formal attire for his race. A close variant to 'a suit' Except that due to his home world being rather warm and humid, it is a lot looser fitting and airy! Of course the worlds he now frequents more often and the cold of space have seen him add a cloak to his attire. He also is seen wearing more practical clothing for when he is working on his construction and researching projects.



Early Life

Torak’s early life was a very normal and un-eventful time. He was surrounded by wealth, was of good health and had any number of resources to hand whenever he needed. The only thing he didn’t have was a loving and warm family.

He was born an only child on the Planet Thyferra Thyferra planet.gif

to Arslan and Pyrene Kruhl. Two wealthy and with in Thyrerran socity two very influential people.They had both spent there younger years as talented doctors and had quickly progressed through their careers until they had given up the practical side of medicine and become Directors of one of the largest medical corporations on Thyferra.Though they were his biological parents they never really acted like it or gave him the time that a parent should. He only really saw his parents at social gatherings were he was shown to his parents guest almost like a trophy or pet. The rest of his time was spent with Tutors and the servants of the Kruhl house. They became more of a family than his own.

School Years

Once he was of an age, he was sent of to the most expensive and prestigious boarding school on the planet. During his time at school he was taught the usual medical lessons which most natives of Thyferra were not only adept at but found it almost second nature. He believed his parents wanted him to excel at this and then continue on with the family business, giving them even more kudos within the community. That was not Torak's plan though, he had other dreams….

He had a love and passion for science and engineering. There was nothing more that Torak liked then building something, taken it apart and finding a way to rebuild again only this time better. Due to his parents not showing much notice in his upbringing, other than that he was attending and was receiving glowing reports. They never noticed that he was mainly studying the sciences and engineering courses. He did continue with his medical lessons but more of a means to fall back on to if needed.

Planning the Future

Due to a lack of warmth from his parents he bonded better with the servants in the house, which were of different races and also never had the advantaged life that Torak was given. This helped him to see the flaws and elitism in his society and of some Thyferrans. This led him to question Thyferran history more. Due to this he eventually learned that the Vratix, another race native to Thyferra, were actually the creators and founders of Bacta. Unfortunately because the Vratix were generally a more humble race, the Thyferrans were easily able to instill upon the Galaxy that it was them that had found Bacta and the Vratix were a second class race.

This led him to believe that his future wasn't on Thyferra, but out in the Galaxy somewhere else, he didn’t know where yet, but during his later school years he started to make plans for his future.

Through the Holonet he made some associates. One of these was an Ithorian, Peter Green-Star head of Green-Star Medical Rescue and through Peter he also gained contact with a fellow native of Thyferra a Vratix, Dr Spree Razzix, director of Xucphra part of the Mecrotica Conglomerate.


Leaving Thyferra

When it was time to leave his home planet and venture out into the greater galaxy, Peter gifted him a G-1A Starfighter. It wasn’t the greatest ship in the galaxy but it was Torak’s first ship and he would always be grateful to Peter for that act of generosity. He spoke with Peter about a possible future with him and GSMR before venturing of to the Phu Sector for an interview with Spree about possibly working with him. After deliberating on his options he decided to go and work with Spree and Xucphra. Xucphra being part of a larger organisation appealed to Torak, and gave him the opportunity to get to where he really wanted to be.

Career in Mecrotica

Starting in Xucphra was a very busy and exciting time. He found it almost like his education was beginning all over again. His first jobs involved piloting a range of different company vessels, shifting raw materials and finished goods around the Phu Sector. He then was give the task of manufacturing medical supplies. He even got to take a couple of fully loaded medical capital ships and deliver them to customers around the galaxy, given him an opportunity to see more of the greater galaxy.

Later an opportunity arose that needed his assistance within the Mecrosa wing of the Mecrotica group. A large construction project was about to be begun on the gas giant Hjaff II. Hjaff2.png

This gave Torak the opportunity to not only organise the building of entire cities but recruit teams of builders and motivate them to get the best work and workers possible. He also aided with keeping the stocks of raw materials on site and available. As word spread of his construction skills, Coleman Rendar of Viraxo tasked him with the building of another Shipyard. This was another valuable lesson for Torak, and now a object in space would have his name etched into it.

As the Hjaff II project had used a massive amount of resources Torak now began helping the whole team re-stocking all the valuable materials. He also got an opportunity to command some of the prospecting equipment and actually showed quite a talent for it. Thus began a circuit of re-prospecting in the Phu sector.

Kruhl Innovative Sciences

Torak’s true passion since childhood had always been engineering and science. He loved to re-engineer everything he could, to know why it all worked the way it did and mostly make it better. During one of his jobs for Xucphra he was given the task of delivering a fully kitted out EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate to a customer in a faraway System. This gave Torak time aboard a ship to explore its workings. He done the usual improvements to the doors, but more importantly he was able to figure out how the electronics worked and further how to improve them. He was limited by time and his inexperience but he did seem to find a possible way to improve the power usage of the ship. So before dropping it off to the customer he performed a small alteration and fitted a recording device and tracker to monitor the power output, so he could study the outcome of this modification. The first of Torak’s researches had begun.

Then whilst working on the Hjaff II project he was involved in the building of many facilities, most notably the power generators. Though he managed the building of the other facilities for the city, he personally got involved in the building of all the power generators. He learned how they worked and eventually after tinkering with the mechanical and electrical workings managed to increase their power output without any adverse effects. It wasn’t a large increase, registering only a tiny increase of 3.5%. It was nonetheless a increase.

At this point he realised that he wouldn’t be able to go any further without finding a dedicated place where he could continue on his experiments. He started with renting some space in a Research centre on Candoria, but before to long his work started to take over the place and he needed somewhere larger, and his own. He arranged a appointment with Spree Razzix at the Phu Sector University, to pitch his idea and try to gain a grant to build and fund a dedicated Research Space Station of his own.



Due to his efforts in the Construction of Hjaff II on Year 18, Day 255, Dac Kain the CEO of Mecrotica awarded Torak Kruhl the position of Magistrate of Hjaff II. He is very proud of this achievement and spends a lot of his free time visiting and continuing to improve the lives for all the Hjaff II residents and businesses.


Along with the work and the people that he works with and has met whilst wihin Mecrotica, another thing that he was shown and found to have a love for, is Hunting. Once a month Mecrotica employees are encouraged to have some R&R. Whether that be working on individual projects, visiting far away systems or one of many other activities.

For his first R&R break Alessandro De Caito of the Mecrosa Order offered to teach him how to hunt, as the planets within the Mecrosa systems have some fine hunting grounds. He was kitted out in some basic equipment, weapons, armour, a pair of micro-binoculars and a full Med-Kit.

Then heading down to the surface of Candoria Candoria.png Alessandro helped teach Torak the art of killing and not being killed.

Torak still has the trophies from that first hunt proudly displayed on the "Spree's Sanctuary" and always makes sure new visitors see them!


"Star-Seeker" a G1-A Starfighter gifted from Peter Green-Star to help Torak leave Thyferra.

"Spree's Sanctuary" a Corona-class frigate given by Spree Razzix for work done within Xucphra.

"Lighting Runner" a YT-2000 the First ship that Torak brought.

"Tracker" a Sprint-class rescue craft brought and designed especially for Torak's Hunting.

"The Reaper". a Firespray-class Interceptor won during the Mecrotica Year 18 Christmas Raffle.