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Nimm Proga
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro, New Tayana
Mother Minn Hefsa Proga
Father Oltrac Proga
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.4 meters (above average)
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums
Rank Corporal
Positions Diplomatic Envoy, Corporal within Mobile Infantry
Prior Affiliation Freelance mercenary, freelance freight hauler, independent freight company owner
"'Spenders Anonymous is for you'"
Julio Weston to Nimm after Nimm's purchase of a Pursuer Enforcement Ship

Nimm Proga is a nice, but somehow shadowy Duros with a penchant for long coats and guns. He currently works within the AMC and for various freelance employers as a freight hauler and ship delivery boy. He was born on Duro and joined up with his current faction soon after leaving his home in the wake of his father's death.

Mini Biography

Nimm left his homeworld of Duro shortly after he witnessed the murder of his father by a small group of unnamed mercenaries in search of revenge and a life in which he could forget his pain. His mother died in childbirth and he was an only child, his father never remarrying. While still alive, his father taught him how to use a rifle, something he became quite good at as the years of fending off various livestock-eating creatures and beasts wore on. After his father became less able to pay the debts he owed, he and Nimm sold the family ranch and they moved to New Tayana, where they lived in relative peace and safety until one night when Nimm heard a commotion outside, running to see and only arriving in time to watch as a shadowy figure pulled the trigger on a blaster pistol and catch his father as he fell. Nimm reported the crime to the authorities only to receive a pat on the back and a "leave it be, kid." He sold everything he and his father had owned and used the credits to pay for transit to Coruscant, where he met a recruiter for his current faction and given the means to get off planet and onto his first assignment.

Personal Fleet Acquisition

Not too much later than when he had received his first paycheck, Nimm set out to buy a ship, his first being a G-1A Transport that he immediately loaned to a friend in need of work. He became accustomed to browsing the marketplaces for ships and other items of interest, particularly ones he had long dreamt of owning. Slowly, he saved his credits and one by one checked his purchases off of the wishlist he had kept in his pocket ever since he had first seen a ship in New Tayana; a Pursuer Enforcement Ship (much to his new friend Julio's chagrin), a Sprint-class rescue craft, and finishing his spree with a YG-4210. A long-time dream of his followed with the opportunity to buy a Corona-class frigate, which he fitted out to act as his home away from home and his primary base of operations. All of his fleet's ships are custom painted with schemes made by his friend Julio Weston, who even though hates every time Nimm buys something, supplies him with custom paintjobs for all of the items and ships whose purchase he tried to dissuade, to no avail.

"'Anyways, i wish you a fast recovery, and also that you lose your credit card. For your pocket‘s own good.'"
Julio Weston to Nimm after Nimm's encounter with a Rancor and subsequent purchase a Corona-class frigate

Faction Work as a Mercenary

Nimm was contacted on Coruscant by a recruitment liaison that the Duros took an instant liking to, signing up the same day and buying transport to his new post. He has since been involved in various missions including a recovery assignment of droids from a hostile planet, and the capture and charging of a spy on the run. He now uses his free time by hunting whatever creatures he might find and ridding the galaxy of bandit-scum whom he kills with extreme prejudice, drawing from the hatred that stems from his desire to avenge his father's death.