Minilari DeLargo

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Minilari DeLargo
Biographical Information
Race Twi'Lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Kinsa DeLargo
Father Car`ulorn DeLargo
Spouse None
Siblings 1 Sister
Children none
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.625 Meters
Coloring Blue
Hair Color None
Eye Color Light Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Pulsar Recycling
Rank Head of Transportation
Positions Capital Ship Transport
Prior Affiliation The Head Clan
Awards None

Personal Description

Mini'Lari De'Largo

Height-1.625 Meters (5'4)

Weight- 54.4 kg (120 pounds)

Skin- Blue

Eye Color- Light Blue

Ear Shape- Cone

Clothes- Basic pilot outfit and gear (Light Leather) (Clean but not immaculate)

Main Attribute- Loyal

Secondary Attribute- Solitary

Quirk(s)- Minilari has dark sense of humor, she also has belly laugh.

Mood- Minilari has a generally perky and excited disposition.

Apparent Class- Transporter or struggling pilot

Hidden Motivation- To tie up a loose end and help others.


Minilari was born in Pratari on the planet Ryloth.

Pratari is an underground, smaller city. However, it also is much more modern then the average dirt enclave. Pratari is located in ring twilight on Ryloth.


Minilari's father, Car`ulorn DeLargo, a "shield developer" for the city of Pratari- Car'ulorn's dream was one of a Ryloth where slave trade was unnecessary and rare. Car'ulorn worked everyday to achieve goal. Minilari was very close with her father.

Minilari's mother Kinsa DeLargo, worked as a "visitor greeter" in Pratari. Minilari's father rescued Kinsa by buying her when she would have been an export. The two fell in love and shared the Jasshi'rr ceremony together.

Minilari's older sister, Diami'ra, is blessed (in Minilari's eyes) with red skin pigment. Red is a very rare skin pigment for Twi'Leks.

Minilari's family was made a target and soon after her family was "dealt with". Her father had told Minilari to go into the mechanism of the partially complete shield generator her was building and to hide for three days. This obviously lead to her not being captured. Her mother and father are presumed dead. Her older sister is presumed sold and not killed due to her rare skin color. After the raid on the DeLargo family home, local sympathetics found Minilari and gave her sanctuary until her 20th year. Then early in Galactic year 12 Minilari was hired by a passing freighter and began work with a company called Pulsar Recycling. She was told she would travel everywhere and see everything. She took this opportunity to find her sister.

Day 124 of Year 12, Minilari was appointed Head of the Transportation department of Pulsar Recycling.

Day 125 of Year 12, Minilari opened a small shop. Located here:

Minilari is also an active member of the Head Clan, a Twi'Lek collective.

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