Jason Phanto

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Jason Phanto
Biographical Information
Race Correllian
Homeworld Kamino
Born Y -12 D 185
Languages Galactic Basic, Mandalorian
Religion Manda
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda,
Rank Captain of the Sacred Swords

Captain Jason Phanto is a clone from Kamino. He is the currently leader of the Sacred Swords which is a division of the Royal Archduchy Military Corps.

Jason without his helmet

Year 16

In Year 16 day 196 Jason was accepted into Red Phantom, A group of criminals whose intent was to take whatever they wanted, led by Jor Panoka and Fang Kin.

Year 17

In Year 17 day 104 Jason joined Death Watch as a final wish to his previous boss Fang Kin, Jason also received Fang Kin's position within Red Phantom, alongside Jor Panoka. Jason created and led Allit Ghost from that point on. Eventually Peter Max challenged Jor Panoka to a duel after capturing him, and he successfully murdered Jor Panoka. Shortly after that, Jason decided he no longer wanted any part of Red Phantom and Dissolved the NFG, leaving it only a memory. Jason then served with Death Watch for over a year proving his worth and prowess in combat. One notable battle he was in was the battle on Serroco when DW and TSK fought for supremacy. Shortly after Peter Max died of an unexpected heart attack due to his high blood pressure.

Jason during the battle of Serroco

Year 18

Jason received a promotion to Overlord of Death Watch in Year 18 day 351, his promotion however only lasted for a few hours as, at the same time, Zann Consortium gained control over Death Watch and chose a different leader due to prior history with Jason. Eventually Jason then Joined Krath becoming an intelligence operative.

Year 19

Jason stayed in Krath for many months until unknown complications and instead join the Archduchy of Tolonda, starting as a sergeant-in Arms in Year 19 Day 220. In Year 19 day 350, Jason received a promotion to Captain, and was given command of The Sacred Swords where Jason remains to this day.