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The Galactic Empire, also known as the New Order, is the successor of the Galactic Republic and arguably the legitimate government of the galaxy, currently concentrated around the Core regions and the Corporate Sector. It is recognised as one of the most militarily capable and economically dominant governments of the galaxy. It is an absolute non-hereditary monarchy, ruled by the Emperor with the support of his advisors. The Executor serves as second-in-command of the Empire and heir apparent of the Emperor, acting on behalf of the Emperor when the latter is absent or incapacitated. The Executor serves directly under the Emperor and is considered part of the Throne.

The early history of the Galactic Empire, while relatively recent on a galactic scale, is largely undocumented. As the fortunes of individuals and groups have changed in the Empire, and Emperors themselves risen and fallen, historical documents have been altered, misplaced or outright destroyed. Much of what remains is lacking, and has been pieced together with what remnants, poorly sourced and often blatantly propagandic, remain from those years. (more...)

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