Uli-ah Gafsa

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Uli-ah Gafsa
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Unknown
Died Year 15
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.1 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Gafsa Tribe
Rank None Given
Positions None
Prior Affiliation None
Awards None

Uli-ah Gafsa was a Jawa that was found by a Sand Person storyteller in the aftermath of a sandstorm. He was raised by the old storyteller as a member of the Sand People. Uli-ah soon learned the stories of the Gafsa Tribe and surpassed his adoptive father, meaning that it was time to make a story of his own. However, his unique circumstances prompted him to have a difficult "Koroght Argg Ur'uli-ah," or "Blessing of the Adolescents." It meant that he must surpass all others in the tribe by doing more than any of them combined. He had to leave Tatooine and travel amongst the stars. He did indeed leave Tatooine and seen many stars in his travels.


The commerce event known as the Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet was established shortly after the his death.

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