Daisuke Haines

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Daisuke Haines
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar (birth), Togorian (later)
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Nicholas Haines (Deceased Year 10 Day 66), Natsuki Haines (Deceased), Tatyana Haines (Deceased), Nalia Haines, Torin Haines, Noelle Haines
Children Unknown
Born Year -14 Day 32 (28)
Died Year 15
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.7 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
"I fight only for what I believe in... for no one's sake. Only for what's deep in my heart I sail amongst the stars..."
— Daisuke Haines

As a youth, Daisuke was raised on the rolling plains of Kiffex. Born into an isolated rural community, Daisuke spent most of his early years herding nerfs and tending to farmland; the great galactic cities and wonders were all worlds away. This seemingly simple upbringing crafted Daisuke into a fierce warrior, as the area around his home began to become plagued by incessant attacks from creatures and privateers. Entirely self-taught in the arts of combat, Daisuke began to be relied on more and more to repel the raids. He was also increasingly and thoroughly convinced of his ability to manipulate the Force, finding it a mysterious ally whenever he was called upon to fight. It was this quality which laid the foundations for Daisuke's later life, as he traveled the cosmos in search of unlocking the deeper facets of the mystical Force. Daisuke eventually resolved to leave his home, traveling hundreds of kilometers on foot to reach the nearest major population centre – with only instinct and curiosity to guide him.

The birth of Daisuke's career started with Thyrsus Sun Guards. Here, he was hired as an unofficial bodyguard for Magnus Plaga, his sister Natsuki's husband. Among his duties as a guard he spent many days intensely studying the Force and meditating with Natsuki (also Force sensitive) in a palace on Ketaris, where they were in hiding. All seemed well for several month, until, while working off-world alongside Magnus, Natsuki barely survived a Black Sun assassination attempt.

Soon after the attack, his sister and her husband were crippled by paranoia. Distancing themselves from Daisuke made it painfully obvious that they were accusing him of negligence in his duties, and that they were blinded by fear. Unable to shake the paranoia from them, and growing sick of the finger-pointing, Daisuke left the Sun Guards for pastures anew. Soon after his departure, Natsuki Haines committed suicide. Having lost both Daisuke and Natsuki the Sun Guards were left almost wholly defenseless. Magnus, while making an effort to reconcile with past enemies, lost his life to the Mandalorian Kai Oryk. Leaderless, the remaining members went their separate ways - ending the Thyrsus Sun Guards as a meaningful group.