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Toydaria system.PNG
General information
Sector Hutt Space
Galactic Coordinates (319, 17)
Date of Discovery
Planets 4
Suns 2
Moons 3
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 26
Population 91,577,510,761
Controlled By Tresario Star Kingdom
Astrographic Entry Toydaria
This article is about the twin-sunned system of Toydaria. For the planet therein, see Toydaria

Toydaria is a planetary system in Hutt Space. The systems twin suns: Toydar and Little Toydar hold a combined four planets in their orbit. Three moons orbit the planet Toydaria, the homeworld of the winged sentient race known as the Toydarians.



Planet Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controller
Toydaria (4, 9) temperate/breathable 13x13 18,395,498,619 Toydarian Tresario Star Kingdom
Credquant (3, 14) gas giant 18x18 72,930,093,531 Tresario Star Kingdom
Fii (16, 10) cold/no atmosphere 13x13 155,385,553 Tresario Star Kingdom
Nubisa (9, 11) hot/no atmosphwere 7x7 0 None


Planet Position Size Population Controller
Toydaria II (3, 8) 3x3 13,409,706 Tresario Star Kingdom
Toydaria III (4, 10) 3x3 1,872,036 Tresario Star Kingdom
Toydaria I (2, 9) 3x3 81,251,316 Tresario Star Kingdom