Nox Callias

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Nox is a Codru-Ji originally from Nar Shaddaa.

Nox Callias
Biographical Information
Race Codru-ji
Homeworld Nar Shaddaa
Mother Unknown
Father Deceased
Languages Galactic Basic, Huttese, Binary, Jawa Trade Talk, Codruese, Anzati
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 188cm
Weight 103kg
Coloring Pale olive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White gold
Political Information
Prior Affiliation The Flower Company

Galactica Security Services Les Soldats

Sprizen Mineral Holdings

Signature Nox sig white.png


Childhood and Early Life

The life of children who grow up in the criminal underworld is an unpleasant affair, and Nox Callias' was no different. Being born to a leader of the influential crime family and her consort on the scum soaked moon of Nar Shaddaa, she quickly found herself involved in illegal activity from a young age, smuggling death sticks, spying on rivals, and steadily gaining a reputation and the scars to match. Due to her mother's profession she was cared for from a distance, never really knowing her in order to keep them both safe, of so she was told at least. She knew exactly what had happened to her father however, his corpse had been displayed in the streets after an attempted betrayal against his employer, using Nox's birth as blackmail in a bid to gain influence and money. Obviously, it did not go as planned.

By the time she was twenty, the woman was no stranger to the regular fights that her line of work entailed, from fists to blasters, few dared face her in a fair fight, especially considering her height and muscle bulk. It would earn her pretty penny in the underground pit fights, and it was one such fight that won her the Blackbird, after a rather smug smuggler bet his ship that he could beat her in hand to hand combat, then a few seconds later had his neck snapped. This led to her real skill being shown in her piloting, shaping up to be one of the best pilots in the sector, Nox quickly gained a reputation for being able to out manoeuvre system security and make a clean get away, making her highly sought after for everything from heists to chauffeuring less than savoury individuals.

Raider Career and Family Leadership

This however, was not up to her standards of excitement. Having been forged in the ring, she yearned for the rush of combat, and try as she might she couldn't achieve that with fast ships alone. It was then she decided to try out her latest venture, enlisting the aid of a several trustworthy mercs she raiding and capturing ships, not for the cargo, but for the crafts themselves. It was a simple affair, lock onto a larger ship, torch the airlock seals open, remove the crew, and sell it to the local black market dealers before it could be reported as stolen. Unlike some of her competitors, she wasn't overly cruel either, preferring to jettison the crew in escape pods above an inhabited planet rather than murder them outright.

It was after a regular raiding trip, coming home from selling her latest haul that she was met rather unceremoniously with a hand delivered letter. Detailing the death of her mother due to illness (which she didn't really care about) and her inheritance (which she cared about a lot more). Finding herself thrust to the top of her family's organisation, though sadly one that had fallen into disrepair due to her mother's own paranoid and isolationist ways, she took the opportunity to branch out, with the goal of reforming the Callias family into something she could be proud of.

Year 18


Landing sml.png
Nox arriving at her destination kitted in her heavily customised HBA.

Now, with a love for ships, a steady supply of them, and now a capable work force of her own, it wasn't long before she established a 'chop shop' of her own as her first official business venture. Dismantling, repainting, and refitting stolen ships for profit, Nox became quite proficient and familiar with a wide array of ships and communication technology, the skill of her and her crew became a mini-legend of itself, fronting as Nox eXotics, they are still in operation, sometimes even with legitimate customers seeking to get custom paint and bodywork done for their craft.

It was during this period that she formed closer ties with several notable other crime families, and finally came to meet Mishka Sorokin through those ties. Finding herself growing closer to the sweet Falleen girl, Nox eventually became involved with Sprizen Mineral Holdings in a more legal fashion than she had been used to up until that point.

Day 125 - Shipwrecked

While in orbit of Altora, Nox's crusader, suffered a severe IFF malfunction, resulting in the turrets firing on their own hull and striking the main sublight, and hyperdrive engines. Through no easy feat, she was able to make a crash landing on the planet, but without sublight and with most of her main systems offline, had no way to leave the crash site or signal for help. She began the arduous task of repairing the main sublight engines, since while it was a complex piece of equipment, the actual components were fairly common among the other systems in the ship. It would take her two months tirelessly working, and hunting the locals for materials, to make the ship flight worthy again.

Year 19

Day 96 - Dog Days

Nox, like any sentient had her vices, drinking and smoking to name a few, but that had never held her back before. It wasn't until she began hacking up blood and chunks of flesh she considered that there could be a problem.

After days of tests, needles, more tests, and even more needles, it was discovered that Nox had been subject to extensive genetic tampering, with a multitude of genetic blockers suppressing a considerable chunk of her genome and foreign but near-human genetics being used to change her appearance to one more in keeping with baseline humans. Unfortunately this was something meant to be maintained, and due to the fact she was completely unaware of it's existence it had not been, her cellular structure now starting to slowly disintegrate. Without access to the foreign DNA used, she had no option but to remove the blockers, causing a transition that was far from smooth and the newly reborn Codru-Ji found her own body quite literally falling apart. Her teeth and nails were the first things to fall out, forcing Nox to submerge herself in a bacta-tank for weeks on end, periodically going blind and wracked with constant pain.

Eventually emerging from the tank, she had changed. Though still recognisable as none other than Nox Callias, she now sported unfamiliar points to her ears, black claws in place of her nails, and a considerably sharper set of teeth. Not all of the changes were skin deep though, finding herself picking up noises that were before completely hidden to her and subtle scents filtering through the air. Her vision had also changed, she wasn't quite sure how but she noticed she was able to see things and pick up on details previously lost to her.

Seeking answers fuelled by the pain and anger of being stuck in bacta for close to a month, she set out for answers in Nar Shaddaa, starting with all the top genetic therapy clinics and practitioners and working her way down. Through her various contacts in the seedy underbelly of that moon, she was finally able to glean the information she wanted from records and second hand accounts.

From what she knew, she had been a mishap from birth, her two frontal limbs had combined in the womb, fusing together both bone and muscle fibres. Fearing the shame this might bring on the Callias family, her mother fled the planet while she was still a wyrwulf, and she was genetically manipulated in an attempt to conceal her species and identity when becoming an adult. The invasive procedure interrupted her hibernation as a wyrwulf cocoon, leaving her with only ghost images of her childhood dreams of stalking the filth ridden alleys of Nar Shaddaa on four legs and flash backs of looking up toward faces she didn't recognise through eyes that were not her own.

Day 134 - Cold, hard metal

Ever the survivor, the experience of being brought so close to death had strengthened the woman, but left her shaken, changed. While she had forever been violent and blood thirsty there was always a carefree jovial nature about the Codru-ji, that had died in the bacta-tank, gripped by the stark realisation of her own mortality and seeking ways to harden herself from potential threats, so she could never become so vulnerable again. Nox would make sure of that.

She wasn't human anymore, and never truly was, so why quibble about moralistic views on humanity and ethics, as such many have attributed her new steely disposition to the underlying pain some of these 'enhancements' cause her, whether true or not only Nox could say. Among these additions though she is rumoured to have plated her entire intracranial cavity with metal plating, which many attribute to the rising population of Anzati in the galaxy, installed pain suppressing nerve implants along her spinal chord, and added numerous blood filtration, and sensory augmentations throughout her body.

Of course, the only enhancement Nox has that comes without a shadow of a doubt is her cybernetic left arm, replaced not out of medical necessity but to compliment her already considerably armament of weapons, and give her an edge in unarmed and close quarters combat.

Year 20

The unknown regions beckoned with a call that must be answered.