Matsu Makino

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Matsu Makino/Makino Matsu
Biographical Information
Race Togorian
Homeworld Togoria/Sol Primera
Mother Matsu Aoi
Father Matsu Seto
Spouse Teresa Rowley(Engaged)
Siblings 6
Children 1 Adopted
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3 meters/~9ft 10in
Hair Color Brown/Red/Orange/Black/white (Tiger Striped).
Eye Color Yellow.
Political Information
Affiliation Kingdom of Elysia, House Hejaran, Matsu-Hashiji Clan,Sol Mechanica
Rank Honorary Citizen, Ambassador, Art Director, Clan Leader
Prior Affiliation The Embassy, Byblos Drive Yards, Rift Alliance, Matsu Incorporated

Mr. Makino Matsu is a male Togorian, Former CEO/President of Matsu Incorporated, Former CEO/President of BlackSlate Technologies, Ambassador to Sol Mechanica, Honorary Citizen to the Kingdom of Elysia, a Founding Member of House Hejaran, and the Clan Leader of Matsu-Hashiji Clan. Prodigy of the former Cayson Wyatt La`Marke & the son of the late Matsu-Hashiji Clan leader Seto.


A large Togorian at the height of 9 feet and 10 inches, he towers over most who meet him other than other Togorians. His golden eyes often being the first thing people notice as their shine is rather unique. His coat is of orange, brown and black, often reflecting a similar look to some elusive Tigers on distant planets.

Early Years

Life On Sol Primera

Makino was born on the mysterious planet-shaped space station known as Sol Primera the Capital of the Binary Republic of Sol Mechanica. It was here his mother Matsu Aoi, gave birth to him while on a diplomatic mission for the Matsu Clan as a representative for his father, Seto, who was the Leader of the clan at the time. It was 8 years after this time on Sol Primera that the Null Virus spread throughout the planetary Station, causing the Life Support systems to fail. During this time the Queen had decided to leave with only thousands of her followers who managed to get out before the final systems failed.

Makino's mother, Aoi, decided to tell the queen of an unknown system for her to set up a new home for her people.

After the Queen set up their new home, Aoi & Makino returned to their home, unknown to Makino, on a planet that's unknown.

Arms Dealing Years

During his earlier life prior to his ascension to Leader of Clan Matsu-Hashiji, he was a Regional Arms dealer who helped fuel the regional unrest in the Sibisime region. Supplying arms to many Clans during the Great Civil War, regardless of their alliances he was often seen as a threat, even by his perceived 'allies'. During his time as a gun runner, he often purchased his arms (in particular A295s, A280s, and Vibroblade Katanas (V-Katanas)) from a woman known as "Mistress Pandora" a young Corellian Smuggler who often did business in the system smuggling armaments & armor.

Mistress Pandora

Often known as "Mistress Pandora" as an alias, her real name was Heather Ryio. As a smuggler in the region, she heavily relied on locals like Makino to help her hide her wares from authorities (other clans). This close business relationship is rumored to of grown into something more on a personal level, some even going as far to state they maintained a relationship, but these claims have never been substantiated.

During this time they flew many times to the Outer Rim worlds to pickup arms stored in secret stations throughout the region.

The Royal Horse Derby Association

After years of planning, Lord Matsu (Makino) after careful planning finally opened up the Royal Horse Derby Association (R-HDA) to the public on Y18. It was during this grand opening that Matsu brought horse racing to many individuals attention, including Teresa Rowley, Calindra Hejaran, and Brel Domis.

For its initial start, Makino chose to make himself the Executive Director, and chose to pick a team of directors to spearhead the many departments of the Association to allow him to focus on the mechanics and operations of the group.

During the planning phase, Makino spent many days and weeks with Teresa. As the worked together to help finish the overall planning of his Association, they began to find themselves reflecting on the many times the Force brought them together. It was here that Makino proposed to his friend Teresa Rowley after finally deciding he wanted to share his life with another.

Matsu-Hashiji Clan

Clan Nobility

During his teens, Makino was raised in a small village on Sibisime, in the Asukabe province, where his mother & father formed one of the very first Samurai Clans near the Volcanic areas that warm the surrounding glaciers to allow green life. It was here, at the forming of the Noble Clan of Matsu of Asukabe, that the Matsu name gained notoriety & nobility. During this time Makino's Father Seto held the reigns of the Clan and often challenged other surrounding clans that threatened the lands owned by them. It was during this time prior to the rise of the Great Daimyos that the lands of Sibisime were harsh and full of theft, death, and horror. Many clans that were around during this time, including Matsu Clan, were often in a constant state of war. Due to strength, and credits accumulated over time, these early Clans became massive in size and influence. However, as usual with Togorian culture, it was his Mother Aoi who was the political head of the Clan and often was the one contacting other clans to form alliances.

Matsu Aoi.jpg Painting of Matsu Aoi, Makino's Mother.

During his time as a simple member of the Matsu Clan, Makino spent many years traveling around the galaxy to help increase the wealth and influence of the Clan that was to become his one day. It was during his travels that he came to possess his favorite Hammerhead Cruiser that he often uses to transport his personal security force assigned to him by the Queen.

On one of his missions, he came across a young Teresa Rowley in a Cantina somewhere in the outer rim. At the time Makino himself was younger, foolish, and carefree. The two hit it off well and after many rounds of drinks at his expense left going separate ways wondering if he would see her again.

Potential Offspring

Prior to his marriage with Teresa, Lord Matsu's past relationships are a mystery as few have ever been able to determine whether or not he has ever been married or had a mate. It is said that one Togorian who looks strikingly similar to Makino, and is often seen following him and traveling with him when he's near his home. The name of the Togorian is Kai, but any further information is confidential and few get close enough to talk to her as Clansmen often guard her closely, only strengthening the theory she's the only legitimate heir to the Clan's leadership since the Hashiji branch gave up their leadership roles in exchange for unlimited funding from the Matsu branch.

Matsu Kai.png

BlackSlate Technologies

Potentially Matsu's only tangible legacy, BST is his second attempt to jumpstart an InterGalactic Corporation after his failure to secure funding for Matsu Incorporated. It's said the success of BlackSlate Technologies comes from his ties with the Sol Mechanica and his own personal funding, citing his lack of outside investors.

After his failure to acquire a particular research station, he postponed further investments in BlackSlate Tech.

Monarch Bank Corporation

After the suicide of Cayson Wyatt La`Marke, Matsu ended up offering money to the holder of the remaining capital of Monarch Bank Corp. and soon changed its name to MaHa Banking Corporation. It was this newly reformed banking entity that would pursue the creation of a universal payment system to remove the need for middles and prevent scammers attempts to commit fraud.

Kingdom of Elysia

After working as Byblos Drive Yards Chief Technology Officer Dr. Matsu reached out to his long-time friend Calindra Hejaran who was a Noble Lady of House Hejaran of the Kingdom of Elysia.

House Hejaran

Art Department

After talks with the current Lord Chancellor Vansic Helranth of the Kingdom of Elysia, Dr. Matsu Makino was appointed as Art Director to fill a void in the Art Department.

During his time at KoE, Makino worked on many projects outside the scope of his job as Art Director, one of the projects were the Royal Horse Derby Association, a creation of his that would host and sponsor Equestrian Derby Races for wager, and worked hard to form the Elysian Gaming Guild, an idea by Brel Domis, and named by Calindra Hejaran.

Political World & Love Life

The Sol of the Problem

Peaceful Race or Para-Military Cult

The Binary Republic of the Sol Mechanica is a quirk as far as republics go. Deemed by some as an Extremist Isolationist Religious Paramilitary Organization due to their religious connection to the entity Sol Mechanica & the Queen Sol Primus & the Sol mechanica's "incarnation" in Sol Incarnate, and their strong military might wielded as a shield to help keep their culture pure and relatively isolated.

Part of this comes from the fact that the Solarians are an ancient race of Mechanical beings in the shape of dragons but only a foot tall. The only exception being Sol Mechanica itself as far as the legends go which is misleading as it's assumed they are talking about Sol Mechanica the deity not the planet. However it is assumed that both are in fact the same thing.

Sol Mechanica

Sol Primera

The Mechanical homeworld of Matsu Makino, otherwise known as a space station due to it's complete mechanical build. It is also the homeworld of Her Majesty the Queen of the Solarians of Sol Mechanica, Sol Primus. The citizens of Sol Primera are of many races, a collective of the beings that strayed far into the unknown parts of the galaxy and happened upon the planet/station. For over a thousand years the Queen has ruled from Sol Primera.

His Meeting with the President

The Matriarch


The Matriarch, The Queen, or by name Sol Primus. She is the Queen in name of the Solarians & their shared relations with the Mechinarians. She is their spiritual entity, their head political figure outside of their Republic, and the only life-mate to the Sol Incarnate. She is the mother to all Solarians and is assumed to have been around for over a millenia. Her assumed youth and life to this day is attributed to her half-mechanical nature as she is of both Solarian & Mechinarian race. Being the only Solarian capable of continuing the Race, she is highly protected and treasured.

It is rumored that the Queen is actually a former slave who a thousand years ago managed to kill the actual Matriarch whom's skull she wears as a crown of bones and Mechanical parts. It is also rumored this Skull Crown is the sole reason she is able to create more Solarians.

Personal Security

White guard clipped rev 2.png

Upon acceptance as an Ambassador to the Great Binary Republic of Sol Mechanica, Dr. Matsu was offered by Her Royal Majesty Sol Primus a Personal Security Unit composed of some of the best special forces units she could spare. The Pure, as they like to call themselves, are loyal defenders of Her Majesty. They are composed of Mechinarians who have fused with Solarians as all loyal Mechinarians do. The Pure often are only deployed to defend those the Queen deems of vital importance to the mission of Sol Mechanica. However, it is not to be misconstrued that this makes Dr. Matsu important to the 'mission' as it is also usual for Her Majesty to deem all Ambassadors worth protecting, thus she deploys her own personal guard to defend them all.