Tytus Escorting Inc. (Years 0-10)

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Tytus Escorting Inc.
Tytus Escorting Inc Logo Year 4.jpg
General Information
Motto "Want Protection? Hire Us."
Status Defunct
(Merged with Solar Defense Agency)
Leader (See list below)
Headquarters Tytus City, Kothlis system
Historical Information
Founder Jophis Drazin†
Founded Circa Year -1 to Year 0
Dissolved Circa Year 10
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries

Tytus Escorting Inc. (TEI), also known as Tytus Escort, was a paramilitary and escort service headquartered in the Kothlis system, a seven-planet gravitational axis centered around the dim red giant star, Koth'lar. Due to Tytus' lengthy existence throughout various eras, the history of the corporation is complex and fragmented. It was purportedly founded circa Year -1 by a Human spacefarer named Jophis Drazin and was one of the limited number of Drazin's corporations to remain solvent during subsequent years. By Year 2, Jophis had recruited sixteen active star-pilots and security personnel of disparate species including Arconans, Wookiees, Trandoshans, and Imzigs.[1] When Drazin stepped down as Chief Executive Officer in order to clandestinely join the Hapan Intelligence Service, he transferred ownership of the fledgling company to his employee Ranofer Zedlav who led the organization for over half-a-decade.


Tytus Escorting could be considered the only true escort group left in the galaxy. With recent changes to the leadership and a shift in company organization Tytus is once again looking to expand both its business and its ranks. Tytus Escorting Inc is moving towards expanding the fleet once again.

Escorting is what we do best. Need a bodyguard for that trip into the deepest recesses of Coruscant? Need some cover fire for an evacuation of a planet? Need a pick up from a remote location? We've got you covered. You won't find a better company to get your or your property safely from one location to another. We have the ships and personnel to handle any job.

Tytus operates based on code of conduct. That code of conduct states that we will not deviate from a task once accepted. It says that we will not turn our back on our employer no matter how much money has been offered. It says that our customers and our employees are the only reason we have anything. So be confident that when you pick Tytus Escorting Inc you're getting the best we have to give.[2]


An excerpt from the book Tytus Escorting Inc a light in the darkness "...Jophis Drazin first had an idea to make an escorting company when his family was injured in a pirate attack..." Later "...The company was based upon a code of honor and to this day still holds to it." A quote from Jophis Drazin is found later into the book, " 'Ranofer is indeed better than I. He has taken this rag tag company and turned it into a shining star in the galaxy. I am indeed proud of him and his company.' "

More recently, "...When Jophis retired his Admiral took charge of the company. Ranofer Zedlav was an expert in the area of tactics and combat. He had a background in leadership and the transition was done with great ease. Ranofer reformed the way training took place and has led the company through difficult times."

In a chapter entitled, Neutrality and Ownership the book answers the following question, "Who owns Tytsu Escorting Inc. ?" It takes roughly five pages to answer it but this is an excerpt of a quote made by Ranofer Zedlav regarding Tytus Escorting Inc. "Who owns it? Well I guess on the books I do. But don't let that fool you. Tytus is a democracy to a point. How can someone own a democracy? Thing is they can't. Every job we take, is analyzed by every member and then brought before a committee to decide if it breaks the Tytus Code of Honor. If it does, we don't take the job. Everything we do is above the table. There is not one thing my employees don't know. " The book gives the most current roster and gives a brief history on each of the divisions.

In a biography on President Ranofer Zedlav A knight in the darkness were found these, "President Ranofer held Tytus Escorting Inc together through some of the hardest times. When an attempted assassination killed his fiance' he mourned but was not incapacitated. He continued to lead and the company surrounded him and comforted him." later on a quote from Ranofer Zedlav, " 'This company is a family. They cry when a fellow brother cries, they laugh with their sister as she laughs, but more important than anything is that they are always there to lend a hand. Of all the people I've met and worked with, my employees...no my family is what has kept me going. We are indeed a family. One thread breaks easily, a "family" of threads becomes a rope and it takes a great effort to destroy them.' "

A recent press release gave a basic outline of what Tytus Escorting Inc can do for an employer, paragraph five says, "Although we have the power to make some folks tremble you need not fear us. The only people that need fear us are those that seek to prey upon the innocent. We are the knights of the galaxy. We are the defenders of justice, lights in the darkness, protectors of the innocent, saviors of the weak and friends to the injured." Further down it says, "We can protect you, but will not fight a war for you."

Known Executives

  • Chief Executive Officer Jophis Drazin[3]† (Years 2 - 3)
  • President Ranofer Zedlav[4]† (Years 3 - 7)
  • Chief Executive Officer Xithos Berkner (Year 7)
  • Chief Executive Officer Chenmar Kefthur (Years 8 - 10)
  • Chief Executive Officer Erne Scott (Year 10)
  • Chief Executive Officer Vee Null[5] (Year 10)

Security Personnel

Circa Year 2: Jophis Drazin was Chief Executive Officer. His personal staff included Executive Warthog and Admiral Ranofer Zedlav. Star-pilots included Zachariah Sidnoth, Black Knight, Heero Huey, Bedwyr, Shadowblade, Dansky, Grim Reaper, Turkin Arven, Monopularley, Ketch Brabe, Leo Pold, and Ramous Satie.[3]

Circa Year 3: Ranofer Zedlav served as President. Personnel included Admiral Zachariah Sidnoth, Takhisis, Artermis, Grim Reaper, Borkna Gar, Falrow, Egone Solo, Arani Sunrider, Horn Wolf, Riga Don Vos, Art Klime, Tone Ando, Joseph Kane, Randall Airblade, Haas Jonberg, Malek Jumanji, and Requinixx.[4]

Circa Year 10: Chenmar Kefthur was Chief Executive Officer. Personnel included Zackry Zenpath, John Colbert, Erne Scott, Xako Lycan, John Colbert, Erne Scott, Kain Fellstrike, Mae Var Anthi, Marcus Nightcloud, Kazoku Cinereus, Xako Lycan, Scott Asheville, Suiy Teos, Zackry Zenpath, Tiali Bixa-Loca, and Sgian Dubh.[6]


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 1 Day 354: Chief Executive Officer Jophis Drazin proudly inaugurates a revamped Tytus Escort holo-portal.[1]
  • Year 2 Day 145: Tytus Escorting acquires the manufacturing blueprints for a number of lucrative spacecraft.[1]
  • Year 2 Day 324: Several Tytus personnel are killed while further securing Kothlis as their planetary headquarters.[7]
  • Year 5 Day 204: The personal vessel of President Ranofer Zedlav is seized by Anzatan forces in the Allied Tion system.[8]
  • Year 5 Day 206: Tytus Escorting negotiates the release by Anzat of their president and his impounded spacecraft.[8]
  • Year 5 Day 249: Tytus Escorting monetarily assists in sponsoring Midge Cellewan's first Kessel Run space-race.[9]
  • Year 5 Day 283: President Ranofer Zedlav announces his backroom acquisition of Universal Network Bank.[10]
  • Year 5 Day 338: Tytus Escorting controversially endorses the murder of businessman Kulthar Drax by Eidola Pirates.[11]
  • Year 6 Day 34: Zabdoo publicly alleges that Tytus Escorting is a subsidiary of the Black Sun criminal network.[12]
  • Year 6 Day 162: Giechen Syndicate pirates attack a Drax Industries' convoy. Tytus Escorting repels their attack.[13]
  • Year 7 Day 178: Ranofer Zedlav is tried and executed by SoroSuub, a Black Sun proxy. The holonet broadcasts his death.[14]
  • Year 9 Day 187: Tytus Escorting monetarily assists in sponsoring the second Galactic Shockball League event.[15]
  • Year 10 Day 230: Businessman Vee Null temporarily replaces Erne Scott as CEO of Tytus Escort.[5]
  • Year 11 Day 297: Drazin starts his next venture by founding the HoloNet Information Group which he sells soonafter.[16]
  • Year 11 Day 348: Drazin and a team of investors launch Critical Mass Mining (CMM), a raw materials exporter.[16]
  • Year 12 Day 230: Drazin resigns as director of Critical Mass Mining (CMM) to pursue other business ventures.[16]


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