Trade Spine League

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They took to the stars once again.. There were the Tuskens, the Gran, the Clawdites, the Klatooinians, the Sanyassan, the Muluka'dar clan made up of the Noghri and the Gengh-Noghri, the Five Disparate Families, and a newly formed Tau Family. These thirteen families made up House Fhrd`Stovca and each had a duly appointed representative that sat upon their internal Ruling Council. With little coaxing from the former General Tau, they all chose to live by the Six Tenets or Resol`nare of the Mando'ade to eventually become the Cin'Rekr.

They once served as part of The Vanguard of The Krath Dynasty where they trained and further trained others to fight for free and for a fee. Others knew of the General's reputation for turning whelps into sound all-around soldiers but he chose retirement. After a brief respite of within the Eidola Pirates, it was inevitable that governments, companies, and trade organizations would hire him and or his House as Military Consultant(s) to establish or supplement their own security or military forces, his client list is kept private. The General has since retired once again with House Fhrd'stovca after leaving what he calls the Indigo Alliance.

Now they have finally settled and The Trade Spine League is a natural outgrowth of The Peacekeepers organization, that originally formed as the law-enforcement arm of the defunct Outbound Flight Project.  It's roots run far and wide as another manifestation of House Fhrd`stovca influence that consists of both old and new acquaintances, friends and allies.  An extended family arrangement of smugglers, rovers, farmers, ex-imperials and rebels, the disillusioned and all sorts of sentients in between. The common factors that bind them are camaraderie, independence and trust.  With the last factor being a hard commodity to come by in this galaxy.   It operates mostly out of the Corellian sector and the Nar Kaaga system as both a union and a neutral network.  Trade Spine Leaguers  have a collectively storied history as a group.

They are led by Sekou Tau, a seemingly rare gengh-noghri who is the League Spokesperson.  His associates, Mr. Smooth, Happy, The Maestro, The Overlord, Voicebox, Priceless and The Opee advise his operations as the Grey Court.  Although as a less savory member of the League, gangsters like "Happy" contribute to making the organization stronger.

The Code: We are insular but will approach sentients in whom we have an interest in to potentially join our family. In a nutshell don't waste your time, we watch and observe.

We have taken our leave of working for others. We are independent and free. No agenda but our own. We couldn't care less for the politics of the galaxy. No banners but our own and do what we wish. Friends with whom we please and no apologies for it. We are a House unto ourselves, on our own path.