Cirina Moretti

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Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
House House Amals
Mother Moretti'tan'nasso
Father Moretti'visi'nasso
Marital Status Married
Children Moretti'vai'nasso†
Age 25 Galactic Standard Years
Born Year -2 Day 55
Languages Fluent:
  • Cheunh
  • Sy
  • Bisti
  • Minnisiat
  • Basic


  • Kiffu
  • Chagri
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 59kg (130 lbs)
Coloring Blue
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation
  • Black Sun
    • Bsaward-tc-01.png Taspir Campaign
Signature Ciri-sig.png

Cirina Byrch, born Moretti'ciri'nasso and often known outside of Chiss space as Cirina Moretti, is a female Chiss from the planet Csilla. She formerly served in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force after graduating from Csaplar Academy on her home planet, and later left Csilla and joined Black Sun's collective before becoming Chief Executive Officer of Moretti Industries and then being named Director of One Sith Excavation Services, the nationalized mining branch of the Order of the One Sith.

Her current status is unknown.


The ice-covered planet of Csilla, homeworld of the Chiss and Cirina's birthplace.

Early Life on Csilla

Moretti'ciri'nasso was born to Moretti'visi'nasso and Moretti'tan'nasso in the city of Csaplar, capital of the remote Chiss homeworld Csilla. The planet's environment was dangerously cold to most beings, and much like the majority of native Chiss, Cirina and her family resided deep underground in the warmest reaches of the ice-covered world where advanced heating technology helped to make their home hospitable. Her family was largely involved in military matters throughout Csilla and the rest of Chiss space, though some opted for a more bureaucratic lifestyle instead. Her extended family offered generals, admirals, politicians, civil servants and everything in-between, all fiercely loyal to Chiss tradition and their way of life. Cirina's ambitions however, reached beyond the limits of Chiss space.

The young Chiss was an avid and enthusiastic student throughout her education. She excelled in her studies and always strove for nothing less than her very best, though this was unsurprising given her family's encouragement and lofty expectations. In particular, Cirina developed a deep interest in history, not just of her own people, but of the lager galaxy around them outside of the confines of Chiss space. Many of her peers saw her as something of an oddity for such fascinations, given the typical isolationist nature of most other Chiss, and of the Ascendancy's government at the time. Yet she wished to learn of the races and cultures that she had only heard whispers of on Csilla, to traverse the farthest reaches of unknown space and experience everything that the rest of the galaxy might have to offer her. Much of her family viewed her interest in alien history and culture with disdain, yet this did not deter Cirina from continuing with her studies.

After adolescence Cirina attended one of the planet's most prestigious institutions, Csaplar Academy, to study history. Though she worked with remarkable diligence and enjoyed learning the plentiful history of Csilla and other Chiss frontier worlds, she was nevertheless disappointed with the lack of focus and depth her studies seemed to give to the greater galaxy outside of Chiss space. Ancient empires and far-off civilizations remained a constant allure for her, and Cirina's wanderlust only continued to grow as time passed. She graduated with honors upon earning a high-level degree in ancient history, and though she wished to further her pursuit of knowledge, family tradition dictated that she she begin a period of service within the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force (CEDF), the military branch of the Chiss Ascendancy. Though it was not her ideal choice of career path, Cirina also did not wish to disappoint her family and knew that military serves would placate them for the time being given their prior adversity to her galaxy-venturing ambitions, and might perhaps provide an adequate distraction from her enthrallment to exploration and knowledge.

CEDF military exercises on Csilla.

Service in the CEDF

Even in spite of her initial reluctance, Cirina quickly found her feet as a promising young recruit during the harsh, intense training atop the ice wastelands of Csilla. She followed in the footsteps of much of her family, having little trouble proving her worth within the chain of the command and earning the respect and trust of her fellow soldiers and superior officers as her combat skills continued to be honed. Upon completing her training she was assigned to the CEDF's colony defense division, as part of a task force dedicated to protecting citizens from hostile threats across the entirety of Chiss territory, namely pirates and raiders that sought to terrorize and exploit those who could not defend themselves.

Defending her people was a worthy cause in Cirina's mind, yet still she could not shake off her continuing appetite for exploration, and her desire to learn of the galaxy's secrets. It only proved more difficult to contain her wanderlust the more she saw of other worlds, and during the rare encounters she experienced with alien species foreign to her. Eventually these aspirations for knowledge grew too great to effectively ignore, and after a short stint within the military she ultimately departed the CEDF to pursue the path her heart truly wanted. Her father and the majority of her family made no secret of their disappointment in Cirina's decision to pre-preemptively end her military service, though her mother supported her most. Cirina's dedication and determination to pursue her desires among the stars was enough to convince her mother to give the young woman her blessing to venture off-world and see the rest of the galaxy and everything it had to offer, on the condition she eventually return back home to Csilla.

Cirina in early Year 19, shortly after joining the Black Sun Collective.

Black Sun

Cirina wasted little time in experiencing as much of what the galaxy had to offer her as she could. Shortly after her departure from Chiss space, she found herself associating with the industrial syndicate, Black Sun in early Year 19. She found herself attracted to the diversity present in the government's leadership, employees and citizens, who came from all manner of backgrounds and races, many of whom Cirina had never encountered before. It sated her desire for a change in scenery, as well as her wishes to discover more and learn of the galaxy's many inhabitants. Cirina was a part of the Collective's Ministry of Defense, applying her skills learned during her CEDF military service to use protecting Black Sun space and expanding its territories. Though she felt like an outsider at first, struggling to adjust to life outside her home, the Chiss found herself soon befriending a number of her colleagues, including Darin Byrch, a Chagrian in the order's organization of force wielders and Kiffar Amelia Kolczynski, a Consigliere on Black Sun's advisory committee. Cirina and Amelia quickly developed a romantic relationship with one another and were soon after engaged to be married, before being swiftly wed at Amelia's behest.

The couple were married in a small, traditional Kiffar wedding on Amelia's homeworld of Kiffex on Year 19, Day 223. The ceremony was attended by close friends and family, along with many of their Black Sun colleagues. During the proceedings Cirina formally joined her wife's Kiffar clan, Nah`utal, with the ceremony overseen by her wife's cousin, Draelor Nah`utal. Following their honeymoon, the newlyweds made plans to start a family together and after undergoing specialized medical and genetic procedures, Amelia was soon carrying their daughter.

Yet this period of newfound peace and happiness did not go without conflict for long. Controversy mired Amelia's place within Black Sun after disagreements with a number of the Family Council's Vigos came to a head and the Kiffar attempted to flee the organization. During the chaos and confusion, Cirina found herself trapped aboard a Black Sun ship without a word from any of her superiors and feared for her own safety, given the precarious position her wife found herself in. Not wishing to be used as a hostage, the Chiss was rescued from the vessel by Dex Sehrin, a friend of Amelia's, and reluctantly resigned from Black Sun knowing that her wife would more than likely have a warrant issued for her arrest for leaving the Family in an unauthorized manner. The two of them quickly found refuge in the Asher system, away from the potential threat of retaliation from Black Sun members seeking retribution against Amelia.

Amelia Kolczynski and Cirina attending a Black Sun gathering together in Year 19.
Cirina in Year 20.

Moretti Industries

After her departure from Black Sun, Cirina began to branch out and experience new things. With Amelia's tutelage and guidance she took up hunting, mostly for sport, and found herself able to enjoy indulging in her fascination for history by venturing out to distant systems in search of ancient artifacts and long-forgotten temples that gave a glimpse into what life was like in the galaxy's past. Cirina got her first proper opportunity to meet and mingle with the galaxy's many beings as well when she attented the Sixth Uli Memorial Swap Meet with her wife. She relished the chance to both meet new people and catch up with friends she'd made when she was a part of Black Sun's Collective.

Though Cirina was still trying to find her own footing and decide her place in the galaxy, on Day 286 her wife Amelia started her own recycling business with Chrii'kkt Raas as part of the Galactica Group, called Raas-Moretti Industries. Cirina assisted her wife on occasion with her work, though tended to mostly keep to herself for the majority of her time so that she could indulge in her studies and hunt to her heart's content. At the end of Year 19, on Day 360, Cirina learnt that Amelia had been killed as part of a hostile takeover of RMI. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel and droids to save their unborn daughter Vaina, she was born far too prematurely and did not survive. She successfully managed to wrestle control back from the conspirators responsible for the coup though, and assumed the role of the company's new Chief Executive Officer. The victory rang hollow for Cirina however, as she was still faced with having to come to terms with her recent personal losses.

The Chiss retreated into seclusion as she mourned the loss of her family, rarely seen in public and spending most of her time isolated aboard her primary flagship, the Ardent-Class ship 'Tucan'si'. She struggled to socialize, growing weary of the cruelty the galaxy seemed to harbor. In time though, she began to slowly come out of her shell. Part way through Year 20 she grew closer to her friend Darin Byrch, whom she'd originally met and befriended during her time in the Black Sun Collective. Despite the sorrow and grief that still clouded Cirina, she took a leap of faith in her attempts to move past the tragedy and began dating the Chagrian. The couple married on New Year's Eve of Year 20 in a small private ceremony.

Cirina in Year 21.

Order of the One Sith

On Day 115 of Year 21, Cirina made the decision to close Moretti Industries and formally became part of the Order of the One Sith led by her husband, heading up their mining faction, One Sith Extraction Services shortly after from Day 126. She felt ecstatic to be working alongside her husband and friends she had made in the Order, though this position lasted only until the Order's collapse on Day 212 following an attempted internal coup by members of the Order's leadership, Morgan Sathel and Kaze Zill, in which the One Sith lost control of their base of operations on Venaari and much of the group's assets. The events left Cirina disheartened given her previous tragedies, but she was at least relieved that this time no blood was shed or lives lost.

Cirina once more retreated from the galaxy at large afterwards, spending a few months in seclusion aboard the 'Tucan'si' and struggling to regain her trust for others after so many betrayals had befallen her and her loved ones. The peace and quiet was ideal for the Chiss, as prior to the One Sith's dissolution she and her husband had made the decision to start a family together and successfully conceived a child through genetic manipulation and cloning technology. Recently she has begun to climb out of her shell once more, attempting to figure out her next move and holding onto the hope that her luck might finally begin to change with the impending arrival of her child and future career prospects.

Other Information

Cirina with her husband, Darin Byrch, aboard the Veltraa-Class Cruiser 'Cardinal Sin'.


Cirina stands at around average height for a Chiss, measuring 1.7 meters. Weighing 59 kilograms, her build appears lean and spry, kept healthy and well-toned through frequent training. Her exercises prioritize cardio over muscular strength, as Cirina finds a nimbler build to be more beneficial and effective for her in combat situations. Her skin coloration is the blue hue typical of Chiss, the tone and shade shifting depending on the level of oxygen in her environment. Her crimson-tinted eyes are another trademark Chiss feature and much like her skin similar changes can occur to the color at different oxygen levels. Cirina's jet-black hair usually hangs just below her shoulders, though on occasion it has been seen to be either longer or shorter when the Chiss desires a change in appearance.

Personal Life

Cirina tends to keep much of her personal life private from the public eye. In early Year 19 she began a relationship with fellow Black Sun co-worker Amelia Kolczynski. The couple were soon engaged, and their marriage lasted from Year 19, Day 223 until Amelia's death on Day 360. The pair were expecting a daughter, though she did not survive her premature birth following Amelia's murder.

She is now married to the Chagrian Darin Byrch, after he proposed to her midway through Year 20 before they wed months after on Day 365. Cirina is a frequent presence aboard his Veltraa, 'Cardinal Sin', and the couple seem practically inseparable from one another. They are currently expecting their first child, due in early Year 22.

Hobbies and Interests

Cirina takes great interest in subjects like history and culture, especially surrounding other species. Growing up with the isolationist Chiss only fueled the woman's desire to learn and experience the traditions of other races in the galaxy, whether it be through ancient artifacts and relics or studying the storied histories of the countless races and empires to have inhabited known space.

She is not known to be a heavy drinker, only indulging herself in the occasional glass of wine or spirits during social occasions. As such, it is not often that the Chiss is spotted around the galaxy's various nightclubs and taverns, preferring a quiet night in perusing a book to ostentatious events and boisterous music.

Galactic Politics

Cirina takes a largely neutral stance on the politics of the galaxy at large, but her primary stance is of Chiss prosperity and expansion. She hopes that her people can work with the rest of the galaxy's inhabitants to bolster and better both themselves and others, making themselves larger presence on the galactic stage.

Religious Beliefs