Tyrie Dajek

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Tyrie Dajek
Tyrie Dajek Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Givin
Homeworld Yag`Dhul
Mother Christine Dajek
Father Lennon Dajek
Spouse Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Children Not Available
Born Year -12 Day 110
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 11
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
Positions Executive Director
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation, Haven Recycling Corporation
Awards Not Available

Tyrie Dajek, is a Naboo/Given Hybrid. As such he has the unique benefits of both a Given and Human mixture and is capable of breathing in no atmosphere though he strongly resembles a human in appearance. He dresses smartly to present a fine image of professionalism. He does occasionally don his utility attire when work needs to be done, and when he is kicking back enjoying life he likes to wear his favorite leather jacket and hat. He has a very easy going personality and a friendly nature. He doesn’t mind lending a helping hand to see others succeed or provide input and advice where needed; however, when it’s down to business he can be rather quiet, engulfed in the shadowy nature of his work.

Early Years

Tyrie Dajek was born to two wealthy and loving parents. His father, Lennon, who was a Nabooian, and his mother, Christine, who was a Given/Nabooian hybrid herself, were both nobles on the planet Naboo. Growing up Tyrie never wanted for anything, as his parents ensured he received the very best. As a child he was not typical in that for his age and family class he did not become disrespectful or haughty; rather his parents taught him the importance of respect, trust, and working to achieve your goals. Lennon was a wise man who imparted his experience to his son, who learned from it and sought to apply it. In his schooling Tyrie did very well and he thoroughly enjoyed learning about marketing and business.

When Tyrie was older he would often join his father at work and observe the political realm. His father was responsible for much of the logistics operations within his noble area of governorship. When his son would join him he would make extra effort to explain why he did things so his son would understand; he would also introduce him to other leading members and nobles of Naboo. Tyrie grew to love and enjoy logistics and all its aspects, however, he was unsure of himself. Everything in his life that he wanted had been given him, and he needed to know that he could earn his own way and accomplish his dreams and goals in life on his own. When he came of age he explained this to his parents and that he would be leaving. They understood and supported him, though they were concerned as any parent would be. Packing his things and saying goodbye to his loved ones, Tyrie headed for the stars and his own adventure.

The Trade Federation

Tyrie’s first employer was the Trade Federation. He originally was assigned to the Department of the Navy, however, he soon requested a transfer to the Department of Logistics. This was where his true interests lay and where he felt he could be the most successful. He spent the next year in the department where he distinguished himself. He eventually earned the rank of Flight Lead Officer where he was responsible for the management of other logistics members. While he was on an inspection of some logistics facilities an accident occurred that left Tyrie in critical condition. He was given extensive medical leave while he healed and a replacement stepped in to take over his duties. Once Tyrie had made a recovery and was ready to return to work he had found that the Trade Federation had made his replacement permanent because Tyrie was gone for too long. They told him that they had no choice but to carry on and hopped that he understood. Realizing that his career was at a end in the Federation, Tyrie handed in his resignation and pursued employment elsewhere.

The Corporate Alliance

Not long after he began his search for a new job Tyrie stumbled upon the Corporate Alliance where he worked for the next year. They were eager to accept him based on his experience and expertise, but were only searching for a Director of Production at the time. Tyrie agreed to try something new, though production goes hand in hand with logistics. He enjoyed the work and seeing the end product of what his normal logistics operations usually went to achieve. Eventually he was able to move into the Deputy-Director of Logistics position and sometime after that decided to try his hand at politics, accepting an appointment as Minister of the Interior. Throughout his time with the Corporate Alliance he distinguished himself amongst his peers and earned much recognition, receiving the Meritorious Alliance Service medal for his efforts. Among his other awards are the Tour of Duty, Project Dolomar Expansion, Project Oseon Expansion and the Glory on Mitillian medals.

His service, dedication and loyalty undoubted, Tyrie became good friends with the Corporate Alliance owner and leader Siejo Kutol. When Haven Recycling Corporation (formerly Phoenix Recycling Corporation) which was owned by the Corporate Alliance and began having trouble, Siejo turned to Tyrie for help. He offered Tyrie a position as leader and Chief Executive Officer of the company which Tyrie readily accepted. Tyrie was able to successfully apply his knowledge and experience to keep the company afloat. Siejo also helped Tyrie get his first real land which was in Oseon. This land helped to propel Tyrie forward in his personal goals and dreams as he now had a foundation from which to work. He also later served as the Chief Executive Officer of Chewiab Medical & Pharmaceutical Company, and later the Corporate Alliance itself. Though Tyrie decided to leave in order to continue his own goals in the galaxy he still acts as an Executive Consultant for the Corporate Alliance.

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.

The time came where Tyrie felt he had enough experience, connections and resources to set up his own operations. This came in the form of a group called Allotek Industries. Kuro Neko, a friend of Tyrie’s helped him to secure cities in Lexrol, which he then set up for Allotek as its operating center. Allotek was small but prosperous and dealt primarily in selling and trading facilities. Though Allotek never achieved any tremendous heights it was eventually able to lay the ground work for Tyrie’s next operation by providing capital and business contacts. When Tyrie was content that Allotek had fulfilled its usefulness, he quietly disbanded it to make way for his new vision, Lucre Cosminational Bank.

The dream of founding Lucre Cosminational Bank was short lived when close friend Kutol once again approached Tyrie for help. One of Siejo's organizations Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. was slowing falling apart due to poor management. Tyrie agreed to help revive the shipwright firm and set it to new heights. Tyrie suddenly found himself expanding Hoersch to new heights and desired to stay with the organization. While holding ambitions of founding Lucre Tyrie proudly leads Hoersch until the time he is no longer needed.

When Tyrie stopped for a moment to look back all those years ago to when he was just a young man starting out, he realized that he does indeed have what it takes to succeed on his own in the galaxy. Newly assured Tyrie continues on in the galaxy, managing and guiding the Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. to new heights. He has even made quite a name for himself amongst the Given, who hold Tyrie Dajek as one of the notable members of their race.

Awards and Commendations

Corporate Alliance

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


CA MAS.png

Meritorious Alliance Service

Siejo Kutol

Year 11 Day 157

The Meritorious Alliance Service Medal is awarded when an member has performed consistent or exemplary services for the good of the Alliance and performed acts of extreme merit and deserve to be recognized accordingly.


Tour of Duty Medal

Siejo Kutol

Year 11 Day 214

The Tour of Duty Medal the basic service award based of Years of Service in the Alliance or one of its Affiliates.


Project Dolomar Expansion

Tika Majere


This award is given to any member of the Alliance who has helped with the Dolomar construction and protection missions. Shielding and city construction are key, but helping getting the system production lines going as well are important aspects of this award.

CA Oseon Award.png

Project Oseon

Tika Majere


This award is given to any member of the Alliance who has helped with the Acquisition of Oseon. Shipyard and city construction are key.


Glory on Mitillian

Siejo Kutol

Year 11 Day 167

This award is given to any member of the Alliance who has participated in the Gentleman's War of Mitillian, late in Year 10.

Preceded By:
Kran Chan
Executive Director of Hoersch-Kessel Drive
Year 12 Day 75 - Present
Succeeded By: