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Atticus Danny Ocean

Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Rosalina Sierra Ocean
Father Eriksen Jasper Ocean
Marital Status Single
Languages Galactic basic, Kiffu
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 190cm
Weight 92kg
Hair Color Dark Brown/Gray
Eye Color Dark Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun




Rosaline Sierra Ocean became pregnant with Atticus whilst she, and her husband Eriksen, were on the run from Ketar the Hutt, whom they owed a large debt. After realizing that they would not be able to pay the Hutt back, the couple fled from their homeworld of Alderaan whilst Rosaline was midway through her pregnancy, bouncing from planet to planet, never staying in one location for too long. Towards the final stages of pregnancy, it became too hard to constantly relocate and the couple agreed that it would be in their best interests to settle down. They made a life on the planet of Kiffex, in a small hut at the edge of a large city.

Childhood/Teenage Years

The story of Atticus Ocean's childhood was rather normal, for the first six years of his life, Atticus grew up like a any other child. He made friends with other children who lived nearby, he went to pre-school, he learnt the native tongue of Kiffu and was taught how speak and write in Galactic basic by his parents. At the age of seven, Atticus was enrolled in the city's local primary school. At first his parents were worried that being outsiders, or as the locals called it "Austerder", their son would be mistreated and bullied by the local children, this was not the case as Atticus quickly rose in popularity amidst the other children. He was a very charismatic and energetic child, he had the ability to draw others in and motivate them.

At the age of eleven, Atticus started playing Boloball, becoming quite adept at it in his first couple of months. By the age of fifteen he was his schools team captain and even led his side to the national championship finals, where they won in comfortable style thanks to Ocean's leadership. The trophy had his name engraved on it and to this day still stands tall at his schools trophy cabinet. He finally decided that he wanted to shift his focus on the wider galaxy, to travel the stars and expand his knowledge on that of which was still unknown to him.

For the next couple of years Atticus started studying the art of starship piloting, beginning small with fighters and gunboats which he very easily got the hang of, mastering advanced maneuvers in less than three months, after which he moved onto freighters and corvettes, which he studied intensely for six months until he could perfect all of the ships available to him.

Along the way, Atticus met a beautiful young lady by the name of Alexia Nash'ta, whom he instantly got along with. The two grew closer as the months went by, it started innocently as simple classmates learning how to fly together, however this quickly evolved into Ocean's first serious relationship. The two were inseparable, they were like a match made by the Force itself, they put ship training on hold for the next few months, spending time together and becoming closer. Disaster struck however, when Alexia learnt that her mother, who was working offworld on Corruscant for the Galactic Empire, had become fatally ill and only had a year to live. Her father decided that they needed to spend her mothers last moments with her and informed Alexia that they would be leaving Kiffex. The news was devastating to Atticus, for a while he refused to speak to anyone, choosing only to work on his ship piloting skills which was really just a way for him to distract himself from his recent loss.

Atticus spent the next twelve twelve months obtaining a license which would allow him to pilot frigates and capital ships, it was the final stage of his starship training which proved to be the most difficult. The technology was so advanced and the equipment was so complicated that Atticus struggled for quite a few months before finally getting the hang of it. Towards the end of his training, Atticus was invited to experiment a new model simulator which represent the command center of a Super Star Destroyer. It would be his first attempt at piloting a super capital ship so his instructor gave him a month of lessons before the simulation commenced. When the time finally came, Atticus believed he was ready, he had done everything he could to prepare in the short time he was handed. The test went on for seven hours, starting from simple movement and ended with a full scale combat simulation. After many hours of struggling, the simulation was completed and Atticus was told to go home and that his results would be delivered within a couple of weeks.

Exactly two weeks after completing the simulation, Atticus received a notification on his holocron. It went as follows:

Dear Mr. Ocean,

Your performance in our simulation has been observed by our military tacticians in charge of the procedure and I am pleased to inform you that we would like to offer you a place in The College of Space Warfare at the Imperial Academy.

We are eager to hear your response and look forward to working with you in the near future.