Trax Sector Vehicles

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Trax Sector Vehicles
General Information
Motto "Give your vehicle the TSV TLC!"
Status Defunct
Leader Ku`Bakai Roche
Owner Ku`Bakai Roche
Historical Information
Founded Year 11
Dissolved Year 12 Day 37
Political Information
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer

Rising from the ashes of Heirs of Ziost, Trax Sector Vehicles brings hope to friends and companions of these past few years that they might still make their mark upon the galaxy. The hope is to create the galaxy's finest vehicle manufacturer serving as many sentients as possible. It is a lofty goal and they realize many have failed, but they also see opportunity.

They seek to remain neutral in political undertakings with no ambition of planetary domination and the headaches associated with it. They seek to cooperate with existing governments and their laws to operate lawfully within their regions of space while maintaining independence for their operations. To this extent they have established a General Counsel to keep their workers and pilots appraised of rules and regulations in their space.

They are equal opportunity employers to all species, both male and female in the galaxy.

Early Idea

The earliest idea started off as Entrus Motor Vehicles as a complimentary idea to Heirs of Ziost as a way to generate a greater revenue stream. In the planning of the Entrus System Ku`Bakai had envisioned a trade system that would rival any in the galaxy. With several corporations working in conjunction. In order to build his vision he realized there needed to be a greater money stream as most of Heirs materials were being sold. Since Heirs had 2 datacards not being used he thought a vehicle manufacturer would be perfect. Thus he'd started pricing things like other datacard usages, materials off market etc as part of the process. Unfortunately this process came to an abrupt halt when Ezrakh Rhuk betrayed Heirs of Ziost.

Rising from the Ashes

When it came that Aidon would close Heirs Ku`Bakai and several others were very dishearted but in that Ku`Bakai remembered his previous preliminary work on the idea for EMV. It might could still work possibly he thought. He pitched the idea to his friends. A few decided to sign up immediately for this new venture. Valek Press was the most staunch of these. One of Valek's associates Lueving Tonato would also join the idea.

One of the perhaps greatest surprises along the path was that Ezrahk Rhuk perhaps in some change of heart decided to send some of his possessions he'd gotten out. On Year 11 Day 153 he sent to Ku`Bakai the SY-2 Romus Shipyard. He sent the ship it was building to Aidon. I quickly arranged a sale of the Shipyard to Aidon to help fund the efforts. This was perhaps the most surprising aid.

We also picked up a talented artist in the form of Glan Vivan who helped design the ranks and provide other artwork for the company. The initial logo and banner where done by Aidon but were then retouched later by Glan.

Zaras Darda also returned during this time, he had gone AWOL for a while and found himself on an unknown ship. Arrangements were made for his rescue carried out by Lothor Lohgun.

Shotan Turok also signed up and that was an encouraging piece as well as he was another wealthy member that could help guide the fledgling corporation.

On Year 11 Day 259 Franco Nejo buys Belarus Medium Carrier, Rainmaker from Ku`Bakai Roche. TSV fully funded at this point Ku`Bakai believes.

A call goes out to those who had said they'd join. Sadly Lothor and Zaras were AWOL again and sadly Cimoc Noitr and Tyrath Sadow were also AWOL. Thus lack of members cause TSV not to form. The Holiday season approaching work slows a bit and it becomes apparent that they need some factories owned by the organization to jump start things. Ku`Bakai starts looking around and finally decides the best place to look might be an existing vehicle company. He looks over the descriptions and still wondering if Aidon ever got the FK's from Ubrikkian Industries decides on Aratech. He contacts the president Daktal Hearst and talks it over with him. Daktal's willing to let him come over and build a few factories and work.

Officers & Personnel

CEO Ku`Bakai Roche
CSO Valek Press
ACSO Raiden Jin
CSRO Lothor Lohgun
CIO Tyrath Sadow
CTO Zaras Dardo
COO Shotan Turok
CSCO Lueving Tonato
FC Glan Vivan
WC Gwazi Magnum
Foreman Cimoc Noitr
Foreman Ben Colin

Move to Aratech

After coming to Aratech Ku`Bakai looked around and saw it was in need. Sent out a call to the TSV folks and asked if others could join to help out. Valek Press and Lueving Tonato would answer the call within the week and the three would start working there. As a result TSV would go into hiatus. While its not his own corporation, it has been good to him.