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Adriav Cordius
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Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Partner N/A (single)
Languages Galatic Base Standard, Naboo, a little bit of Durese
Physical Description
Gender male
Coloring light pink/salmon
Hair Color dark red
Eye Color pale teal
Political Information
Affiliation Freelancer


Adriav is a salmon-colored Zeltron that stands at 5'8, and is relatively well built. He has many red lines and dots (tattoos) on his body, most noticeably stripes from his fingers to his neck, and a series of dots above his eyebrows.

Unlike most Zeltrons, Adriav does not wear bright revealling clothes, but often dresses instead in modest colors and clothing, such as grey vests or ties.


Despite the modest clothing, Adriav's personality is Zeltron to a T; joyful, flirtatious, and not afraid to have a good time. He'll flirt with just about anything short of a Hutt (regardless of gender or species)... and he usually succeeds, too.

Rather than flirting, Adriav also loves travelling, sparring with others, watching pod racing, 'fixing' broken people, and learning new languages.


Adriav grew up on Zeltros. When he was older, he moved away in order to get a taste of the Galaxy and all that it could offer.