Kellen Deming

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Kellen Deming
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Lannik
Mother Anveria Marsero
Father Latro Deming
Born Y -3 D 108 (38)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 205
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Minerax Consulting
Rank Founder and CEO
Prior Affiliation Amitus Corporation

Kellen Deming is one of the brightest stars in the galactic business community. He got his start in the Triumvirate Coalition as a member of their Navy, and honed his business instincts by trading on the galactic market. Eventually, he built up enough capital to fund his own company, Minerax Consulting.


Born on Lannik in year -3 to Latro Deming and Anveria Marsero. Latro Deming was a middle aged hunter, who came to Lannik to lead hunting parties in search of the feared Flejj Beast. During his stay, he met the much younger Anveria, who was just finishing her trade school education and starting as a slicer. Anveria had a knack for business and computers. Latro brought her on to his operation to manage accounts and handle holocommunication. Their relationship quickly became more than professional. The relationship went on for over a year, before Latro left Lannik for Felucia to hunt Acklay. He promised Anveria he would return for her, but it was a promise that would not be kept. He left Anveria three months pregnant with their child. Kellen was born five months later, slightly premature. Even as a premature infant, he was a precocious child. The disappearance of his father forced his mother to work full time. Her slicing talent was obvious so she easily acquired contracts. As Kellen got a little older, she began to take her along with him. Lacking a father, Kellen bonded closely with his mother. It would not be until he reached schooling age that he would even begin to realize the impact of not having a father.

Early Life

As Kellen grew older, he became naturally drawn to sports and physical exercise. His mother, busy with work, had no time to take him to matches or practices. As such, Kellen was unable to participate in any of them. Deprived of these exercises, Kellen threw his energies into school, and computers. He read every holobook that his mother had on working with computers and quickly began to tinker with any droid or computer he could reach. While this propensity did cause a few problems, particularly when he sliced some of the droids at his school to give test answers on prompting, there were far more benefits than negatives. He was able to reprogram damaged droids by age eight, and was able to construct his own nav computers for hyper capable ships by the time he was eleven. He had few friends in this time. The children in school made fun of him for being abandoned by his father and most despised his computer hobby. One of the few who took any interest in the young slicer was a H`nemthean named Rundo Miran. Miran was several years older than Kellen and thus recognized his talents in slicing were valuable. Miran was working part time as a security guard at a small casino near the school they both attended. He frequently brought Kellen to work with him and set the young boy to work looking for flaws in the security systems. Kellen did good work, finding several errors in the security code, including one critical error. Kellen was on his way to being a successful slicer.

Becoming a Man

As Kellen reached his teenage years, his friendship with Rundo Miran got closer. The H`nemthean worked his way through university in security and, upon graduation, decided to open his own security company. When he did so, he brought his old friend Kellen on board as a partner. Rundo would handle the physical aspects of security, Kellen would handle the cyber aspects. Kellen was in business and he had yet to graduate high school. His mother Anveria worried that it would be too much for him, doing school and working as a cyber security expert. Thus, at age sixteen, Kellen abandoned school. This decision caused the first friction between mother and son. However, realizing that Kellen's heart was set on going into business, Anveria gave in. To help her son suceed in this new venture, Anveria taught him everything she could about business and arranged for Kellen to take business classes at the university. Kellen spent three years in security, helping Rundo turn his brainchild into a great and profitable success. Kellen was best man at Rundo's wedding and frequently had the newly wed couple to his apartment. However, it could not last. Rundo was drafted into the Krath Dynasty military. This left the nineteen year old Kellen temporarily in charge of the security company. Unable to handle both the business and security aspect of the business, Kellen brought his mother onboard to help with the business aspect. Anveria brought a calming, stabilizing influence to the company. This situation continued for three years. During the fourth year, word reached Lannik that Rundo had been killed in a skirmish with Black Sun. His widow was devastated. Kellen took the news hard. Rundo was both his best friend and his mentor. Rundo's widow sold her shares of the company to Kellen leaving the security company completely in his control. However the loss of Rundo was too much for Kellen. Going to work every day just reminded him of his lost friend. After a few months, the pressure became too much. Kellen sold the company and left Lannik behind, heading into the galaxy to seek peace.

Triumvirate Coalition

The loss of his friend Rundo haunted Kellen. Escaping Lannik was only part of the solution. The young Kellen had to find a purpose. He made his way across the galaxy, dropping in at various famous momuments or landmarks. Peace, however, eluded. him. He sought out some of the leaders of several galactic religions, seeking a purpose greater than himself. As part of that journey, he made his way to Mirial and spoke with the Council of Elders of the Trikarle faith. While he did not completely commit himself to the Trikarle faith, elements of the faith, particularly the ideas of service to others, became ingrained in his thinking. The idea of combat being limited to a just cause also intrigued him. After leaving Mirial, Kellen spent some time as a freelance slicer on Milius Prime. His interactions with the Diathim, as well as the criminal overlords of the system convinced him that someone needed to do something to rid the galaxy of greedy, selfish criminals. Kellen could not bring himself to return to Lannik and join Krath. Instead, he made his way to Teraab and enlisted in the Triumvirate Coalition military.


Basic training was difficult for Kellen, more so than the others in his training group. His lack of physical exercise as a child severely impeded him as he attempted to keep up, especially during the first few weeks. However, once he overcame this gap, he was on par with many of his training comrades. His skills as a slicer easily promoted him to the top of his class in electronics. Piloting came naturally to him so, upon his graduation from the the Academy, he was appointed to lead a Naval Squadron. His work was exceptional. He received repeated promotions, capping off as a Lieutenant in the Navy. As part of his work, he also spent time as a recruiter and instructor for the Triumvirate Academy. He made an excellent instructor, with many of his recruits passing all the way through training and reaching the Triumvirate ranks. However, deep in his heart, Kellen had a longing to be back in the business world. It was a longing that would not be satisfied.

Amitus Corporation

Late in year eighteen, Kellen resigned from the Triumvirate Navy, citing his desire to return to the private sector. The Triumvirate Coalition wished him well in his new venture. Kellen had a dream, not just of going into business, but of facilitating the business of other sentients. The premier marketplace of the Galaxy, Centerpoint Marketplace, based on Centerpoint Station, was beginning to show age. Kellen determined to replace it. To do this, he crafted the Amitus Trading Center, a massive holographic marketplace accessible from any holoterminal in the galaxy. His slicing skills made this task much easier. Using his business acumen, he brought in several large investors and was able to fund the start up of Amitus Engineering, a manufacturing company. This new company would allow Kellen to practice his business vision and provide customers a link between themselves and the goods they desired.

Ship Collection

Spirit of huk small.pngSpirit_of_Huk G-1A Transport

Cataclysm.png Crusader-class Corvette Custom made by the talented Thresk

Service Records

Grade Rank Galactic Date