Kingsley Zenri

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Kingsley Zenri
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Dac
Mother Seamone Eelchor
Father Steevzi Zenri
Born Year -5 Day 129
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.97m
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Holowan Mechanicals
LBX Holdings

Kingsley Zenri is a young Mon Calamari; he left the planet at a young age to travel the galaxy.


Early Youth

Kingsley Zenri was born in Coral City on the watery planet of Mon Calamari to Seamone Eelchor, a prominent politician and courtier, and Steevzi Zenri, a well-respected naturalist. He was raised exploring the ocean depths of Dac and to be familiar with the halls of power in many floating cities. Despite his love of the sea and opportunities planetside, Kingsley was struck by a fascination with the stars and desired to pilot starships. After coming of age, Kingsley worked piloting a local puddle jumper route to earn a small sum of credits and buypassage on a Star Tours shuttle to Hapes.

LBX Holdings

Kingsley quickly took up employment with LBX Holdings and was given charge of various ships to move materials around the galaxy.


With the bankruptcy of LBX Holdings, Kingsley found himself in control of a couple of nearly completed ships, but with little guidance on where to go next. After helping Kraton fulfil some remaining LBX contracts, Kingsley was adopted into Holowan Mechanicals where his piloting skills were put to use.