Obi Wan Soares

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Obi Wan Soares
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Rosalina Soares
Father Ben Soares
Born Year -17 Day 289
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.72 meters
Hair Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation CryoMed Laboratories, Falleen Federation, Falleen Naval Contracts.
Positions Chancellor Of Fallen Federation.
Prior Affiliation Chalcedon Dominion, Leader of CryoMed Laboratories, PR of CryoMed Group, Rogue Squadron, SoroSuub Corporation.


Obi Wan Soares was discovered as a baby on a ship of uncertain origins without proper documentation. He was adopted and raised by a loving family on Tatooine that found him, and it was there that he was named.

Even as a child he thought too much for his own good, and enjoyed devising good natured plans and schemes. As a result, he acquired the mindset to forge his own destiny rather than relying on random chance or fortune. He was compassionate and developed a love for humanity and for the many different species and cultures he was able to learn about.

When he was old enough, he left his family and Tatooine behind to find his place in the galaxy, in search of knowledge and purpose. He spent a long time traveling, exploring new planets and systems and striving to sate his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, until he found a place to call home: Chalcedon. But despite discovering a place to plant his roots, he remains an adventurer at heart.

Year 10

On Day 133: Accepted as an Chalcedon Dominion Citizen.

On Day 135: Promoted to Ensign.

On Day 136: Assigned Dean Of Academics.

On Day 141: Promoted to Lieutenant.

On Day 156: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

On Day 161: Elected Senator Of Planet Daesauron.

On Day 167: Promoted To Praetor Of Recruitment.

On Day 173: Promoted To Commander.

On Day 173: Promoted To AXO Of Black Hawk Fleet.

On Day 189: Promoted To XO Of Black Hawk Fleet.

On Day 221: Promoted To Captain.

On Day 221: Promoted To CO Of Black Hawk Fleet.

On Day 238: Replace As CO Of Black Hawk Fleet.

On Day 247: Leave Chalcedon and search for another future.

On Day 248: Accepted as an Umbrella Corporation Citizen.

On Day 248: Promoted To 2IC.

On Day 249: Promoted To Leader Of Umbrella Corporation.

On Day 271: Leave Umbrella to start a new project.

On Day 271: Accepted as CryoMed Laboratories Citizen.

On Day 271: Assigned The Rank Of Sky Marshall

On Day 271: Promoted to 2IC.

On Day 284: Promoted To Leader Of CryoMed Laboratories.

Year 11

On Day 207: Assume Ownership of CryoMed Laboratories.

Year 12

On Day 314: Assume Ownership of SoroSuub Corporation along with his long time friend Korvas Varik, then the leader of SoroSuub Corporation.

Year 17

On Day 329: Merge of CryoMed Laboratories with Falleen Medical Contracts.

On Day 330: Appointed the rank of Chancellor of Falleen Federation.


Obi Wan Soares is a moderate person who loves freedom. He thinks that with a lot of work, everything is possible. He is laid back and enjoys quiet activities, and his dream is to one day become a Jedi Master.

Normally he can be seeing wearing Jedi attire that he made himself, and strapped to his waist he wears a lightsaber, a family heirloom that belonged to his great-great grandfather and that he intends to pass down to his children one day.

After the young days, Obi can know be seen using elegant suit's as he's position demands of him.