Tsavi Ahnarra

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Tsavi Ahnarra
Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Mother Tsarrina Ahnarra
Father Ji'shaad Ahnarra
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -8 Day 157
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.5 Meters
Coloring Golden
Eye Color Green-Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Civilian

"May your feet be swift, and your mind swifter."
— Tsavi Ahnarra

Early Life

Tsavi Ahnarra was born to Tsarrina Ahnarra and Ji'shaad Ahnarra on the planet Cathar. The family belonged to a now extinct clan, the memory of it dying with the last Elders that headed it. Ji'shaad was a hunter for the clan, while Tsarrina was a gatherer for the clan. Tsavi grew up in a great tree city, in the jungle of Cathar. Her youngling years were joyous; Tsavi received an education, required of all Cathars. Horrible economic times soon fell onto the family, and the planet as a whole; big cities were sprouting up everywhere. Soon, the Ahnarra family was forced off-world. Tsvai was only eight at the time of the move.

After much drifting, from outpost to outpost, the family finally reached a place where they could have a 'new beginning' or so they thought. The Ahnarra family arrived on Coruscant. Almost immediately after arriving on Coruscant, the family was forced into an alien ghetto in the Undercity. The living conditions were horrible and sanitation was non-existent. To support the three, both Tsarrina and Ji'shaad got jobs to feed them. Tsavi's mother was a secretary for a local small-time corporation. Ji'shaad was a trash-man for the local area. Both jobs kept the Ahnarra family fed and well cared for. Tsavi attended the local alien grade school until she was thirteen years of age. Tsavi's parents taught her many values as a youngling. The most noticeable being love for all races, no matter their physical characteristics, and kindness is the best way to go through a day.

Teenage Years

Tsavi was turning into a fine, respectable young woman. She was mildly popular in school, and did many extra-curricular activities. One of her most famous were fighting for alien rights on Coruscant, most notably in the undercity. At such a young age, she bumped elbows with some of the most renown aliens in the undercity. Tsavi attended many rallies and parties, while most achieved nothing. Even as hard as they tried for rights, nothing as achieved, eventually, the group was disbanded. By this time, Tsavi was six-teen. With the group gone, it seemed a hole was left in her heart.

A short time after the group-disbanded, Tsavi turned her attentions to something more.. romantic. She met a Wookiee, his name was Tharr. Tharr and Tsavi, where, and unusual sight to say the least. But in the Undercity, it was not uncommon for different races to date. Tsavi, head over heels for Tharr, dated him happily until they graduated from school. Shortly after graduating, Tharr and Tsavi grew apart, as the universe pulled them to their respective destinies.

At age nine-teen, Tsavi booked passage off Coruscant by less-then-lawful ways. Booking passage upon a smuggling vessel, she was smuggled off of Coruscant. The vessel directly took her to the New Republic. Where, at the age of nine-teen, she entered upon the captiol of the New Republic, Republica. She directly did not join the ranks of the New Republic, but, in-fact did odd jobs on the planet to survive. This was her new home, it was her new life.

It was the same year, Tsavi met her first mate. He was of Noghri descent. Tsavi rushed into this relationship, the Noghri was extremely abusive, both mentally and physically. She felt alone, scared, intimidated. She told nobody of her mate, and frequently made up stories about where she got the bruises. One day, her good Hapan friend came over. She heard screams in the house as she came up to the front door, acting on her instincts, she busted into the house. When running into the house, she found Tsavi on the ground in the kitchen. She was covered in blood, the Noghri has shattered a plate on her head. The Hapan screamed, and quickly called the police, blocking the Noghri inside the house. Quickly, the police arrived at the house and arrested the Noghri, which also turned out to be a wanted criminal. Tsavi, bloodied and bruised, went to the hospital for recovery. It was then, she vowed, she would never be stuck with one mate due to Racial Traditions. She would date and find the right guy, not rush into things, like she did with the Noghri. It was then, Tsavi, finally became a strong Cathar.