Triumphant Eminence

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C-3 Passenger Liner Triumphant Eminence
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Triumphant Eminence is a masterpiece of starship production and design. The elusive leader of Hoersch-Kessel assigned a team of engineers to redesign the interior of the ship to meet his personal desires and needs. A shipyard was tooled for a standard C-3 design, and then modifications were made to implement the structural changes. Little changed on the exterior of the starship; however, the interior would be foreign to anyone previously aboard a normal C-3. Though a C-3 is already built for luxury, the Triumphant Eminence makes the average C-3 appear to be a refuge shuttle. It boasts the latest advancements in technology; everything from simple door controls to the ship controls has been upgraded to the most cutting-edge systems. Every passage and room is richly done up in detailed colors and decorations and furnished with lavish comforts. The starship is fully staffed by trained and dedicated professionals who are there to serve. Entertainment, personal comforts, and facilities of all sorts are available onboard. One-of-a-kind, the Triumphant Eminence is the finest luxury starship in the galaxy. Few have ever been aboard to partake of her vast pleasures. It is also rumored that deep within the heart of the ship is a fully functional and operational command center capable of providing command and control of all Hoersch-Kessel operations. The ship is never found alone; it is guarded every moment, within and without, by escorting ships and personal guards.