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Greyson Abrams
(Jik'Tal D'nec)
Biographical Information
Born Jik'Tal D'nec
Year -11 Day 164 (age 30)
Jundland Wastes, Tatooine
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Father Maliki D'nec
Mother Aaquilae D'nec
Languages Jawaese
Religion Alissma
Spouse Cyia`vet Avita (m. Y18)
Alma Mater Consortium State College (MS)
Ayafa Medical University (PhD)
Scientific Career
Fields Internal Medicine
Neurological Surgery
Institutions Ayafa Medical University
Nightshade Institute for Biological Studies
White Bear Institute for Biomedical Research
Thesis The Impact of Technology in the Field of Medicine (Y8)
Doctoral Advisor Vee Null
Notable Students Hondo Walker
Rick Fias
Influences Vee Null
Ximaro Jix
Xakic Jix
Spree Razzix
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1 Meter
Weight 23 kg
Eye Color Bright Yellow
Hair Color Dark Grey
Galactic Standing
Prefix Identifier BTN
Social Status Criminal Industrialist
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Title(s) Director of Administration
Chief Physician to the Defiler's Circle
Prior Affiliation NexCore Mining Corporation
Robca Real E`state
Raging Banthas
Trade Federation
"May you always find shade from the sun and shelter from the storm."
— Ancient Jawa Farewell

Greyson Abrams (born Year -11 Day 164) is a Jawa virologist, geneticist, biotechnologist, politician, and businessman, best known for his leadership roles throughout the galaxy and his work on the structure of the Metamorphosis Virus. He served as second-in-command of the Zann Consortium government from mid-Year 16 to late Year 18 and is currently the Director of Administration for the Zann Consortium government. He has trained many doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, several of whom have gone on to notable and distinguished research careers.

From Year 11 to Year 13, Abrams was on the faculty of the Ayafa Medical University biology department, promoting research in molecular biology. In Year 12 he served as director of the Nightshade Institute for Biological Studies (NIBS), significantly expanding its level of funding and research. At NIBS, he shifted his research emphasis to the study of virology, along with making it a sector leading research center in molecular biology. In late Year 15, he was appointed the chancellor, serving until he resigned in early Year 16 after making some controversial comments claiming a link between intelligence and race. In late Year 16, he started as second-in-command to the Zann Consortium local government where he served for two years. He was then appointed Chairman and CEO of the NexCore Mining Corporation. In mid-Year 19, Nexcore closed its doors and Greyson returned to Zann Consortium once more.

Along with the freedom allowed with his position within the galactic government, he was generously granted the White Bear Institute on Ord Vaxal to perform experiments and research in early Year 19.

Abrams is also currently appointed as the personal physician to the Krestviniic and Kominiic of the Zann Consortium government.

Early Life and Education

Greyson Abrams was born on Day 164 of Year -11 at 01:00:00 Combine Galactic Time in the dark, cluttered corridors of his D`nec clan's Sandcrawler on Tatooine. His parents often told him that as soon as he was born, he went right to work taking apart droids and collecting scrap.

Growing up, Abrams was entirely different than the average Jawa who roamed the deserts. As a youth, he became increasingly restless and yearned to leave his homeworld and travel the galaxy. Abrams spent most of his childhood and adolescence sitting atop one of his clan's massive sandcrawlers, examining the stars and wondering what wonders might await him should he leave Tatooine and venture into unknown territories.

After spending many restless and dull years on Tatooine, Abrams was presented with an opportunity to leave forever. Jawas typically made their living by traveling around the deserts of their homeworld, scavenging damaged or abandoned droids, which they would patch up and sell on to the local moisture farmers. Their wares were rarely up to scratch, though unhappy farmers were usually unable to complain, as the Jawas departed in their sandcrawlers almost immediately after a sale.

One such disgruntled farmer managed to find the Jawas who had sold him a faulty droid-- it had exploded, damaging one of the moisture vaporators which were essential to his survival on the parched planet. Incensed, the man demanded that the Jawas compensate him, though the clan refused. Unable to hold back his fury, the moisture farmer attacked them. After several Jawas were killed and his tribe fleeing for safety, Abrams developed a plan. He quickly found another (knowingly) faulty droid and presented it to the farmer free of charge. The man, sated, gladly accepted the droid but wanted to check it for flaws first personally. As the man approached the droid, a faulty power cell caused a cascading failure. The resulting explosion heavily damaged the droid and sent razor-sharp shrapnel directly towards the farmer, killing him instantly. This first detonation would be one that would send him down the path with his obsession with explosions forever.

Undergraduate Years

Originally, Abrams had applied to Phu Sector University but was denied acceptance lack of financial responsibility and lack of credible references.

Abrams, instead, began his university education at Consortium State College on Ord Vaxal in Year 5 at the age of 16. For the first six months, he was bored and lonely – he found the academic work “ridiculously easy.” His physics tutor later said, “It was only necessary for him to know that something could be done, and he could do it without looking to see how other people did it.”

Although he was an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories, he did not do well in business classes in college and avoided taking math. His grades during his first two years put him in the lower one-fifth of the class. During his sophomore year, he reportedly spent much of his time watching the HoloNet, gambling, and occasionally smoking ryll. In his junior and senior years, he became more involved with his studies. In his senior year, he took a class in neuroscience which sparked his interest in the medical field and other health issues. Abrams earned an A on his thesis “The Impact of Technology in the Field of Medicine” and graduated with an A.B. cum laude mid-Year 8.

Ayafa Medical University

Abrams entered Ayafa Medical University in late Year 8, and at first struggled academically, doing so poorly on his first set of comprehensive exams that his faculty adviser recommended he drop out of medical school or take a reduced academic load and take longer to finish. He continued with a regular academic load, purchased his first protocol droid, and his grades improved to average in his first year of medical school. By his second year of medical school, Abrams began to excel academically by seldom attending lectures and instead, studying text archives and lecture notes all hours of the day. Abrams graduated from Ayafa Medical University with an M.D. in Year 11.

Abrams served one year as a surgical intern and three years as a molecular biology resident, completing the final year as chief resident in Year 15. He then spent one year as Senior Registrar in neurosurgery at the Consortium State Hospital on Ord Vaxal.

Career and Research

Raging Banthas

Abrams had saved his clan from certain death but was punished accordingly for breaching the Jawa way of non-violence. Though he had rescued his clan, Abrams was banished and sentenced to make his way to civilization. A bitter Abrams took his only worldly possessions, as well as what meager credits he had and walked out into the desert not knowing quite what to expect.

He eventually made his way to Mos Eisley and spent what credits he had bartering and drinking in the local cantina. Lost, Abrams was desperately seeking an idea for a new life when his childhood dream came to him.

After contacting Galactic Rescue Ops, arranging for transport off of Tatooine, and spending some time drifting through the galaxy he decided his calling was building starships. In Galactic Year 13, he found a particular company named Nova Demons, though while they accepted him into their organization, they shortly after that merged with one of their brother companies named Raging Banthas. Loosely tied with the Dark Star Hellions swoop and the mercenary gang, the company provided vehicles, items, and mining equipment to the galaxy. After the merger his new employer, Xakic Jix of Raging Banthas, had Abrams start the glorious and humble position of transporting cargo and raw materials.

After several months of being a long-hyper hauler, getting to know his co-workers, and being helpful wherever possible, Abrams was promoted into an advisory and lower administrative role. Though it didn't have an official title, Abrams had his hands in construction, sales, logistics, and trade. He was very often seen negotiating transactions with clients and always expanding the company's horizons. Although thoughts of his home and his clan remained with him, he was happy to be doing what he felt he was born to do.

Trade Federation

Chief Flight Sgt Abrams
Greyson abrams ava.png

When Raging Banthas closed its doors in Year 14, he desperately searched the Holonet for another company who was hiring for sentients. At long last, he found the Trade Federation and on Day 300 of Year 14, he was accepted as a Cadet. Wanting a change of pace from the administrative roles he had functioned in for the last year, he applied for entry into the Ministry of Defense being the first of his species entering for a Ministry of Defense role. He spent many hours of intense studying and research before finally completing the Academy exam and passing with flying colors. He was immediately accepted into the Ministry of Defense as an E-2 and set right to work on being the best soldier he could be, all the while remembering the events that lead him to this point with his clan and the farmer. Abrams had aspirations of becoming Minister of Defense some day for his government and becoming the first of his kind in government for the Trade Federation.

During this period with the Trade Federation, Abrams spent time transporting ships across the galaxy, flying sorties against enemy combatants, and participating in large-scale sector scanning for new, undiscovered worlds. Towards the beginning of Year 15, he was contacted through an anonymous message to see if he was willing to conduct espionage against the Trade Federation. Although not unhappy with the Trade Federation, the slow government procedures and the entire structured life of an officer wasn't directly appealing. Abrams accepted the espionage offer.

About mid-year 15, there was a plot uncovered that Abrams might have been involved in illicit activities with the Trade Federation. Without hours of this discovery, Abrams had put in his notice of termination, returned his company provided ships and fled Trade Federation territory to avoid detection and capture. It was from here he officially joined the group that had contracted him to conduct espionage; Zann Consortium.

His final rank in the Trade Federation was E-5 Chief Flight Sergeant with two medals earned:

Award Date Accomplishment Notes
Ss l1.png Year 14 Security Specialist Lvl 1 [SS-L1]
GCA L1.png Year 14 Good Conduct Award [GCA] Awarded by (then) Viceroy Jacob Jansen

Kurran, Drakko, and the Phage Group

Initially, Abrams was drawn into molecular biology by the work of Vee Null. Vee eventually shared his work on the Kurran-Drakko experiment, which concerned the nature of genetic mutations. He was part of a distributed group of researchers who were making use of the viruses that infect bacteria, called bacteriophages. He and Suk Kurran were among the leaders of this new "Phage Group," an essential movement of geneticists studying experiments such as AV0750 towards microbial genetics.

The Phage Group was the intellectual medium where Abrams became a working scientist. Importantly, the members of the Phage Group sensed that they were on the path to discovering the physical nature of the gene. In Year 14, he attended a bilateral conference on Coruscant hosted by the Trade Federation on the work of what was then known as the Great Animosity Plague that included the conventional view of the time, that the Plague were proteins and able to replicate themselves. The other major molecular component of chromosomes, DNA, was widely considered to be a "stupid tetranucleotide," serving only a structural role to support the proteins. However, even at this time, Abrams, under the influence of the Phage Group, was aware of the Semper-Luz experiments which suggested that the Plague could be used to deliver foreign genetic material at will.

The experiments included the use of radioactive phosphate as a tracer to determine which molecular components of the Plague particles could infect the target DNA during viral infection. The intention was to determine whether protein or DNA was the genetic material, but upon consultation with House Arkoh, they concluded that their results were inconclusive and could not accurately identify the newly labeled molecules as DNA. Abrams never developed a constructive interaction with Vee Null, but he did accompany Vee to a meeting on Naboo where Abrams saw Xucphra talk about their x-ray diffraction data for DNA. Abrams now was confident that DNA had a definite molecular structure that could be elucidated.

In Year 17, Con Semper and Paul Luz published their model of the amino acid alpha helix, a result that grew out of the original work for AV0750. This model would eventually become to known as AV0790 in use for the Semper Procedure.

Theory of Consciousness

The first of Abrams technical books, The Mindful Brain (Year 16), develops his theory of Neural Evolution, which is built around the idea of plasticity in the neural network in response to the environment. The second book, Topobiology (Year 17), proposes a theory of how the original neuronal network of a newborn Human's brain is established during the development of the embryo. The Remembered Present (Year 18) contains an extended exposition of his theory of consciousness.

In his books, Abrams proposed a biological theory of consciousness, based on his studies of the immune system. He explicitly located his method within natural selection, citing the critical tenets of population theory, which postulates that individual variation within species provides the basis for the natural selection that eventually leads to the evolution of new species. He explicitly rejected dualism and also dismissed more current hypotheses such as the so-called 'computational' model of consciousness and intelligence can be explained by natural selection.

Abrams' theory seeks to explain consciousness regarding the morphology of the brain. A newborn Human baby's brain comprises a massive population of neurons and those that survive the initial phases of growth and development will make approximately 100 trillion connections with each other. A sample of brain tissue the size of a match head contains about a billion connections, and if we consider how these neuronal connections might be variously combined, the number of possible permutations becomes hyper-astronomical - in the order of ten followed by millions of zeros. The young brain contains many more neurons that will ultimately survive to maturity, and Abrams argued that this excess capacity is needed because neurons are the only cells in the body that cannot be renewed and because only those cells and networks best adapted to their ultimate purpose will be selected as they organize into neuronal groups.

Zann Consortium

Greyson with Ximaro Jix and The Death Watch Leaders

It was in this role that Abrams started the massive changes that would come to the organization and help lead it into the government that it is today.

Year 15

Terrorists in Coruscant

After joining Zann Consortium officially, he went right back into the work that he had initially been done for Raging Banthas; hauling ships, materials, and any other standard industrialized business that a company might require. As he had served his time in the Trade Federation as an infiltrator, he was officially promoted to the full rank of Defiler and all of the responsibilities that it encompassed. In a private ceremony, he was awarded his red Defiler armor and gear. It is now one of the most prized possessions in his collection.

Having a natural ability for structure and organization, it was no surprise to Abrams that one of his first official duties was to handle The Octagon League (Year 13) takeover and assimilation. In the wake of Gamba Jaboli's assassination, the Octagon League was in a massive state of disorganization. As the New Republic (NR) mourned the apparent enormous loss of one of their beloved associates, Zann Consortium notified the remaining employees that business would try to resume as usual and that most members would not be harmed. Under Abrams' analytical thinking, the company returned to regular activity within three standard galactic days.

Shortly after that, a raid on a Kuat Systems Engineering vehicle storage led to the transfer of ninety-five AT-STs and over a thousand other vehicles to the ownership of Zann Consortium. As the majority of the vehicles were protected by Imperial shields and owned facilities, acquiring these vehicles would be difficult. Instead of waiting for their facilities to be broken into and the raided assets taken, the Galactic Empire chose to recycle the majority of their buildings with the vehicles still inside, destroying any possible chance for recovery.

On Day 177, the man who initially brought him to Zann Consortium, Andy "Vex" Longshot, was executed. He was charged and punished, among many other things, with fueling the incident within the Trade Federation that led to Abrams' sudden retirement and departure from the government. As a testament to the incident, a newscast detailing the event was hacked and broadcasted by Abrams to the Galactic News System on Day 275.[1]

Year 16

Taxing the Rebels

On Day 232, a Defiler inside of the government of the New Republic, posing as an Army 2nd Lt., successfully raided one of the rebel armories. Numerous rebel trooper helmets and uniforms along with E-11b trooper rifles are among the equipment liberated from the supply depot. The Zann agent entered and left without a trace, evading security personnel and surveillance droids. Ximaro Jix later explained to NR officials that the operation was a little taxation on the rebellion for the rebels own attempts to undermine the terrorist network's activities around the galaxy.

On Day 240, a New Republic Intelligence agent by the name of Thrae Claddlyl attempted to lure Ximaro Jix into a trap to assassinate the Zann Consortium leader. He was subdued by a Zann Consortium security team and returned to the New Republic.

On Day 244, Kominiic Abrams of Zann Consortium released a GNS post highlighting the attempted assassination and the supply depot liberation.[2]

The Nightshade Institute

The Nightshade Institute

Abrams became the Director of the Nightshade Institute for Biological Studies (NIBS) in late year 16. Abrams served as the laboratory's director and president for about three years.

In his roles and director and president, Abrams led NIBS to articulate its present-day mission, "dedication to exploring molecular biology and genetics to advance the understanding and ability to diagnose and treat cancers, neurological diseases, and other causes of galactic suffering." NIBS substantially expanded both its research and its science educational programs under Abrams' direction. He is credited with "transforming a small facility into one of the alliance's great educations and research institutions. Initiating a program to study the cause of cancer, scientists under his direction have made major contributions to understanding the genetic basis of cancer."

In early Year 19, Abrams was suspended following criticism on his views on genetic factors relating to intelligence, and a week later, he resigned. In a statement, Abrams attributed his resignation to his age and circumstances that he could never have anticipated or desired.

Year 17

Breathing Apparatus

Triumvirate Coalition's Fallen King

On Day 17, news spread across the galaxy that rebel government Triumvirate Coalition suffered an attack. [3] Intelligence officials along with Coalition forces confirmed that former Consul and King of Triumvirate Rick Fias along with Zann second-in-command Abrams entered the government and looted bank vaults of credits over eleven billion credits. In addition to the credits stolen, Defilers commanded by Abrams changed over ownership paperwork of cities, ships, facilities, raw materials and weapons within Triumvirate territory. Finalizing the attack, Abrams, along with Fias, went on to corrupt the local populace and convinced up to five thousand of the government’s primary workforce along with troops to defect against their government. Zann leader Ximaro Jix was present in the territory assisting with the operation.

The operation happened just days after former Triumvirate Consul Dero Racto got into a heated argument with Ximaro over a neutral aggression pact Ximaro and Zann were trying to establish with Triumvirate to put an end to Zann's continued attacks against the Coalition. Details of the feud between the Consul and former Crime Lord were left unknown. During the looting, Fias announced he was a Defiler, which Ximaro later confirmed via multiple transmissions. Despite the significant physical presence of Zann agents during the assault on the government, neither innocent civilians nor troops of Triumvirate were harmed. Rick went on to explain that any and all citizens found would be taken into custody by Defilers and would be given fair treatment. As Triumvirate Forces rushed to protect their holds, Zann cleared various ships of hostiles in the state's space and was observed present by hundreds of witnesses.

Get Jawa

On Day 140, three enemy sleeper agents confronted Kominiic Abrams attempting a capture. The attempted apprehension contributed to the immediate death of Kyoto Onren, who was taken down by Abrams personally. The other two assassins, A`yala A`dia, and Jax Xanbot, fled the scene but were later captured and killed by additional Zann forces including members from their special security force and Insurgency Cell 3. In the days following the attack, no organizations would claim the attack.

This attack left Abrams scarred and unable to breathe properly on his own without a breathing apparatus. Under advisement from the Zann Consortium Medical Corps, he now wears a modified heavy battle armor suit that can tend to his ongoing medical issues. Although he can survive without the suit and can wear a breathing mask instead, Abrams finds it simpler just to wear the uniform at all times. Abrams hopes that through viral modification of the Metamorphosis Plague, that natural organ regeneration can become one day possible.

Year 19

The White Bear Institute

The White Bear Institute

With a charitable donation by the Zann Consortium, Abrams was asked to help establish a self-governed research institute dedicated to biomedical research. They devised a unique structure of an independent research institute composed of "members" with a close relationship with the Department of Biology at Ayafa Medical University. The White Bear Institute for Biomedical Research (WIBR) was launched with 35 million credits to construct and equip a new building located across the street from Ayafa Medical University. The institute also received 5 million credits per month in guaranteed income and a substantial endowment. Under Abrams' leadership a distinguished group of founding members including Ximaro Jix, Vee Null, Hondo Walker, and Zane Apex. Disciplines range from immunology, genetics, vivisection, torture, biotechnology, and oncology to significant development studies in animals ranging from Mynocks and Banthas to volunteer sentient species willing to help advance medical knowledge.

The groundwork has been laid for future studies such as weapons, engine, metallurgy, and electronics development, research, and testing.

The medical laboratories are dedicated to two primary research areas: understanding the mammalian immune system and creating viral vectors to make the immune system more efficient in resisting cancer. Recognizing the diverse actions of the NF-κB transcription factor is one focus. NF-κB is now known to activate as many as 1000 genes in response to various stimuli. It is also known to play different roles in different cells.

Another focus is understanding the functions of microRNA. MicroRNAs provide acute control over gene expression by regulating the amount of protein made by particular messenger RNAs. In recent research led by Biotech, Abrams' team has discovered a small RNA molecule called microRNA-146a (miR-146a) and bred a strain of mynocks that lacks miR146a. They have used the miR146a(-) mynocks as a model to study the effects of chronic inflammation on the activity of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Their results suggest that microRNA-146a protects HSCs during chronic inflammation and that its lack may contribute to blood cancers and bone marrow failure.

Personal Life

Marriage and Family

Abrams lives on Ord Vaxal with his wife, Cyia`vet Avita. Abrams met his wife at the annual Jawa Swap Meet in Year 18 and married a short time later.

Upon his success in the galaxy, Abrams gathered his entire clan from Tatooine and brought them aboard his flagship, BTN Starcrawler. His whole clan lives and works aboard this ship where they still live out of their Sandcrawlers.


In an interview, Abrams offered his definition of spirituality: "For me, when I say spiritual, I’m referring to a feeling you would have that connects you to the universe in a way that it may defy simple vocabulary. We think about the universe as an intellectual playground, which it surely is, but the moment you learn something that touches an emotion rather than just something intellectual, I would call that a spiritual encounter with the universe." Abrams has argued that many great historical scientists' belief in intelligent design limited their scientific inquiries, to the detriment of the advance of scientific knowledge.

When asked during a question session at Consortium State University if he believed in a higher power, Abrams responded: "Every account of a higher power that I've seen described, of all religions that I've seen, include many statements about the benevolence of that power. When I look at the universe and all the ways the universe wants to kill us, I find it hard to reconcile that with statements of beneficence. So what people are really after is what is my stance on religion or spirituality or Ara, and I would say if I find a word that came closest, it would be agnostic ... at the end of the day I'd rather not be any category at all; but I do believe in Ara. It's conflicting and confusing, but that in itself is the nature of the universe."

Conflicts with Racism

In an undated interview, Abrams talked about being non-human and one of the most visible and well-known scientists in the galaxy. He told a story about being interviewed about a plasma burst from the Coruscant sun, "I'd never before in my life seen an interview with a non-human person on the HoloNet for expertise that had nothing to do with being alien. And at that point, I realized that one of the last stereotypes that prevailed among people who carry stereotypes is that, sort of, 'aliens' are somehow dumb. I wondered, maybe ... that's a way to undermine this sort of, this stereotype that prevailed who's smart and who's dumb. I said to myself, 'I just have to be visible, or others like me, in that situation.' That would have a greater force in society than anything else I could imagine."

In Year 13, at a conference at the Galactic Academy of Sciences, Abrams responded to a question about whether genetic differences might keep sentients from working as scientists. He said that his goal to become a scientist was, "...hands down the path of most resistance through the forces ... of society." He continued: "My life experience tells me, when you don’t find 'aliens' in the sciences when you don’t find women in the sciences, I know these forces are real, and I had to survive them to get where I am today. So before we start talking about genetic differences, you gotta come up with a system where there’s equal opportunity. Then we can start having that conversation."

In a Year 16 interview with Consortium State News, Abrams said that he related his experience on that Year 13 panel to make the point that the scientific question about genetic differences can't be answered until the social barriers are dismantled. "I’m saying before you even have that conversation, you have to be sure that access to opportunity has been level." In that same interview, Abrams said that race is not a part of the point he is trying to make in his career or with his life. According to Abrams, "That then becomes the point of people’s understanding of me, rather than the science. So it’s a failed educational step for that to be the case if you end up being distracted by that and not [getting] the message." He purposefully no longer speaks publicly about race. "I don't give talks on it. I don’t even give GNS reports about it. I decline every single one of them. In fact, since Year 12, I've declined every interview that has my being alien as a premise of the interview."

Research & Development

Abrams is an advocate for expanding the operations of research and development throughout the galaxy. Arguing that "the most powerful concept on the dreams of a galaxy is currently underfunded to do what it needs to be doing." Abrams has suggested that the general public tends to overestimate how much revenue is allocated to the research. At a Year 17 address, referencing the proportion of tax revenue spent on R&D, he stated, "By the way, how much does R&D cost? It's half of one unit. Did you know that? The people are saying, 'Why are we spending money up there...' I ask them, 'How much do you think we're spending?' They say 'five units, ten units on a credit..' It's a half a single unit."

In a public address in Year 18, Abrams advocated:

Right now, Zann Consortium's annual budget is half a unit on your tax credit. For twice that—a unit on a credit—we can transform the galaxy from a sullen, dispirited government, weary of economic struggle, to one where it has reclaimed its rightful birthright to dream of tomorrow.



In Year 17, when questioned on his stance with eugenics, he said, "Through a better understanding of our galaxies' genomes, we can improve upon ourselves and create a unified new race based upon all of the positive traits from all species.. from Abyssian to Zeltron and beyond. There is no reason for entities such as the Empire to prohibit status based on race when we can perfect so-called 'humanity' to a point where the galaxy can be unified. I don't think the galaxy is ready for such race advancement but, perhaps someday we can put such archaic issues aside and unite."

Even after such statements, Abrams believes the Jawa race is 'impure' and must be 'purified.' Abrams has repeatedly supported genetic screening and genetic engineering in public lectures and interviews, arguing that stupidity is a disease and the "really stupid" bottom 10% of people should be cured.

These statements lead to the direct or indirect murder of publically known Jawas in the past such as Uli-ah Gafsa and Grisu Moratom.

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Positions Held

Head of Government (Zann Consortium)
Preceded By:
Xanxus Drol
Greyson Abrams
Year 16 Day 191Year 18 Day 263
Succeeded By:
Kyota Navic

CEO and Chairman (NexCore Mining Corporation)
Preceded By:
Xanxus Drol
Greyson Abrams
Year 18 Day 263Year 19 Day 99
Succeeded By:
Company Dissolved


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