Arkus fi Winter

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Arkus fi Winter
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Unknown
Father Arkus fi Winter
Born Year -13, Day 222
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Prior Affiliation Undisclosed

Arkus fi Winter otherwise known as Ark'usfiwi'nter on Csilla is a revolutionary politician who believes in the transfer of Csilla back to the Chiss Ascendancy. Raised by his Xenophobic father who instilled upon Arkus that the Chiss were superior to all even Humans, was even taught not to mix with anyone except the upper society of the Chiss. Lustful, greedy and a sloth during his youth due to his wealthy upbringing he soon learnt that power was not given but must be earned or even taken if willing, so he started to become sadistic to those he used to push his social status higher. Many view him as a Chiss incarnate of the Galactic Empire, which disgusts him when he hears such a comment due to his negative stance towards the Sith and the Galactic Empire.

Early Years

Born to a servant girl who worked in the governmental building on Csilla not much was known about her due to Arkus' father taking him away after birth, causing some controversy. By the age of ten years and having ostracised the lower classes to his own, Arkus was learning about the history of the Chiss from his father who did not agree in schooling away from the home environmental, some may say this is what led to Arkus' slothfulness later in life. Arkus was not named by his father until his tenth year of birth where he decided he wanted to carry on his own name calling Arkus after himself, so Ark'usfiwi'nter the II. Slowly in the coming years Arkus was taught that all races other than the Chiss and including humans were subservient to the Chiss, making him bully the other children who came visiting Csilla with their families. Due to his home schooling by his father he slowly became introvert and did not socialise much with other Chiss his age, causing his wroth to develop early. Entering his early teens at the age of sixteen, his father was ailing in health and thus his education was failing and on the verge of inheriting the wealth of his father upon his death the greed and lust Arkus had grew out of control. Contemplating the murder of his father to gain his riches quicker he by mistake actually caused the death of his father by forgetting his medication and thus his father succumbing to death. Arkus the I anticipated his son's greed and his lust for finer items in life so changed his will without giving any knowledge of the change to anyone, not even his son. So on the dark, cold night of Year 5, Day 310 Arkus the I passed away alone in his antechamber whilst meditating, Arkus the II's whereabouts was unknown to anyone when his father's lifeless body was found in the early hours of the morning. In truth Arkus the II now the head of the fi Winter house was spending the wealth which was not his in the seediest lower cities of Csilla. Returning to his home in the early hours of the morning he was met by a CEDF officer who notified him of his fathers death and that he was under arrest under the suspicion of murder and the fraud of spending the wealth of now the homeless children of Csilla, who gained his father's wealth. Disgusted with what had befallen him and that his lustful, greedy and slothful nature had landed him homeless, fatherless and on a ship to a penal colony in the outer rim. Arkus fi Winter was only eighteen and he had lost everything which meant the most dear to him, even the love for his father made him weep and from that day he vowed to never become that weak again - as power is taken from others.

Prisoner 1000427605

Over the years that Arkus spent his imprisonment he was passed across the galaxy between penal colonies and it wasn't till he got to an Imperial penal asteroid that he was forgotten about and left to rot. Becoming Prisoner 1000427605 he was the only Chiss on the whole asteroid and thus had to break his xenophobia of other races. At first he secluded himself from the other prisoners as he thought they were still beneath him, even after his crime and lowered social status. Many looked at Arkus inquisitively due to his weird colour of skin and that many had not travelled to the Unknown regions of space and encountered the Chiss, making Arkus a victim of abuse. Slowly Arkus sought to befriend even the lowest of species within the prison and started to share a cell with a rough, bewildered female Kiffar named Atla Lukra. Being cautious at first towards the Kiffar, he learnt that she was a disgruntled civilian who had settled on a Imperial planet and so joined the Rebel Alliance where she got captured and sent to rot away in the penal colonies of the Empire. As days became months and months became years Arkus developed a fond view of Atla Lukra and her plight against the Galactic Empire, which grew his hatred towards the xenophobic dictatorship and this did make Arkus chuckle due to its irony with his distaste to other species. Seeing and physically taking first-hand the abuse of the penal colony guards and staff his view of the Empire became immovable to the point he would not set foot in their space again unless it was to cause an act of hurt towards 'it'.

Not much else is known about his imprisonment at the penal colonies and there is much confusion to how or why he was released, many claim it was down to his records being lost within his transfers between each colony and thus when having an annual medical check up the attending physician believed he was wrongly imprisoned and petitioned for his release. The day of his release from the penal colony where he spent the majority of his imprisonment he was twenty four. Arkus was not to forget the female Kiffar he had developed affection for and vowed that one day they would meet again whether under good or bad circumstances, so Arkus was transported off the colony back towards the Unknown Regions to Csilla but he would not exactly make it there straight away.

Rags to Chiss

Sometimes transportation captains use the Hutt hyperlanes to reach destinations faster and without government checks on their cargo - which includes illegal people to illegal cargo, but these are often ripe with pirates and raiders wanting to earn the easy credit through violence. Unbeknownst to Arkus who was enjoying the luxury of the cantina and its exotic dancers the captain of the Rising Star chose to take a Hutt hyperlane and it was not long before several pirate vessels were waiting for him to exit the hyperlane to his first stop. Minutes upon exiting the pirates had not only disabled the engines but boarded the vessel and quickly subdued the security, forcing the captain to a surrender. Merely seizing an opportunity to make capital by using the pirates as a mere tool by joining them - due to having no wealth on Csilla, he would slowly rebuild what his father once had. It was not easy to join the pirates who had captured the Rising Star and Arkus was put through a series of trials which included kidnapping, extortion and robbery on back water planets which no one really cared about except the Hutts. This was not his best move against the Hutts however. Due to his need to rebuild what he lost in his youth led him to the theft of his most prized starship, the D5-Mantis Patrol Craft Ch'itt'tan Vin'imti, where he would start to ascend back on the path to which his father placed him on. Realising he no longer needed the pirates for his goals he decided it was time to cut them loose and to stop any reprisals against him from the other members Arkus sold them out to the local Hutt cartel in the system they operated. Both this and letting the Hutts take every asset the pirates owned except for his own cleared the debt and bounty he had built up over the years with the Hutts to null and void, thus he departed for Csilla. The journey back to where it all started was a frightening ordeal, it was the Year 16 Day 358 and Arkus was fearing major changes to his homeworld from its occupation of the Old Republic to the New Republic and the several rising of the Chiss Ascendancy, Csilla's rightful government. He, Arkus had grown into what he believed was his father and was different from the boy he was years ago who only wanted wealth above all else, when it was power which made the decisions in life. Often he would wonder about that fruitful, young Kiffar he left behind in the dank cell in the Outer Rim, but it slipped his mind too often enough as well.

Csilla, the harsh and cold atmosphere soon hit Ch'itt'tan Vin'imti's sensors and was being redirected to the closest warren starport and with a strong blizzard throwing itself across the landscape Arkus had to rely on his sensors to find his way to the surface. It was not long however upon docking at the starport that Arkus was contacted by Prard`aga Rono who greeted him to Csilla and asked him to endeavor on a course with destiny, to join the revived Chiss Ascendancy and rebuild what was once lost. It did not take much convincing for Arkus to agree and soon as he had touched the ground of Csilla, he left to join the Chiss Ascendancy. He supported Aristocra Reius Rothschild's efforts to grow and rebuild the Ascendancy.