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Benjamin Najman
Biographical Information
Race Herglic
Homeworld Giju (Nominal)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Giju, Year Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.30 meters
Weight 190
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation The eXiles, Koensayr Manufacturing
Rank 2nd In Command

'Benjamin Najman' is currently the Second in Command of Koensayr Manufacturing, The eXiles, production faction located south east of the galaxy. He is last remaining Patriarch of the Herglic House Of Najman.


Early Years

Lord Benjamin Najman was born on Giju to Lord William Najman head of the House of Najman, and Lady Margaret Najman, both who were Herglic. When Benjamin was 7 years old the Galactic Empire was invading the Herglic Space. The Galactic Empire sent a small fleet to Whelori, while the small fleet was enroute Benjamin's father William joined the navy to go defend Whelori, and was killed in action leading his fighter squadron against the Empire. Margaret, had young Benjamin Najman sent away with an escort to the Rannon system. In the Rannon system Benjamin attended The eXiles Academy on the planet Rannon. While attending the academy Benjamin studied trade, metallurgy, and weapons. Also the team captain of the Academy' shockball team, where has was on the All-Rannon system team three out of four years. Benjamin later learned that he set the single season record for most goals (13) in a twelve game season. He also owns the school record for most career goals in the Rannon System (54).

Life After The Academy

Benjamin shortly joined The eXiles after he was offered a position with Koensayr Manufacturing straight from the academy. He wasn't sure this was the path that he wanted to take. One of the main factors in the decision was that The eXiles are a member of the Galactic Alliance and one day he plans to avenge the death of his father. Shortly after being placed in Koensayr Manufacturing, Ben was promoted to Second in Command of Koensayr Manufacturing where he is in charge of the Instrop Sector.

Instrop Sector Overseer

Shortly after being employed with Koensayr Manufacturing, Ben was given the Overseer position in charge of all production in the Instrop Sector. The population of the Instrop Sector at the time was 87,985,847,731. Including the following five systems: Dagu, Partold, Rannon, Venedlia, Vlemeth Port. A total of 14 Planets, 6 Moons, 2 Asteroid Fields, and over 120 stations.