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Umbane is one of The Cardinal Swords of Tau. The sword was forged by the master Noghri Bladesmith Sekou Tau himself and embodies the essence of lightening.


Umbane was forged second among the Cardinal Swords. Master-smith Tau embodied Umbane with the essence of the lightening.This essence is perhaps the most complex of all the essences. Parts of it are unknown, but the essence of spark, flame, electricity, and lightening are all included. Part of this essence is the spark from the hammer pounding on the anvil. This essence of lightening gives the blade an added combat advantage. When Umbane is swung through the air, it generates sparks, distracting an opponent. Upon connecting with an object or sentient, it increases its damage by generating a strong electrical impulse, electrifying whatever it has connected with. This high concentration of electricity made Umbane one of the most difficult of the Cardinal Swords to forge. Due to the care that is required to avoid electrocution the forging process was over a month in length.

Battle-testing and Ownership

Upon the completion of the forging process, the sword is turned over to a Var Kelen high priest. This priest endows it with special Force powers, unique to the Cardinal Swords. Once this was done, an acolyte field tests the weapon, ensuring that it was of sufficient caliber to be sold. Umbane easily passed the trials. Seeking a different challenge, the acolyte charged with testing Umbane, sought out a pack of Howlrunners, lured them into attacking him, then brushed them aside as easily as chaff before the wind.. Having passed the combat testing, Umbane was placed on the market, but not just to anyone. The Cardinal Swords are priced to be for those who understand their true value and will thus put them to good use. Umbane ended up in the hands of Damyo Kruder, the leader of the Duros Union and Jabiim Consortium. As it bonded to his persona, it changed from its natural teal green to a deep royal purple.