Lara Navos

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Lara Navos Jr.
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar & Kuati
Mother Lara Navos (Biological)
Frey Jima (Adopted)
Father Dar Victus
Siblings Tex Navos
Born Year -10, Day 344
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Exelis Crime Syndicate
Positions Citizen of the Tion Hegemony
Member of the Ev'reuin Family
Awards Tion Hegemony
Tion-MID1-Small.png Mentioned in Dispatches
Tion-GBA-Small.png Golden Brush Award
Tion-GQA-Small.png Golden Quill Award
Tion-LA-Small.png Literature Award
Signature LaraNavos-Signature.png

Lara Navos is a Kiffar/Kuati hybrid female with a rebellious attitude. Using her looks to her advantage, she is always looking for challenging days work in and amongst violence and gore, with no qualms about being with individuals of any gender. While previously having no open allegiances to anyone or any religion, she has recently discovered the benefit of support in certain circumstances. Proficient in the use of knives and hand-to-hand combat, she prefers an up close and personal feel to her violence, savoring the final moments of her victims' pain and suffering, shying away from long range or vehicular combat encounters as much as possible.

Shall We Begin

Where It Began

Lara Navos was born onboard the Acclamator-class Assault Ship Incognito while in Talravin system to Dar Victus and Lara Navos. Gifted her mothers' name, the daughter of Imperial officers was placed into a foster home in the city of Talravin 04-04 with no further contact. She was adopted by a single Zabrak woman, Frey Jima who raised her in a small property on the outskirts of town. Shortly after her third birthday, Lara and Frey relocated to the nearby system of Kuat to ensure Lara could gain a reputable education. As they sold whatever assets possible, Lara was enrolled in a combat curriculum within the Kuati Security Forces.

A young Lara on Talravin

As she avoided the less interesting classes of philosophy and historical insignificances, Lara focused her attention on her combat prowess, focusing on knives and close combat weaponry, with continued enthusiasm towards blasters and physical hand-to-hand combat.

As she maintained a low profile in the eyes of her tutors, Lara deliberately performed poorly to ensure she was not viewed as a threat by any of her classmates. This desire to remain secretive meant she received several wounds and bruises at the hands of those around her due to her perceived weakness. She endeavored to grow her own sense of vitality and resilience, despite the pain and struggle she regularly found herself in to build character and endurance. Her mother Frey continued to grow worried at her wounds, not wanting to lose her daughter to military wounds. When she was not in attendance at the academy, Lara avoided additional studies and curfews to undertake in barbiturates, deathsicks, and other bad habits. Barely over the age of fourteen, she maintained strong addiction to unsavory materials, which saw her receive disciplinary action and punishment on multiple occasions due to high absenteeism and poor performance.

As she grew through her teenage years, her attitude continued to change to one of a more rebellious nature. Taken aside by her foster mother Frey, she was advised of her parents' demise through private communications from Imperial authorities. Lara was non-committal, unphased at the loss, but was enlightened and curious when she was told she had a sister. As she worked various part-time jobs throughout the city, she gathered whatever credits possible to make communication with her sister, Tex Navos.

As discussions were few and far between, Lara found them invaluable. Tex was able to share invaluable life skills she had learned over the years, while Lara soon began to realize how similar their personal lives had become. They both maintained a carefree lifestyle with a heavy addiction to drugs and alcohol, while they both faced disciplinary action and combat situations on the regular. With Frey diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lara began to grow more careless. Her attitude changed in her final classes to one of aggression, as she senseless beat several classmates without regard for their safety, while spending her nights out till the early hours, drinking and smoking until she could barely move. With an arrest dossier that had grown to the size of a small archive in the hands of the Kuati Security for drunk and disorderly combat among other infractions, Lara was presented with an ultimatum to either focus on her studies or face expulsion from all classes.

As she maintained her disregard for authority, Lara rarely appeared in class, maintaining her attendance just enough to avoid additional disciplinary action to spend time with her foster mother. Without sufficient resources to maintain medical treatment, Lara made contact with her sister Tex Navos to gain insight on how she could fund the treatment required to ensure her mothers' treatments made her comfortable. Tex advised an easy course of action was to smuggle goods and services to the Unknown Regions. With a small loan and instruction from her sister, Lara began to smuggle various weapons and explosives from inside the Kuati Security Force to numerous criminal enterprises, big and small. She took whatever credits possible to ensure she was relieved of the illegal goods as soon as possible, with all profits passed onto medical professionals and droid upkeep to care for her mother. In her final days, an MD Medical Specialist droid malfunctioned when adjusting Frey’s life support systems which caused Frey’s lungs to fill with fluid, drowning her before corrections could be made by qualified professionals.

Lara struggled to come to terms with her foster mothers’ passing. She began to harbour intense resentment towards droids, specifically those constructed via Imperial controlled corporations due to their poor manufacture of the particular MD Medical Specialist droid that killed Frey. Arrested and fined on numerous occasions for droid and property vandalism, Lara’s attitude continued to sour, her psyche struggled with depression while her body continued to battle exorbitant amounts of drugs and alcohol which wrecked havock her internal organs.

The foster mother - Frey Jima

With Frey buried on a small plot of land on the outskirts of their property, Lara disappeared from the Kuati Security Force academy several months before final graduation and certification, stowing away on a HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Freighter to the Ash Worlds. As she scouted for a haven to reevaluate her next move, Lara landed in the underbelly of the hot planet Iego. While various holovids attempted to locate her due to her abrupt departure from Kuat with arrest warrants and high priced rewards, she remained out of the public eye and honed her skills. Focused on her new life, she took numerous smuggling assignments to keep a roof over her head, while she restated her effort to fund her various addictions.

Her training benefited her while taking work from questionable individuals and criminals of various backgrounds. Lara honed several new talents including intense interrogation and torture, using knives to cut away at victims' flesh, causing the greatest amount of pain while keeping them alive for as long as possible. While the day job kept her in and around violence, the nightlife was more low-key. She remained in various drinking establishments until she could barely walk, drinking Corellian Ale after Corellian Ale, getting lost in the haze of hallucinogens of drunken rage and plumes of smoke from her deathsticks. As she ridiculed those who viewed these vices as a detriment to character, Lara would use them to her advantage, fornicating with whoever she desired to satisfy her needs or to discourage those she had no desire associating with.

With her various debts soon paid off, Lara slowly broadened her horizons, taking freelance assignments with many larger corporations, local governments, and criminal overlords. Occasionally seen around Gree in Black Sun space, Lara remained largely off the grid of the galactic limelight, while continuing her investigations into Tex Navos’s whereabouts. With an abundance of credits spent on research, informants, and investigations, Lara eventually located her last reported position within the Denhui system, aboard a Veltraa-Class Cruiser. As Lara arrived on the vessel, she was again met with the cold aura of death as Tex’s motionless corpse was slumped in a chair from a self-inflicted blaster wound. As she brought the cruiser down onto the nearby planet of Denhui-Eight, Lara buried her half-sister in a small, unmarked grave, as she paid final respects to the sister she barely knew.

Observing the final wishes of Tex, Lara took the Veltraa-Class Cruiser to the Allied Tion sector, leaving the vessel in orbit of the hot planet Cadinth, while Lara took an escape pod to the surface. The cruiser was then transferred into the ownership of Lilith Delcroix, while Lara began to seclude herself into a period of solitude. With numerous months having passed, Lara still with a lust for violence and inappropriate behavior, Lara realized she desired to maintain her criminal lifestyle. However given her history and lack of direction, she took the unorthodox direction of approaching the political government of Cadinth, the Tion Hegemony. Avoiding the temptation of violence, Lara arranged to be deployed within the interior ministries, with her responsibilities focused on the administration to keep her attention away from anger. While she received some warnings and citations from management, Lara maintained her role within the government, responsible for minor political dealings and commercial expansions across various sectors.

Becoming Accustomed to Legitimacy

Through the initial months of her deployment within the Hegemony Interior, Lara struggled to restrain her activities to those of a legitimate nature. Regularly warned by officials for her after-hour activities casting a negative reputation on her department, Lara regularly found herself a-party to assaults and brawls incited at various underground gambling establishments and alcohol stations. Inevitably, Lara was arrested for causing various facial injuries and pulling teeth from a Gamorrean traveler, Lara was placed on administrative duties for a month by the office of the Lady Hegemon.

With her appearance being not the norm of a political operation, Lara was shunned by her associates, placed in a basement office under mountains of paperwork in Allied Tion space. Out of the public eye, Lara barely maintained operation with her outgoings minimal, with the vast majority of her time spent drunk and intoxicated on various barbiturates and Ryll. As time continued, her activity was soon identified by the Lady Hegemon, Stephanie Barefoot, and the First Lady Lilith Delcroix due to complaints stemming from droid destruction and an undesirable increase in repair costs thanks to Lara's distaste for droids.

Lara arrested by Allied Tion Security Forces.

As the government leadership identified a lust for violence but a history of effectiveness, Stephanie expunged Lara's record, enlisting her in combat training for the Hegemony, stationing her at Jaminere. One assignment engaged Lara against several creatures and bandits occupying the outer providence of the planet. Lara efficiently dispatched of her attackers, as she embraced the pleasure she got from each blaster shot she fired. While she efficiently removed her opponents from the nebula, her aspiring squadmates were not as useful in the firefight. Angrily assaulting a Selkath who became distracted by the oceans and sea-life, she was forced to bury the solider soon after he was mortally wounded by an Ark Dog bite to the lower abdomen.

As Lara returned to Allied Tion, the Lady Hegemon failed her assignment, effectively removing the Kuati from military operations. Despite her best efforts to explain the incompetence of the soldier provided by the Hegemon, Lara was forced to accept logistical assignments. Assigned to the areas primarily around Cadinth and Voss, she grew in displeasure as she was required to travel to various mines hauling materials, or unloading vehicles for the rich elite of Tion space, instead of embracing her desire for violence. Despite the lackluster operational assignments, she strangely found herself forming friendships with both Stephanie and Lilith. Through their banter across various holocommunications, Lara would continue to push the boundaries of their relationships, having been recorded drunk while speaking to the Lady Hegemon, along with being under the influence of Ryll and even propositioning her boss on numerous occasions. Despite her unprofessional nature, Lara continued her assignments with a positive relationship to governmental leadership, while she maintained a minimalist lifestyle aboard government property.

After completing a multitude of assignments, Lara was shocked at her promotion within the government. Given her best effort to actively avoid promotions and ranks as much as possible, she still found herself being recognized. Despite her lowly rank, she was asked to attend a banquet in honor of the fallen king of the Tresario Star Kingdom on behalf of the Hegemony. Frustrated by the need to be on her best behavior and dress appropriately, Lara maintained a low profile, rarely making herself visible among the long halls and grand rooms for the kingdom, as she stuck to corners and outside balconies to ensure she could continue her smoking and drinking addictions without the risk of embarrassment. Regardless of her attempts to maintain a low profile, Lara managed to meet several kindred individuals. While she only interacted with a small number of people, Lara privately entertained a small number of rendezvous with fellow governmental employees and new associates alike, however, she only collected holovid frequencies due to her promise to the Lady Hegemon.

Upon returning from the royal gala, Lara took several weeks assigned leave and departed for Desargorr V at the request of the Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot. Blissfully treated to luxury and relaxation during her stay, Lara was able to enjoy peace and tranquillity for several days, before her surroundings took a turn for the worse. During an appointment, aromas throughout the room that once provided pleasure were tampered with, which caused Lara to fall helplessly unconscious. As she lay asleep, her various belongings were plundered, while she was abused and badly beaten. Several months passed before Lara awoke in a governmental hospital on the nearby medical station Corlax MedStat Ophrys in the Corlax system. Her hatred for droids ensured she was a difficult patient, requiring multiple droids decommissioned and an eventual transfer to the surface of Corlax IV. Back on solid ground, Lara quickly dismissed the medical professionals, leaving the hospital of her own accord. While she remained in a hospital gown, she stumbled through the streets of Corlax IV, desperate the quench her addictions to alcohol and Ryll, eventually locating a small tavern.

The forever altered appearance.

As she adopted the usual brash, unapologetic attitude she'd been accustomed to throughout her life, she was met with immediate hostility. Her left arm in a sling and barely functioning, Lara was in no position to defend herself. With no credits, let alone pockets in her rear exposed hospital gown, Lara was unable to satisfy her the horrible cravings that gripped her consciousness. Her various medications had managed to dull the pain for a period of time, but their grip on her reality waned to the point of non-existence. After she insulted the Aqualish bartender by questioning the alien's reproductive capability, Lara was forcefully removed from the establishment by two Klatooinian security officials. Dragged around a corner, with no governmental insignia visible to protect her, she was beaten and bruised. Her left arm was mangled by repeated stomps, creating numerous compound fractures and shattered bone fragments. A vibroblade slashed across her face, slicing open her red lips, cheeks, and forehead. Despite the horrid nature of her injuries, Lara remained somewhat conscious. Breathing heavily, groggy, unable to see anything out of her right eye. As she coughed up blood, Lara's eyes rolled back into her skull, and she lost consciousness once more.

Covered in bandages, Lara slowly regained consciousness, coughing, and chuckling as she realized quickly she was once again back in the same hospital bed in a Corlax IV facility. Lara breathed softly as a hesitant 2-1B Medical Droid entered her room. She sat quietly and listened as the droid detailed a variety of injuries she suffered. Her left arm was removed and replaced with a cybernetic due to the severity of the injury, while various plastic surgeries and skin graphs had to be undertaken to repair her facial lacerations, resulting in a permanently altered appearance. Frustrated at the droid's rapid ability to update personnel files and not allow Lara to enjoy some discreet criminal activities outside of scanners, Lara dismissed the droid and sat quietly, observing her new appearance in an adjacent mirror. She remained in the hospital for several weeks as her wounds healed and to ensure her body didn't suffer from cybernetic rejection. With each passing day, Lara couldn't help but acknowledge the irony that she was now partially a droid, a being she had long disdained.

Upon her discharge from the Corlax IV facility, Lara was escorted back to the vessel she loaned from the Lady Hegemon where she sat quietly in the cockpit. She gazed out into the abyss of dark space as the trauma she had experienced began to sink in. Snorting a line of Ryll through her nose, she obtained the hallucination she had so desperately chased, before she casually used a vibroblade to disconnect the nerve ends of her left cybernetic arm, to remove the pain receptors connected to any nerve endings that remained. While primitive, the cybernetic allowed her to function at full capacity, something that soon after allowed her to return to her duties within the Hegemony.

Occupational Hazards

Often bored and with too easy access to alcohol and barbiturates, Lara spent a great deal of shore time getting into trouble. While her assignments were few and far between due to her dislike for logistical work and near irrecoverable damage to her ship's communications system, she couldn't keep herself away from a fight. The new cybernetic controlling her arm made her feel invincible, and the bloodlust from pounding an Aleena into dust brought her nothing short of ecstasy through her bloodstream. Bruised, full of scars and constant bloodstains on her clothes and body, Lara decided to alter her appearance once more. However, instead of the decision being forced upon her unwillingly, she wandered into the underbelly Voss III with a different intent. Lara enlisted the aide of a Mirialan who managed a small tattoo parlor within Tion space. As she experienced immense pain for the next twelve hours, Lara lay virtually still as her skin was changed from a pale white to alluring rich red. With previous wounds and the impacts of drug and alcohol addiction covered by full-body tattoos, her Kuati heritage was soon replaced with someone of a Zeltron or Twi'lek background. After the procedure, she walking behind a curtain, admiring the new appearance as the light beamed off her raw flesh. As she returned to her assigned Bulk Freighter, Lara took rest for several days, allowing her body to heal and grow accustomed to the full-body ink which now was apart of her. As she eventually woke with a rather large hangover, she finally felt a desire to return to work. With a somewhat attractive photo captured, Lara submitted a change of identification request to the Tion Hegemony government, before she left the planet and returned to the orbit of Voss III to recommence her operations for the government.

Seeing Red

As months passed, Lara spent much of her time hauling builders around Hegemony space or drinking her sorrows away in whatever bar she could find. Encoding a disruption program into the communications systems of her assigned vessels, she was able to feign work and instead spend more time drinking without the government knowing the wiser. Despite her best efforts, the program did malfunction on numerous occasions, but thankfully no punishment was handed down by governmental officials. Time continued to pass, and Lara remained surprised by the lack of punishment she had received for her apparent dereliction of duty. She'd managed to upgrade the automation protocols long enough to continue operations at her whim, without reprimand or intrusion from Hegemon Security, while still undertaking enough assignments to keep others from looking at her work too hard. While she felt that transferring Bulk Freighters to and from orbit was cumbersome, she did manage to meet several peculiar individuals along the way. During her frequent stops to whatever bar or merchant she could find to quench or drug or alcohol habits, Lara continued to mingle with the various individuals under the Hegemony employ. While many tried to cover Lara with their witty flirtations and pheromones, Lara was quick to refute their advances either with insults or the butt of her DL-44 blaster, however she did have her needs and would break away for hours at a time with a number of the builders that took her fancy and rewarded them for their hard work in service of the Tionese cause.

After several weeks of similar assignments, Lara had a sudden desire to offload some credits. Having become bored at looking at numbers on a datapad, sitting in a questionable account somewhere in the Unknown Regions, Lara traded various assets and quantities from her personal paraphernalia to provide her personal transportation opportunities with a bit more flair. Gone were the boats and Byblos' she'd been gifted through luck in Tionese activities, instead she purchased a CR-90 Corvette, the Cryptic Hyperbole and a Xanadu-class Superyacht for her more, pleasurable escapades, nicknamed the Heretic Reverence. Transported off governmental owned property onto something she controlled was freeing to her, this gave her a chance to relax without the constant paranoia of her employer looking over her shoulder, analyzing her every move. Mere moments after stepping onto her brand new yacht, the Heretic Reverence, Lara's datapad received a cryptic message.

Someone she had never met before had asked her to come close to Hapan space, a place she'd never graced, immediately without question. While her normal reaction would be to swear various expletives and throw the datapad out the airlock, Lara made the decision, while drunk and full of a few lines of Ryll, to partake in the journey, setting a course for Old Archais. During the journey, Lara spent hours trying to decipher any potential fake transmission attachments, location trackers, and the location itself to rule out any means of a trap, but to her surprise, everything appeared genuine. Lara then turned her attention into researching the sender, Sia Vir`uan. Lara became surprised at their polar opposite natures and wondered why someone so regal and apparently stuck-up would have any need for Lara. A Hapan with no evident need to reach out further than a street merchant for sex, drugs, or anything suspect, it made no sense to Lara. Each shared the touch of an arm cybernetic, yet strangely didn't cross paths at the Tresario banquet celebrations. The thought bought Lara amusement as she remembered how quickly she was essentially asked to leave the festivities, bringing back fond memories. Dropping out of hyperspace, Lara descended towards the Nocturnal Palace, still hesitant about the cause of her summoning. As she disembarked her vessel, she presented the datapad to awaiting Security Droid, much to her displeasure, who advised her to head to the highest areas of the Ev'reuin Family compound, Veil Hall. As she playfully maneuvered her way past security checkpoints and armed patrols, Lara arrived at the man hall with her usual attitudes. Greeted by Sia, the Hapan had seemingly sent the encrypted message without an updated file photograph after Lara's numerous surgeries. The two butted heads immediately as Lara had an immediate distrust and disrespect for the woman's authority, while Sia was not accustomed to questions and a lack of respect from someone she viewed as a commoner. After numerous arguments and analysis, including a few drops of blood from Lara's finger, Lara was identified as a distant cousin of the Ev'reuin Family. Thanks to an overzealous and lascivious grandfather that Lara never had the pleasure of meeting, she now found herself with an undesired heritage from her fathers' side.

Keen to understand what inheritance she was now entitled to, but frustrated by the arguments and lack of respect she was shown for being different in the eyes of Hapan regalia, Lara returned to the Heretic Reverence, bound once again for Tionese space to allow her to process the information. She was confused as to why her father never detailed anything of this nature in his personnel files that Lara hacked years ago. Such information would have been useful to potentially avoid unnecessary adoption as a child. Her head spiraled with thoughts of confusion and anger, Lara retreated to her suite and inhaled line after line of Ryll until she could barely stand. Drowning herself in a concoction of various ales and whiskey, Lara passed out on her bed for several hours, awakening to her ship orbiting the planet of Embaril II. As a struggle to comprehend what had occurred ran rampant through her mind, Lara began to spend the following days assessing her motives, and what would benefit her the most in the long run.

Bad Side of the Coin

Relaxing on Isht.

Still unable to commit to the ways of the Ev'reuin Family, Lara kept them at arm's length while she returned to logistical assignments with the Tion Hegemony Government. Using her personal Xanadu-class Superyacht, she began to haul selectively around the clusters, appreciating the higher level of comfort available to her. Albeit comfortable, she had become frustrated with the lack of direction in her career and limited opportunity for mischief and mayhem. Begrudgingly accepting an assignment, Lara was sent toward the gas giant of Desargorr V to collect a large Gundark which had been disrupting the local populous and required relocation to one of the many zoos around the Cluster. Upon her arrival, Lara was forced into a surprising combat situation as she noticed the Gundark was being kept by a Kiffar charged with derelict of duty within the Hegemony Navy and gone absent without leave, commonly known to the galaxy as Gilead Antares. With blaster fire exchanged, Lara was able to capture and subdue the creature, while placing the Kiffar soul under arrest. Tossing the facility for intelligence, it had become clear to Lara that the Kiffar and the creature had partaken in a romantic relationship, something more than frowned upon with the galaxy. As she returned the creature to her hanger, Lara decided to not report the capture of Gilead, instead, she placed his bound body into a locked cell aboard her vessel, with a slave collar to complement his new orange jumpsuit. While the creature was soon placed within the confines of a Hegemony zoo, Gilead remained aboard Lara's yacht as a personal slave. Using him in a variety of ways, Lara enjoyed tormenting her captive, before leaving him in the capable hands of her employees of the Lazarus.

With the unpleasant display of a humanoid-Gundark relationship crawling through her consciousness along with the complicated situation with Sia Vir`uan and the Ev'reuin Family, Lara came to the decision she needed a vacation. Offloading her staff and slave to the Cryptic Hyperbole, Lara took the Heretic Reverence out of the Cluster and set a course of Isht, a small out of the way Imperial planet. Despite the complicated family history, Lara sought the planets' beauty and serenity to help her relax, while hopeful she could taste various exotic barbiturates and some easily corrupted Imperial personnel, despite their xenophobia meaning her more exotic alien options were limited. Upon her arrival, she almost immediately set her sights on the hotel pool to help her relax. Mere minutes after she settled in, she was met with a loud planetary-wide alert advising of an Imperial sweep. Having failed to bring identification with her, Lara swiftly resisted requests for her identity from a Stormtrooper, before depositing her knife between the troopers' helmet and chest guard in frustration, killing the soldier. While she attempted to shoot her way out of her predicament, Lara was met by a Sith Lord, Draelor Nah`utal who was easily able to subdue Lara to a platoon of troopers, who placed her under arrest.

Annoyed that her holiday had turned into an arrest, Lara resisted at every stage she could. While she enjoyed the pleasure of injuring rank and file troopers, the electric shocks she received were less enjoyable. Transferred to the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Eviscerator, Lara was met with diplomacy and poise, something she didn't expect, especially from a Sith. Despite her resistance, she was repeatedly beaten for information, before being knocked unconscious and eventually transferred. When she awoke several days later, Lara had been transferred to Draelor Nah`utal's personal estate on the planet and was welcomed like a regular guest. She was allowed to walk freely, enjoy the recreational facilities just like the holiday she had envisioned, despite being under constant guard by Imperial soldiers. Lara failed to understand Draelor's angle. The Minister was married, yet flirtatious, but showed no real signs of acting on his words of violence. He did not press Lara for any information, something she found peculiar and uncomfortable, causing her to continue her resistance and seek transport home. As a final straw, the Sith agent met Lara in a large room, intent on fighting her for respect. Despite the lack of the force at her disposal, Lara was always keen to accept a challenge despite the odds against her. Engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the Sith, Lara gained the upper-hand early, landing numerous blows to the Minister, causing blood to flow. Despite her lack of formal training outside of the academy, she was trading blows equally with the officer, but after numerous submission attempts began to sap her energy and the specially trained Imperial took the upper hand. While the fight was long and intense, Lara eventually was forced to succumb to a rear-naked choke-hold that knocked her unconscious. Upon regaining her consciousness, Lara traded her respects to the officer for stepping up, along with a small reward before she returned to her vessel.

As she stumbled back aboard the Heretic Reverence, Lara engaged her sublight engines to escape the planets' orbit, before she eventually collapsed into a Bacta Tank to heal her wounds. While she suffered numerous broken ribs and lacerations to her face, she couldn't keep a smile off her face. She had gone toe-to-toe with a Sith and despite the odds being against her, she had stayed in the fight. While the thrill of the fight kept her engaged for a time, a return to Tion Hegemony space was met with the boredom of bureaucracy once again, something she had a large disdain for. Her communication with the Lady Hegemon and First Lady was now few and far between, and view of the Cluster had waned from what it once was. Having paced around her cockpit, Lara identified the large conundrum she was is. She scratched her head at the prospect of either being stuck within a Government that was about law and order, or the potential clutches of her inherited family. Both prospects were not exciting to Lara, and as the ship exited hyperspace in the Embaril system, she felt her face drop and an aura of depression fill her cockpit as she was directionless after her recent excitement of combat.

Unfamiliar Forces

Lara resumed basic logistical operations once again aboard the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter THS Navos around the Tion Cluster. Despite being riddled with her usual assortment of Ryll and alcohol, something was off. Lara could feel the cold touch of someone touching her wrist, guiding her every move. Holofeeds around her ship felt like their focus was adjusting with Lara's motions, following her everywhere she went, while the never-ending sensation of someone looking over her shoulder continued to plague every second of her existence. Increasing her alcohol and drug habits only heightened the sensations, yet when she attempted sobriety the feeling of control was still eluding her. As she began attempts to subside the clutches of her imagination, Lara tried to distract herself by increasing the pleasured experiences with her consorts or beating her new slave senseless with her fists, but nothing was releasing the grip on her cognizance. As she drank enough to make herself pass out one evening, she awoke in the cockpit of a vessel orbiting the planet of Empress Teta. There, she boarded an Imperial vessel and participated in an exercise against a rebellious New Republic occupation. While the pleasure of murder and mayhem was arousing to her, she couldn't help but feel something different, an aura that she thought had commenced around her time fighting a Sith Lord. She hadn't set coordinates to the system herself, or at least from what she could recall, and had no reason to engage the New Republic forces unless a greater power was seething control into the dark corners of her mind.

As the Imperial occupation continued over the course of several days, Lara was dispatched to be an intelligence operative on the ground. Given her aura was far from that of an Imperial solider, she was the perfect candidate to gather intelligence on the enemy. Seducing and fornicating with several alien separatist operatives, it was as if the aura of a red Kuati was too much to resist, which gave Lara easy access to troop movements and access codes to highly classified operations. Through coordinated strikes and operations, the New Republic forces were toppled, not without the help of Lara on the battlefield. As Stormtroopers and Sith Lords stormed the main facilities, Lara infiltrated through emergency protocols, and with motions of her body, blades, blasters, and detonators, she bathed in the blood of those opposed to the Imperial cause. With a haze of blackness followed by the return of her consciousness back aboard the THS Navos, Lara shook her head in shock as she remained covered in blood. As she looked down at the random attire she was wearing, she was confused at where they came from, and how despite everything, she had the wherewithal to rip the evidently missing Imperial insignia's from the fabric. Removing her attire, she ran throughout the ship naked until she reached the refresher. As she scrubbed and scratched at her flesh, she grew concerned that the blood wasn't coming off. The stains remained, and yet when she approached her consorts, they exclaimed that no blood could be seen across her flesh. With her heart rate rapidly increasing, Lara gripped at her hair and face, before punching the mirror with her left hand, causing the glass to shatter across the room as she screamed in worried anger. As she gasped numerous deep breaths, she wandered to the cockpit and plugged in numerous coordinates, before collapsing on her bed.

Once she woke, Lara was once again not where she remembered. Standing naked in a room that appeared foreign, she looked around for signs to indicate her surroundings, before being drawn to the only person in the room. As her eyes began to focus, she realized the hooded figure was that of Darth Chaakat. As she stood motionless, she felt the coldness shiver across her body as her demeanor changed. The Sith Lord spoke in a deep brooding tone, one of command and authority. Lara listened as the agent of the Dark Side explained how her actions were only the beginning of her journey, and that her abilities and will were now at his disposal. While she would normally resist authority, at this moment she was drawn to obey without hesitation. An aura of attraction, a lust for power come over her. Unwavering, a small smile crept across her face as the Sith Lord detailed his agenda, and how Lara had unknowingly commenced her service to him. The Sith presented Lara with a datapad which played a holo feed to her. One where she was the prominent figure, leaving a note in the cockpit of the THS Navos, a resignation from the Tion Hegemony Government, and her departure from the cluster. While the note displayed compassion and love from both the Lady Hegemon and First Lady, it left off reasoning for her departure, an action no doubt at the behest of the Sith Lord. While the promises of power were attractive, the compelling nature of what was to come was palpable. The loss of control alarmed Lara, but the aura of the Dark Side ensured her focus was elsewhere when the thoughts grew to an unstable level. While the future was to be written, one thing was clear - Lara's time within the Hegemony was complete. upon her return to the realms of her own control and consciousness aboard the Heretic Reverence, she began floating in Deep Space as she assessed her next adventure, now out from the guise of the Tion Hegemony.

Unexpected Consequences

Out of Hegemony space, Lara maneuvered through various governmental territories, picking up whatever mercenary and logistical work she could to maintain her Ryll and alcohol habits. While the work was often unfulfilling, she could still quench her thirst for violence and mischief down whatever dark alley she wandered. Concluding several jobs, she was eventually contacted by Darth Chaakat with an interesting opportunity. As news of the New Republic falling into the grips of the Imperial regime through a perfectly organized and executed coup d'état, several pockets of Rebel resistance remained on several core systems. Using her status as an independent contractor, Lara was brought in by the Sith agent to gather intelligence on Rebellion movements, before regiments of troops were deployed at optimal positions. After numerous, successful operations, Lara had gained the respect of the Sith Lord, who began to groom Lara into an abiding servant, a task that would prove to not be easy, given her temperament.

Lara's wounds after her escape.

Draelor began with traditional means of enticement, throwing credits around, the promise of prominence and power, but soon came to realize that such methods would not entice Lara. She was one of violence, mischief, and mayhem. Using this information, the Sith Lord took it upon himself to introduce more, forceful methods. Commencing a form of indoctrination of Lara, he took Lara to a secluded enclave, chaining her to a large stone above the ground, before tormenting her with Sith ideology and painful torture. With such methods proving unsuccessful, Darth Chaakat began to use the force to his advantage, drawing Lara into a series of hallucinations with her departed sister Tex Navos, and her friend Lilith Delcroix. While Tex taunted her with visions of failure, not living up to the family name and spitting repeatedly in her face, it was Lilith's vision that caused greater stress. Screaming failures and misgivings about Lara in the Tion Hegemony, Lara could barely contain herself as she began to beg her friend for forgiveness. While Lara struggled, Darth Chaakat began to sense success and pressed his advantage. As Lilith's hallucination increased in intensity, Lara watched in disbelief as the red-haired force user unsheathed a lightsaber, before stabbing Lara through the stomach. While the wound wasn't real, the indoctrination made every inch of the blade protruding through Lara's flesh feel every bit realistic, causing her to scream in unimaginable pain before she went into shock, shaking uncontrollably on the stone before falling unconscious.

At an undetermined time later, Lara began to slowly regain consciousness in a medical bay, surround by personnel with no recognizable insignia, monitoring her brain waves and heart rate. Using some functionality of her left arm cybernetic, Lara removed a restraint, before punching and kicking numerous staff as she ran down the hallways. Sneaking aboard an Imperial shuttle, she left the facility to an undisclosed location, away from the torture of someone she almost considered a friend. While she traveled in a small cargo hold, Lara could feel the cold touch of something on her shoulder, as subtle whispers ran throughout her head. She could tell something was wrong but was more concerned with where she was going and how to stay safe. As the shuttle landed, Lara climbed out the landing gear breach in the shuttle base, before moving through a small town she failed to recognize. Breaking a window, she climbed into a small apartment, collapsing on a bed and almost immediately falling asleep.

When she managed to regain consciousness, Lara lay helpless in bed as she was gripped by a force meditation. Darth Chaakat relayed a message to her, that despite her ability to escape capture, her indoctrination would never escape her. As the touch of the Sith forcefully retreated from her consciousness, Lara felt to urge to keep moving. Weakened and alone, her lifestyle of aggression, bloodlust, and an attitude of a lone wolf, she was vulnerable and lacked her usual aura of confidence. Using what limited credits remained, along with trading what drugs and paraphernalia she managed to steal, the red woman traversed the Ktilac Regions just trying to survive. With fear of threats chasing her, Lara failed to give herself adequate time for her wounds to heal, maintaining a weakened façade, without her usual implements, she was easily manipulated and assaulted by criminals and vagrants. Without any trusted allies to call, she was beaten within an inch of her life, with her modesty continually violated. After what seemed like weeks, Lara was eventually cast aside, dumped into a derelict, dilapidated cruiser responsible for refugee runs. She traveled throughout the Zaric and Neshig sectors, before being impounded by Trade Federation authorities in the Manress system. As she resisted arrest, Lara was beaten unconscious by security personnel. As she woke within a brig, Lara was greeted by an unexpected individual, Lilith Delcroix.

An Attitude Adjustment

Gripped with hatred, distrust, and shock, Lara ran rabid throughout her cell, reaching out attempting to strike the woman. Fuelled by the pain of her hallucination, Lara wanted nothing more than the rip the throat out of Lilith's force wielding corpse. As the cell door unlocked, Lara launched herself at Lilith, who was able to subdue Lara in her weakened state. Collapsing, crying at the feet of the Tion Hegemony First Lady, the Kuati hybrid was lost. Exhausted and afraid after several months of hell, Lara was doubting the need for her existence in the galaxy, wanting her pain to end. Taken back to Vorsia Companion by Lilith, Lara was treated for her wounds and spent many days in force meditations and discussions with Lilith to understand what she had endured. Through this journey around the Neshig Sector, Lara was educated on the power of force indoctrinations, and that while the grasp of a Sith could rarely be eradicated, it could be managed, while being taught on ways to counteract its influence.

Once they arrived at Vorsia, Lara began to welcome the friendship of her sisters' former mentor. She had begun to understand that she could still be that aggressive, brash individual, but having faith and trust in others could also benefit her. Lilith began to reciprocate this trust, sharing that she was retiring from the Tion Hegemony, while also separating from the Lady Hegemon, Stephanie Barefoot. While Lara initially met the news with surprise, she began to understand that the ways of Tion were changing, and Lilith was keen to follow her own endeavors and beliefs, exploring her previous devotion to a former Black Sun Vigo, Amaranalah Jou. Lara observed the passion in Lilith to explore the endeavor, and Lara decided to assist the Hapan with her efforts to establish an organization. Through this realization, Lara's previous inhibition of serving another was beginning to fall away. She no longer felt the desire to run things alone, nor the desire to lead and not follow. This echoed further once she was introduced to Lilith's new partners, Morgan Sathel and Xyre Weltmon. Meeting them on Serroco, Lara could immediately see why Lilith was entertained by them. They maintained outlandish aggression, but strong loyalty to each other, an attitude Lara was also beginning to adopt. She felt her attitude shift to one of brash professionalism, still pushing the limits of socially acceptable behavior while maintaining loyalty to the select few she respected.

Leaving Serroco, and the pleasure of a Vigo's company, Lara departed with the trio and began to ingratiate herself into the inner circles of the Exelis Crime Syndicate, while maintaining strong ties to Lilith Delcroix. Spending many hours in the social hub of The Gehenna, Lara began to meet numerous individuals, growing close with Yasira Shran and Talyda Stewart in particular, given her lust for the Twi'lek lifeform. As time passed, and the mutual respect grew, Lara was offered some work by Morgan under the banner of Exelis officially. As she accepted the role, Lara spent some time thanking her mentor and friend for aiding her in rebuilding her life with a greater purpose, before she split from Lilith's operations in the Morobe system, heading for Venaari to aide the efforts of Exelis.

Understanding Lara

Appearance & Beliefs

Lara was regularly seen in leather pants or jeans, and a white crop top, however, more recently has adopted a higher class look, wearing suits to allure people into her grasp. Whenever the occasion requires, she wears a formal dress that conceals numerous small knives among her leg tights or corset. She doesn't follow any religion or affiliate with any romantic association publicly, preferring privacy, and a discreet attitude to prevent an opportunity for extortion and blackmail.

She often wears her hair down, but often maintains an outlandish hairstyle to mimic her carefree attitude and it is often known to change color as her mood adjusts. She is outwardly bisexual as has maintained numerous partners throughout the years of both genders, but has never maintained relationships for an extended period of time. While her preference has always been women, she is open to whatever her mood desires, showing no discrimination towards gender or affiliation. She is known to be openly flirtatious to get information or achieve her objectives, while easily rebuffing those who seek her attention when their qualities are not what she desires. She maintains a silver lighter and silver cigarette container in her pants pocket attire to house her Ryll vials and deathsticks, giving a small aura of sophistication. While her carefree attitude often gets her into trouble, she relies on her various talents to keep her safe, with minimal people to rely on to ensure her senses are always attuned to her current situation and surroundings. Her acquired cybernetic sits in place of her left arm. Its pain receptors removed, it molds to the color of her skin, showing minimal signs of augmentation. While a Kiffar/Kuati hybrid, Lara identifies as predominately Kuati, but has undertaken a painful body-art procedure, altering her pale white skin to a deep red exterior through tattoos, along with additional art across her body. Her most recent art was some words across her fingers, along with a small Exelis Crime Syndicate insignia above her right breast and above her pelvis.


Lara never had the opportunity to meet her parents. Cast aside as a baby, Lara was cared for by a Zabrak foster parent. She only knew of her sister, Tex Navos through holo-communication, having never had the opportunity to meet physically before her sister passed. Through her travels, Lara learned of her relation to the Ev'reuin Family, due to her grandfathers' heritage. This meant Lara had a cousin named Sia Vir`uan who she maintains limited contact with. No other family has been classified as public by known governments or organizations affiliated with Lara. With no desire for children or adoption of any sort, it is assumed that the Navos bloodline will cease upon Lara's demise, however, loosely living through the annals of the Ev'reuin Family. Her adopted mother Frey had no known children of her own, ensuring that all other links to Lara, aside from Sia, were deceased.

Xenophobia & Relationships

Lara has a strong distrust and displeasure towards Droids, due to their contribution to the death of her foster mother Frey. She does not maintain an associate droid for her personal travels and refuses all assignments and employment which forces her to utilize a droid. Medical procedures must be performed by a humanoid, with her only use for droids being that of target practice. Despite her displeasure towards droids, Lara has strong approval towards cybernetics and augmentation. Her belief is that provided the brain and heart of an individual remains that of their race, they are still individual and not controlled by droids restrictions or programming.

Lara has no xenophobic tendencies towards alien life forms, to the contrary Lara has a strong affinity for them. Her main source of lust and pleasure is derived from the company of an exotic alien such as a Twi'lek or Togruta, shying away from the regular humanoid forms of her own kind. While she has maintained numerous associations over her years, she has never associated herself formally with any sort of relationship. While maintaining numerous consorts throughout her travels, she has begun to grow closer to the circles of those within the Exelis Crime Syndicate, often seen publicly with Yasira Shran and Talyda Stewart, two Twi'lek's that she quietly reveres.

Staff & Assets

Lara maintains a small roster of staff to maintain her various assets throughout the galaxy. The Lazarus and its employees have since been turned over to Melina Victus to complete the day-to-day running of the exotic establishment, while Lara maintains sole ownership. It's palace grounds on Ucre provide a calming, relaxed environment for anyone with enough credits to enjoy a high-class experience unrivaled by even the largest conglomerates. Long time employee Sko Danbarr was transferred from the Lazarus to maintain Lara's Xanadu-class Superyacht, the Heretic Reverence. The vessel of luxury and relaxation, it's black and red exterior blend into the stars of space around Venaari, providing Sko with adequate to conduct military drills from the cargo bay while Lara is out on assignment.

The Defender-class Light Corvette Furious Harmony was assigned to a new enlistee Reeda Jennix, a multilingual Coruscanti to conduct business operations for Lara. A skilled trader and translator, Reeda conducts numerous trades and investments from the corvette while Lara maintains her status within the Exelis Crime Syndicate. Her additional responsibilities involve maintaining the employee ledger for Lara's employees while overseeing the administration of the numerous prisoners locked within the brig of the vessel.