Kinsa Rha

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Kinsa Rha
Biographical Information
Race Twi'Lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Arruna
Father Nat'sec Rha
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -10
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Gray
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Rank Cadet
Positions Unknown
Prior Affiliation Unknown
Awards None


Kinsa Rha is young and short for a Twi'Lek. She does not stand out on her homeworld of Ryloth.

She spends much of her time with a datapad in her hand, learning everything that she can about the wider galaxy from Holocron. She also keeps a diary, although it is encrypted for her private use only.

Kinsa speaks Basic, Twi'leki and Lekku.


She was born Kin'sarha on Ryloth in Orus sector, which is under the control of Falleen Federation. Her father Nat'sec Rha was a merchant - her mother Arruna, a slave on another world. He worked hard and saved and scrimped to buy her freedom. Recently though, both of Kinsa's parents were killed by unknown forces. Kinsa Rha has decided to move off her homeworld of Ryloth and start her own life. She has few memories of the times before the Galactic Civil War.